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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 01/30/13

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland - FAQ/Walkthrough

Version 2.6 - Jan. 29, 2013

  • Updated:
    • Deleted 1st Playthrough Heading (use NG+ Walkthrough)
    • Fixed massive amount of typos


Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ.

A thing you should know before stepping into the world of Meruru's is that the game is much easier than the previous Arland series games. It would be a good idea to read through and print out the Ending Requirements and Character Events/Recruitment sections.

With many different endings, each with its own requirements, you will need to make multiple saves through the game to make sure you don't make any mistakes. I will explain this more in the ending section of this guide. I will try and guide you through this overwhelming information in the least amount of playthroughs possible, but mistakes are possible and you do not have to follow my advice.

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

Donation Info

Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth to make a comprehensive and useful guide.

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Thanks again for your time. I in no way want you to feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.



The controls for Atelier Totori are straight forward and easy to understand.

CommandIn Town/MenusWorld Map
Directional PadMoving through menusLocation Selection
Left AnalogWalking/RunningLocation Selection
SelectDev. MenuDev. Menu (on a location)
StartTown shortcutSave/Load
XConfirm/AnalyzeConfirm/Travel Faster (Hold)
L1Dev. LogDev. Log
Directional Pad-Move through commands
Left AnalogWalk/Run-
SelectDev. Menu-
XGather a gathering pointConfirm
L1Dev. LogActive Support in Battle
R1-Active Support in Battle



Each character has their own skills that they can use in battle.


Merurulince Rede Arls

Height5'1" (155 cm)Power ItemEnhances attack items.
Blood TypeOPotentializeDraws out full capacity of attack items.
OptimisticLowers chance of status ailments.
Royal PatronLowers non-elemental damage by 10%.
Raises evasion.

Meruru is the Princess of Arls Kingdom and Totori's apprentice. She's bright and optimistic, but has a tendency to act without thinking. She admires Arland, but wishes for her own kingdom to become equally as prosperous. Because of this, she decides to set out and use alchemy to develop the land.


Keina Swaya

Age14SkillMP CostDescription
Height5'0" (152 cm)Ointment10Recovers HP for one ally.
Blood TypeAAmount depends on ATK.
Heal Potion40Recovers all allies's HP and revives from KO.
Cheer On16Raises ATK for all allies.
Recovery from status ailments.
Happy Song48Raises level and crit rate for all allies.
Lucky Star-Higher item chance after battle.
Attack less likely.
Chaperon Master-Raises Support Effect by 50%.
May increase evasion.
Proud Sister-Hugh damage to a target.

Keina is our heroine's childhood companion. She serves as Meruru's devoted caretaker and best friend. Being forced to deal with Meruru's constant state of pandemonium has made her very mature for her age.


Totooria Helmold

Age19SkillMP CostDescription
Height4'11" (15 cm)Duplicate20Mimics an item's effect.
Blood TypeA50% of the original.
Quick Dupe33Quickly mimics an item's effect.
33% of the original.
Chim Bomb15Fire damage to many enemies.
Chim N/A50High Fire damage to a target.
Adventurer Pride-Lowers non-elemental damage by 10%.
Raises crit rate by 20%.
Will Power-May recover from KO.
Chim Callout-Huge damage to a target.

Totori is a renowned alchemist dispatched to Arls from Arland. She takes on Meruru as an apprentice and helps guide and teach her.


Lias Falken

Age16SkillMP CostDescription
Height5'8" (173 cm)Vanquish7Non-elemental damage to a target.
Blood TypeABLowers WT.
Ruin Shell32Fire damage ro many enemies.
Lower HP for 2 turns.
Lancer Aim16Non-elemental damage to a target.
Lower HP for 2 turns.
Rush Combo46Non-elemental damage to a target.
Lower WT.
Bad Under Fire-Evasion and accuracy lowers under stress.
Swift Attack-Has a chance of cutting WT in half.
Flame Rancor-Huge damage to a target.

Lias is a soldier in training and Rufus's younger brother. He is very serious-minded and tense. He worships the ground Rufus walks on, and his ultimate goal is to become as much like his brother as possible.


Rufus Falken

Height6'1" (185 cm)
Blood TypeA

Rufus acts as the official butler of Arls Kingdom. He's very intelligent despite his age, and he handles nearly all of the kingdom's political issues as well as Meruru's education.


Mimi Houllier van Schwarzlang

Age20SkillMP CostDescription
Height5'3" (159 cm)Blitz Stoss14Non-elemental damage to a line of enemies (3 turns).
Blood TypeASchwartz Slicer36Non-elemental damage to a target (3 turns).
Himmel Waltz22Non-elemental damage to a target.
Lowers SPD.
Spare Bolen50Non-elemental damage to a target.
Disregards DEF.
Quick Reflex-Raises evasion by 15% and accuracy by 50%.
Acrobatics-WT shortens by 30%
Angel Horn-Huge damage to a target.

Mimi is an Arland Adventurer Guild member and Totori's best friend. She appears in Arls as if she only has Totori on her mind.


Sterkenburg Cranach

Age42SkillMP CostDescription
Height6'1 (185 cm)Knight's Amulet25Can give 25% of DEF to another ally.
Blood TypeAGrand Bell40Non-elemental and Lightning damage to a line of enemies.
Light Storm23Non-elemental and Lightning damage to a target.
Falken Wind56Non-elemental and Lightning damage to all enemies.
Inner Flame-Abilities increase when facing an enemy of higher level.
Knight's Pride-Raises crit rate by 50%.
Gaia Breaker-Huge damage to a target.

A former knight of Arland, Sterk still lives as a self-proclaimed knight. He acts as the guardian of the local adventurers while he continues to search for the retired king of Arland, who seems to have wandered off.


Rorolina Frixell

Age???SkillMP CostDescription
Height4'0" (123 cm)Hom Support M16Removes an ally's ailment.
Blood TypeOTakes 1 turn to execute.
Hom Support F24Heals an ally.
Takes 1 turn to execute.
Angel Heart20Non-elemental damage to a target.
Attack less likely.
Heartful Attack60Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Attack less likely.
Small-Evasion raises by 33%.
Quick Use-WT for item use lowers by 50%, but effect lowers by 30%.
Special #3-Huge damage to a target.

Rorona is the official alchemist of Arland, as well as Totori's master. She was supposed to head to Arls along with the others, but thanks to Astrid's interference, Totori was forced to go in her place.


Gino Knab

Age20SkillMP CostDescription
Height5'7" (170 cm)Slap Blow10Non-elemental damage to a target.
Blood TypeBTarget chance up.
Heroic Boost22Enhances abilities and recovers HP based on HP left.
Hail Storm13Ice damage to a target and absorbs its ATK.
This Parade31Non-elemental damage to a target.
Lowers crit rate.
Hero Syndrome-Raises abilities when facing a boss.
Hero's Nature-Recovers HP.
Lowers non-elemental damage by 10%.
Cross Blaze-Huge damage to a target.

Gino is an adventurer from the Arland Guild, as well as Sterk's student. He came to Arls to further his training in hopes of surpassing his master. He also has hopes of encountering new and more powerful foes.


Esty Dee

Age40sSkillMP CostDescription
Height5'5" (165 cm)Rose Lover18Non-elemental damage to a target.
Blood TypeORaises item drop rate.
Sunny & Cute35Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Ailment chance up.
Honey Stab26Non-elemental damage to a target.
Lowers target's DEF.
Love Shocker44Lightning damage to a target.
Raises damage taken.
Trickster-Has a chance of cutting WT in half and raises SPD by 30.
Angel Eyes-Raises crit rate by 15% and accuracy by 33%.
Lovely Shadow-Huge damage to a target.

Acting as Arland's secret investigator, Esty has left the guild in her sister Filly's hands to pursue a career in espionage. She also has no choice but to act as Gio's chaperone in Arls.


Hanna Olsen

Hanna manages a shop in Arls. She doesn't fret over tiny details and she considers herself a good friend of Meruru.


Filly Dee

Filly worked as a receptionist in Arland and came to Arls with Totori. She used to get really nervous around strangers, but her job has forced her to deal with her phobia. Her powers of imagination have also powered up, so any regular relationship becomes a target of her delusions.


Astrid Lexis

Rorona's alchemy master. She's supposedly a genius at what she does, but she's very lazy and never works.


Ludwig Giovanni Arland

The head of the Arland Republic and the world's greatest known swordsman still enjoys wandering the land aimlessly. For whatever reason, he has decided to make Arls his base of operations for the time being.


The Hom's

The Hom's are utterly loyal to their master(s) and assist in a variety of tasks, including alchemy. Their primary order is to look after the tiny Rorona, but they receive another order to help out Meruru while Rorona is left in her care. They've also started to display a small amount of emotion, bringing them one step closer to real humans.

Source: All character descriptions are from the games manual.



This game is a standard turn-based one, with no real learning curve for previous JRPG players.


Battle Commands

Every character has the below options:
      • Fight
      • Skill
      • Defend
      • Escape
Meruru, Totori and Rorona also have the addition option to use items that you are carrying in your bag.



Like every other RPG, and unlike Atelier Rorona, you use MP for skills and your HP is your life. The only addition to this is atelier's LP. This is used when traveling and taking part in combat. When you characters reaches zero, they get negative stats like ATK and DEF down in battle.


Turn Order

On the right side of the screen you will notice that your characters and enemies have image cards placed on the bar. The bar represents your turn order, with the top image being the NEXT individual/enemy to go. The blank cards represent the time between each individual/enemies turn. This is important because sometimes your character will take a turn and it's card will appear below its previous position, but above another individual/enemy. You can tell where a characters next turn will be by selecting the action, but not confirming it. This bar will help you determine when you need to prepare to heal, sleep the enemy, or defend.


Assist System

On the bottom of the screen, next to the character images, you will notice a bar that fills blue as you fight. When the bar is full, the characters on Meruru's right and left can assist her. This can be used in the following ways:
      • Assist with damage when Meruru uses and item
      • Defend Meruru when she is targeted for an attack
      • Other actions taken by Meruru



Unlike the more well known games by Gust, Mana Khemia and Atelier Iris, where synthesis was less of a focus, this game revolves around alchemy synthesis as a basis to get items and advance the story. The game gives you a decent tutorial for what synthesis is so I will skip to the details.


MP to Synth

Like Skills in battle, crafting takes a certain amount of MP per synth. When Meruru drops to 0, the success rate greatly decreases and she will pass out afterwards. You can restore her MP with items or by sleeping on the couch in her workshop. As sleeping takes up valuable time, I suggest using items (except early in the game when the couch is your only choice).


Synthesis Takes Time

Unlike Atelier Iris, where time didn't exist, Meruru is all about time management. Every synthesis takes time to craft, SO BE CAREFUL.


Synthesis Level

Every synthesis has a level to it, which determines Meruru's success rate. The higher the level, the more likely you are to fail. You can fix this by crafting often, as every synthesis increases her Alchemy Level (which is separate from her Adventuring Level). When synthing, a percent will appear that lets you know your chances.


Item Traits, Effects, and Cost Level

Every item you use to make your synthesis may have traits and effects. Also any item you make has it's own traits and effects. Like Atelier Totori, the traits of the ingredients determine what traits you get to choose for the final product. Everytime you synth, your ingredients will provide a cost level. The higher the cost the more points you have to use on your traits. Also, using previously synthed items in your synth will boost cost level a great deal.

For example, Wound Healing from a Mandra Root costs 0, but Attack +3 costs you 3. You would need an ingredient that gives you 3 cost level in order to choose to add Attack +3 to your final item.

Item effects work differently though. Certain items have the ability to get effects depending on the quality of the items you use to make them. An Arland Crystal, for example, has 5 different effect possibilities (Crimson, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, and Diamond). You will know what trait you are getting because the item slot that determines it, a [Jewel] in this case, will have the word Effect under the picture of the ingredient slot. When you go in to choose the item it will also say effect in the bottom right, indicating the outcome if you use that ingredient.

The above is an example from Atelier Totori and I will update it with a Meruru example later. The idea is exactly the same though.



When you visit any area on the world map, you will see bubbles floating around. These points can be harvested for items you will use during synthesis.


Normal Bubbles

  • Most bubbles will be light blue in appearance. These are generic points.

Special Bubbles

  • Some bubbles will actually have a yellow center. These are higher quality items.

Gathering Time

  • Like everything else in Atelier Meruru, gathering on a field takes time. Without any bonus, from items, gathering will take almost half a day.


Basket & Container

The basket, which I call your bag, and the container are your inventory space.

Most items will automatically be in your container. The container has all the room you will need and you won't need more space until late game. Whenever you return to the atelier you will be asked if you want to store the items in your container. You will almost always say yes, unless it is something like healing items or bombs you want to use on the field or in battle.

Your bag is where your items will temporary be stored in between your trips to the atelier.


Front Quests

Front Quests are something that has been carried over from Atelier Rorona/Totori, but with their own new twist. These are random quests that are offered by Filly at the Tavern and can be fulfilled for money. The other aspect you will need to watch, which is affected by Front Quests, is popularity. If your popularity reaches zero, it's game over.


Each quest has the following aspects to take into consideration:

  • Amount
    • This is the amount of each item you will need to turn in to complete the request. For items, you will need that many crafted or harvested. For hunt quests, this is the number of enemies you will need to defeat.
  • Reward
    • This is the money reward you will receive.
  • Client
    • Not really important unless it is a Friend Request.
  • Owned
    • The amount of each item you own already. In the case of hunt quests it will keep track of how many enemies you have killed of that type.


Friend Requests

Friend Requests will be possible once Gio settles in Arls.

Unlike Rorona, where the character was on the map, and Totori, where they visited your workshop, your friends will make requests through the Adventurer Guild. This means you will want to check Filly's requests often. You will be able to tell it is a friend request by the image of a head. To know which client it is, check the item. The requests work the same as the Front Quests otherwise.

It is always a good idea to fill a Friend Request if you can do so with moderate ease.


Developments & Tasks

Instead of Atelier Totori's License Points, we now have Development Points. These are received through completing the Development Tasks requested by Rufus and the townspeople. You will want to check the mailbox outside the Workshop for letters and then take them to Rufus to receive the actual request.


Each development has the following aspects to take into consideration:

  • Description
    • The description will generally tell you WHAT you need to deliver/hunt and where/why.
  • Mini-Memo
    • The descriptive guidelines for the quest. This will give you an estimate of how many items you need to deliver or what you are hunting.
  • Points
    • How many points you receive for completing the quest.
  • Reward
    • What you earn by finishing the quest, such as Max HP Up or Population +
  • Success Rate
    • This will only appear on developments with a 10-star rating. If you do not complete a development all at once, this will show you your progress.

As you complete developments you will receive points to increase your Kingdom Rank and use for Building Facilities. Note that the development points may be used for facilities, but will NOT disappear from your Kingdom Rank progression.


Ending Requirements

There are 10 different endings that you can get based on certain actions you make throughout the game.

It should be noted that while some endings are only available by themselves through the requirements, other requirements can be met for multiple endings. If you meet multiple ending requirements, then there is a hidden priority that is followed:

The only ending that will be met without any other endings even possibly being met is Castle Life.


The major factors that determine the endings are:

  • Population at the end of Year 3.
  • Friendship Levels (particularly Gio's, who needs 50 to recruit for some endings)
  • Mt. Yuvel, Yuvel, and Airshatter events
  • Modis Ruins/Hart Outpost Lizard development quests


Castle Life

Officially the goal is to complete the game with less than 100,000 population. This means you can fail at the extension OR the end of Year 5.

The issue is that if you make the extension requirement, you will need to sleep through another 2 years. For this reason, I suggest making a save at around 15,000 population and sleep until the extension and fail quickly.


Miss Popular

This ending can only be possible from a "Clear Save" (New Game +) due to Gio's events.

You must:

Note that you DO NOT need to complete any of the other ending events. This includes:

  • Beating Airshatter
  • Creating the Potion of Youth
  • Fightning Masked G
  • Developing the Hot Spring
1After finishing all events Gino, Mimi and even Totori will fight over Meruru and you'll get the MeMemo! With Everyone!



This is only available in New Game+.

  • Complete all of Gio's Events to get the trophy Look into the Past and have him join the party.
1After Year 4: 4/1, at the Study, Rufus and Gio will talk about needing new areas to develop
2Talk to Hanna for advice
3Talk to Rufus to unlock Yuvel I
4Visit Hanna after completing all of Yuvel I
5Visit Rufus after completing all of Yuvel II
6Visit the Throne Room after completing Yuvel III for a scene with Dessier and Gio
7Bring Gio to Yuvel
8In Arls an "Earthquake" will annouce the awakening of Airshatter
9At the Workshop, you should get a scene with Gio about the previous battle against Airshatter
10Talk to Totori and Hanna
11Return to the Workshop to get a scene where Dessier gives you the Sofra's Writings recipe book
12Synthesize the Rime Crystal for a scene to gain the next recipe Ice Cascade Bomb
13Synthesize the Ice Cascade Bomb
14Defeat Airshatter w/ Gio in the party
15Return to Arls to announce the good news to Dessier and Rufus
16Year 6: 4/1 Alchemist! Ending


Strongest Princess

1Complete all Modius Ruins developments
2After Year 4: 10/1, Hanna and Rufus will mention Lizards at Modis Ruins, you get the MeMemo! Lizard Invasion!
3At Modis Ruins, defeat all the lizards as you head through the area to get multiple scenes w/ Masked G
4Return to Arls to receive and talk to Rufus for the development quest Enhance Outpost I
5Turn in the items to Hart Outpost
6Talk to Sterk at Castle Gate to sign up to train with him
7Win a battle against Sterk
8Head to the Study to receive the development quest Enhance Outpost II
9Turn in the items to Hart Outpost
10Return to Modius Ruins to the top of the tower in the final area for a solo fight with the Lizard Chief
11At the Workshop Hanna will thank you for taking out the Lizards while Masked G watches nearby
127 Days Later, at the workshop you'll receive a challenge from Masked G
13At Hart Outpost, defeat Masked G (Gio must not be in the party)
147 Days Later and Adventure Level 50, Sterk will come to the Workshop and lecture you
15Return to Hart Outpost and enter the central building for a scene and your MeMemo! What Strength Means
16Year 6: 4/1 - Strongest Princess Ending


Witch's Tea Party

Meet all the requirements for Finally, As Planned except that you MUST reach Alchemy Level 50.


Boy's Bath

1Oh the PainWhen Hagel joinsVisit Artisan's Way
2More Sightseeing?When Mimi JoinsTalk to him at Namiki Road
3Shovel...When Pamela JoinsTalk to him at Namiki Road
4Hot Springs...When Gino arrivesTalk to him at Namiki Road
5LandslideWhen Sterk arrivesTalk to him at Namiki Road
6Mt. VelusWhen Astrid, Rorona, and the Hom's arriveTalk to him at Namiki Road
7Peter: The Man With a DreamAfter extensionTalk to him at Namiki Road
8Finally DismissedAfter completing Yuvel IVisit Namiki Road
9Searching for a Dream7 Days LaterVisit Workshop
10Helping a Dream Come TrueTurn in the Living Pickaxe and Dowsing RodTalk to Peter
11New Reasearcher30 Days LaterVisit the Tavern
12Bye Esty!After aboveVisit the World Map
13What a LIAR30 Days LaterVisit the Tavern
14Hot Spring UncoveredAfter defeating AirshatterExit Mount Velus
15It's RealVisit the Hot Spring-
16After aboveTalk to Peter
17Girl's BathAfter gathering the 10 women (see below)Talk to Peter
18How Could You Leave Me!!After aboveVisit Namiki Road
19Turn in the Spring Pump and Pipes x10Talk to Peter
20Spa Land FacilityAfter aboveTalk to Rufus
21Boy's BathBuild the Spa Land facilityGame Ending

The girls that you need to invite to advance the Hot Spring event is as follows:

  • Totori
  • Female Hom
  • Rorona
  • Mimi
  • Hanna
  • Filly
  • Esty
  • Astrid
  • Pamela
  • Keina


Now, Go Bravely

1Complete all Modius Ruins developments
2After Year 4: 10/1, Hanna and Rufus will mention Lizards at Modis Ruins, you get the MeMemo! Lizard Invasion!
3At Modis Ruins, defeat all the lizards as you head through the area to get multiple scenes w/ Masked G
4Return to Arls to receive and talk to Rufus for the development quest Enhance Outpost I
5Turn in the items to Hart Outpost
6Talk to Sterk at Castle Gate to sign up to train with him
7Win a battle against Sterk
8Head to the Study to receive the development quest Enhance Outpost II
9Turn in the items to Hart Outpost
10Return to Modius Ruins to the top of the tower in the final area for a solo fight with the Lizard Chief
11At the Workshop Hanna will thank you for taking out the Lizards while Masked G watches nearby
127 Days Later, at the workshop you'll receive a challenge from Masked G
13At Hart Outpost, lose to Masked G (Gio must not be in the party)
14Year 6: 4/1 - Now, Go Bravely Ending


Finally, As Planned

1After Year 1: 3/1, 30 days after Totori's Events #3 and Alc. Lvl 10+, at the Workshop Astrid, Rorona, and the Homs will arrive
230 Days after arriving visit Artisan's Way to open Astrid's Shop
3At Alchemy Level 28+ Astrid will come to the Workshop and request you build 3 Archive facilities
4Built at least one Archive facility and Astrid will thank you with some items
5Built a 2nd Archive facility and the city's well water will turn to Chariot Milk
67 Days Later Astrid will have fixed the water
7After Year 4: 10/1 Astrid will visit and be scared off by Rorona
914 Days Later Astrid will catch you eavesdropping and force you to create the Potion of Youth yourself
10Have a Unicorn Horn and make a Drachen Elixir and Secret Remedy (if you haven't already)
11After creating all of the above you will discover the Merulixir recipe
12After creating the Merulixir talk to Astrid
13Start building the 3rd Archive facility to find a notebook about a demon
14Talk to Astrid for more information
15Examine the gathering point behind Chim at Modis Ruins
16After learning of Endless Corridor you'll get more information about a sealed demon
1714 Days Later you'll gain access to Endless Corridor
18Defeat the Twilight Maiden
19Talk to Astrid to get the Potion of Youth recipe
20Create the Potion of Youth for a scene at the Tavern with everyone
21Now talk to Hagel and Pamela (bonus scenes)
22Synthesize something and Totori and Meruru will talk about putting more heart into alchemy
23Synthesize something and Totori will comment on you being almost as good as her at alchemy, unlocks MeMemo! Alchemist's Dream
24Esty will drop by the Workshop angry that you didn't save some potion for her
25Year 6: 4/1 - Finally, As Planned Ending

DO NOT REACH ALCHEMY LEVEL 50, or you will trigger Witch's Tea Party


A Rich Nation

1After Year 4: 4/1, at the Study, Rufus and Gio will talk about needing new areas to develop
2Talk to Hanna for advice
3Talk to Rufus to unlock Yuvel I
4Visit Hanna after completing all of Yuvel I
5Visit Rufus after completing all of Yuvel II
6Visit the Throne Room after completing Yuvel III for a scene with Dessier and Gio
7Bring Gio to Yuvel
8In Arls an "Earthquake" will announce the awakening of Airshatter
9At the Workshop, you should get a scene with Gio about the previous battle against Airshatter
10Talk to Totori and Hanna
11Return to the Workshop to get a scene where Dessier gives you the Sofra's Writings recipe book
12Synthesize the Rime Crystal for a scene to gain the next recipe Ice Cascade Bomb
13Synthesize the Ice Cascade Bomb
14Defeat Airshatter without Gio in the party
15Return to Arls to announce the good news to Dessier and Ryfus
16Year 6: 4/1 - A Rich Nation Ending

Need to replay a non-NG+ for this sequence (in which the Gio and Sofra scenes are cut and you gain the recipe book a different way) vs. the NG+ sequence.

If you need to know this section, I suggest you talk to Rufus, Totori, Rorona, and or Dessier... these characters are all involved in this story.



This ending requires that you meet the requirement of 100,000 population, but that you do not meet any other ending requirements by Year 6: 4/1.


Character Events/Recruitment

Almost all of the events required for endings are easy to get. This list is a list of all the events I found and it should be noted that not ALL are required for endings.

Note that while these events are set at a friendship level of [xx] they in fact are more like [xx-xx], meaning that an event that says 50+ can sometimes be gotten as low as 47. These are just numbered as so for ease.

''Most Events require a set period between events. Although not stated, assume that if you have met the requirement and are not getting the scene that you simply need to wait a little while. Common wait periods are 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days.


Keina's Events

Trophies: How Do I Look? & Stars Never Change

1Cleaning SongFriendship 20+Visit the Study
2Wish Upon A StarFriendship 25+Visit the Castle Gate
3Hanna's Mushroom StewFriendship 30+Visit the Workshop
4Sudden WeatherFriendship 35+Visit the World Map
5My Lucky CharmFriendship 40+, w/ Keina in partyVisit any location
6Inspirational FaceFriendship 45+Visit the Workshop
7Finding GoldFriendship 50+Visit Namiki Road
8Can't Live WithoutFriendship 60+, w/ Keina in partyVisit the World Map
9Stop By More OftenFriendship 60+, (see note below)Visit the Castle Gate
10Taking Care of MeruruFriendship 65+Visit the Workshop
11Slumber PartyFriendship 70+Synthesize something
12"Stay with me forever"Friendship 75+Synthesize something
13How Do I Look?Adventure + Alchemy Level 40+Visit the Castle
14Star Never ChangeAfter extension, Friendship 80+Visit the Workshop
  • For Keina's "Stop By More Often", I have gotten this as early as Year 2: 3/1, but also much later. The conditions seem to be based on her friendship level and how long it has been since you last used her in your party. I almost always get this at about Friendship 60+ (about 62-63) and 100 days since I dropped her from party.

Non-Trophy Related

1Is Someone There?Friendship 55+Visit Moyori Forest


Lias' Events

Trophy: Brothers Together

1Lost PictureFriendship 5+Visit Artisan's Way
2TrappedFriendship 10+Visit any field map w/ Lias
3Ill-FatedFriendship 15+Visit the Workshop
4Perfect BrotherFriendship 20+Visit the Castle, after talking to Rufus
5Fulfilling Your DutyFriendship 25+Visit the Study
6Old SketchbookFriendship 30+Visit the Castle
7Checking InFriendship 35+Visit the Workshop
8Strictly SpeakingFriendship 40+Visit the Castle Gate
9Special TrainingFriendship 45+, Gino has joinedReturn to Arls
10Extra OintmentFriendship 50+, Lias not in party, Healing SalveVisit the Workshop
11Training HardFriendship 60+, Sterk is recruitableVisit the Castle Gates
12What's My Flaws?Friendship 60+, After aboveVisit the Workshop
13Come to DinnerAfter Year 2: 10/1Visit the Workshop
14Dinner Again?30 Days LaterVisit the Workshop
15Fatal FlawAfter both dinner events, Friendship 65+Visit the Study
16"Bad Under Fire"Kingdom Rank V, Friendship 70+Win a battle with Lias in party
17Monsters!After Year 3: 4/1, Friendship 80+Visit the World Map
18Brothers TogetherAfter aboveVisit the World Map


Totori's Events

Trophy: Atelier Totori (Current)

1Totori JoinsAdventure Lvl 15+Visit the Workshop
2Totori's Teacher?Year 1: 1/1Synthesize Something
3Swirly Swirly30 Days LaterSynthesize Something
4Astrid & GiselaRorona is recruitable (by date)Synthesize Something
5Cute Doll?30 Days Later, Alc. Lvl 20+Visit the Workshop
6Chim DollMake a Chim Doll for Totori-
7Chimroy...7 Days after making a Chim Doll for TotoriVisit the Workshop
8First-Class TeacherFriendship 25+Visit the Workshop
9I Brought a Mushroom PieFriendship 35+Synthesize something
10Totori Consulting RufusFriendship 40+Visit the Study
11Totori Consulting GioFriendship 45+Visit the Town Outskirts
12Explosive BehaviorFriendship 50+Visit the Workshop
13Childhood FriendsFriendship 55+Visit the Workshop
14You Can't LeaveFriendship 70+Synthesize something
15To Arland in a Flash??? Days LaterVisit the Workshop
16Atelier Totori (Current)Friendship 80+Visit the Workshop


Rorona's Events

Trophy: Pie Shop

1Rorona & HomAfter Year 1: 3/1, 30 days after Totori's Events #3 and Alc. Lvl 10+Visit the Workshop
2No fighting!The next dayVisit the Workshop
3Rorona's Drawings 17 Days Later and Alc. Lvl 15+Return to the Workshop
4Rorona's Drawings 27 Days Later and Alc. Lvl 19+Return to the workshop
5Rorona's Drawings 37 Days Later and Alc. Lvl 22+Visit the Workshop
6Rorona Joins14 Days after arrivingLeave the Workshop
7Forgetten MemoriesFriendship 30+Visit the Workshop
8The Power of PieFriendship 35+Visit the Workshop
9Inside Out PieFriendship 40+Visit the Workshop
10Strength PieFriendship 45+Visit the Workshop
11Happiness/Luck PieFriendship 50+Visit the Workshop
12Nice PieFriendship 55+Visit the Workshop
13Switching PieFriendship 60+Visit the Workshop
14I Want a Pie ShopFriendship 80+Visit the Workshop
15Pie ShopBuild the Pie Shop facilityVisit the Workshop


Mimi's Events

Trophy: Friendship, Love

1Mimi JoinsAfter visiting the "???" to the west, if Adv. Lvl is higher than Alc. LvlTalk to Rufus
If not, she will join 60 Days Later or after Year 1: 1/1
2Looking for TotoriFriendship 5+Visit the Workshop
3Just Don't Pass OutFriendship 10+Visit the Workshop
4More Totori TalkFriendship 15+Visit the Workshop
5Mimi to the RescueFriendship 40+Talk to Rufus
6What's in a NameFriendship 50+, Mimi not in partyReturn to Arls
7Dinner w/ MimiFriendship 55+Visit the Workshop
8Take a BreakFriendship 60+Visit the Workshop
9Ask a FavorFriendship 70+, Mimi not in partyReturn to Arls
10Totori's HappinessAfter above, have Mimi and Totori in partyVisit Trombe Plateau
11Another StrategyFriendship 75+, w/ Mimi in partyExit any location
12Life Advice?After the aboveVisit the Workshop
11Mimi's PresentFriendship 80+Talk to Mimi
12Friendship, LoveAfter above, hand over a Rainbow Fragment to MimiVisit the Town Outskirts
13ThanksAfter Totori has visited ArlandVisit the Workshop


Gino's Events

Trophy: End of the Duel

1Gino JoinsAfter visiting the "???" to the west, if Alc. Lvl is higher than Adv. LvlTalk to Rufus
If not, he will join 60 Days Later or after Year 1: 1/1
2Lost in ThoughtFriendship 5+Visit Artisan's Way
3TrainingFriendship 10+, Gino not in partyVisit Trombe Plateau
4Let's AdventureFriendship 30+, Gino not in partyVisit the Workshop
6Following Your DreamsFriendship 40+, w/ Gino in partyReturn to Arls
7Let's Do ThisFriendship 50+, w/ Gino in partyVisit any location
8Something NewFriendship 60+Visit the Workshop
9Strong Like GioFriendship 70+Visit the Workshop
10DefeatedAfter above, w/ Gino in partyVisit Hart Outpost
11Strongest SwordFrienship 80+Return to Arls
12What Do I NeedAfter aboveVisit Beefy Weapon Shop
13Storm SaberMake Gino's Storm Saber-
14End of the DuelEquip Gino w/ the sword and make sure Sterk isn't in the partyVisit the Tavern
15Sorry, Meruru!7 Days LaterVisit the Workshop

Non-Trophy Related I'm not really sure what these are related to, but they are connected.

1Feign Sleep???, without Sterk in partyVisit Hart Outpost
2Like Losing????, without Gino in partyVisit Hart Outpost


Esty's Events

Trophy: Certain Sisters''

1Meet Gio & EstyComplete the upgrade of Hart OutpostVisit Hart Outpost
2Esty JoinsAfter visiting the "???" to the NETalk to Rufus
3Sibling RivalryWith Esty in partyTalk to Filly
4Premature KudosFriendship 30+Visit the Tavern
5Ultimate OpponentFriendship 35+Visit the Tavern
6The Worst NewAfter Year 2: 1/1, Friendship 40+Visit the Workshop
7What IS your Job?Friendship 50+Visit Artisan's Way
8Observing Keina15 Days Later, Friendship 60+Talk to Esty
9Observing Rufus15 Days Later, Friendship 60+Talk to Esty
10Observing Lias15 Days Later, Friendship 60+Talk to Esty
11Caught in the ActFriendship 70+Visit the Castle Gate
12Arland OppositionAfter all the above w/ Esty in partyVisit any location
13Certain SistersAfter Extension, Friendship 80+Visit the Tavern

Non-Trophy Related Due to these all being about age, they may be related to the Potion of Youth trophy.

1To Be Young Again30 Days since Rorona arrived, Friendship 20+Visit the Workshop
2Esty's Love InterestAfter Year 2: 1/1, Friendship 80+Talk to Hanna


Gio's Events

Trophy: Masked Man Reappears

1Meet Gio & EstyComplete the upgrade of Hart OutpostVisit Hart Outpost
2Masked GComplete a Friend Request for GioVisit Artisan's Way

Trophy: Look into the Past

1Meet Gio & EstyComplete the upgrade of Hart OutpostVisit Hart Outpost
2Friend Requests30 days LaterVisit the Workshop
3Thanks MeruruComplete a Friend Request for GioVisit the Workshop or talk to at Hart Outpost
4Ent's AppearanceEnt has appearedTalk to Gio at Hart Outpost
5Developing ArlsAfter Year 2: ??? (see note below)Visit Artisan's Way
6Royal DutiesAfter Year 2: 10/1Visit the Workshop
7Grown StrongFriendship 15+Visit the Workshop
8Kitty GFriendship 20+Visit Artisan's Way
9Masked G Strikes AgainFriendship 25+Visit the Castle Gates

The following are New Game+ only scenes. You cannot get these on your first playthrough even if you meet the requirements.

10Feeling SentimentalFriendship 30+Visit the Castle Gates
11So Similar...14 Days Later, Friendship 35+Visit the Castle
12Aunt SofraAfter aboveVisit Hart Outpost
13Strongest Swordsman14 Days Later. Friendship 40+Visit the Castle
14Merger Reasoning14 Days Later, Friendship 50+Talk to Gio at Hart Outpost
15Anniversary14 Days Later. Freindship 50+Visit Hart Outpost
16Gio Joins14 Days LaterVisit the Workshop
  • This event seems to require you being past a certain date, like many other events in the game. I have not tested this. It may also be related to a certain amount of days after Kingdom Rank V.


Sterk's Events

Trophy: Resemblance''

1Sterkenberg the KnightAfter visiting the "???" to the NETalk to Rufus
2Sterk JoinsClear both paths to Cape InchijoVisit the Workshop
3Sterk's Scary FaceFriendship 5+, Sterk in partyReturn to Arls
4Pigeon FightFriendship 10+Visit the Study
5Pigeon Language?1 Day Later, Friendship 15+Visit Artisan's Way
6The Better King15 Days Later, Friendship 20+Visit the Study
7What's Best For HerFriendship 25+Visit the Study
8Always Someone BetterFriendship 25+, Sterk not in partyVisit Hart Outpost
9A Day With RoronaFriendship 30+, (see note below)Visit Namiki Road
10Pigeon WorldFriendship 35+, w/ Sterk in partyReturn to Arls
11Way of the KnighthoodFriendship 40+Visit the World Map
12Establishing a KnighthoodFriendship 45+Visit the Castle Gate
13Knights HQ?Friendship 50+Talk to Rufus
14Knight RecruitmentFriendship 55+Visit the Workshop
15Abandoning the KnightsFriendship 60+, w/ Sterk in partyExit any location
16Overprotective EscortFriendship 65+Visit Namiki Road or Artisan's Way
17Overprotective Escort 2Friendship 70+Visit the Workshop
18Overprotective Escort 3Friendship 75+Talk to Rufus
19ResemblanceFriendship 80+Visit the Study
  • The event where Sterk recounts his day with Rorona seems to be timed. I did not get this until Year 3: 7/24 and was over 50 friendship. I will need to test this more later, unless someone wants to email me their findings.


Unrelated Events

These are events that are similar in requirement, relate to more than one character, are not relate to a trophy, or are pretty much impossible to miss.

In Town

Fail!-Fail a Synthesis
Keina and AlchemyAlchemy Lvl 23+Synthesize something
Broken WindowAfter Year 2: 10/1Visit the Castle Gate
Window FixingAfter the aboveVisit Beefy Weapon Shop
Shrunken RoronaHave Rorona in PartyTalk to Filly

World Map

Devoted KeinaHave Esty and Keina in the partyVisit the World Map
Second-rateHave Sterk and Lias in the partyVisit the World Map
"Perfect Trio"Have Mimi and Gino in the partyVisit the World Map
Potion Hint?Have Esty and Rorona in the partyVisit the World Map
Two Most Powerful AlchemistsHave Totori and Rorona in the partyVisit the World Map
Scary SterkHave Rorona and Sterk in the partyVisit the World Map
Master-PupilHave Sterk and Gino in the partyVisit the World Map
Accomplished Adventuerer?Have Lias and Gino in the partyVisit the World Map
The Two Greatest EscortsHave Gio and Sterk in the partyVisit the World Map
  • There are probably more for other character combinations that I have not discovered, yet.

Field Map

So StrongWin a battle with Lias in partyVisit any field map w/ Lias
Are You Okay?Win a battle with Esty in PartyVisit any field map w/ Esty
Rorona is Super Strong!Win a battle with Rorona in partyVisit any field map w/ Rorona
To Become StrongerWin a battle with Gino in partyVisit any field map w/ Gino
Still Not Good EnoughWin a battle with Gio in partyVisit any field map w/ Gio
  • There are probably more for other characters that I have not discovered, yet.


Hanna's Events

Trophies: Drunken Legend EX & Waterside Encounter

1Hanna ReturnsKingdom Rank IIVisit the Workshop
2Lively HannaAfter aboveTalk to Hanna
3Bulletin BoardYear 1: 6/15Return from the World Map
4Stocking UpKingdom Rank IIIEnter a new area
5Poisonous Mushroom7 Days LaterTalk to Hanna
6Basket RecipeAlc. Lvl 15+ & Hart Outpost completeTalk to Hanna
7Business is BoomingKingdom Rank VITalk to Hanna
8MeruroomFriendship 25+Talk to Hanna
9Ghostly EncounterFriendship 30+Visit the Workshop
10Precious WorkersFriendship 35+Visit Pamela's Store
11Waterside EncounterFriendship 40+Visit Quelei Forest
12Business StrategyFriendship 45+Talk to Hanna
13Carrot ConfusionFriendship 50+Visit Namiki Road
14Drunken Legend EXAfter Extension, Friendship 50+ for Hanna and EstyVisit the Tavern

Non-Trophy Related These events seem to require certain dates or Kingdom Rank, but I have not tested them to find the exact dates.

1Present From Hanna 1Friendship 25+Return to Arls
2Present From Hanna 2Friendship 30+Visit the Workshop
3Present From Hanna 3Friendship 35+Visit the Workshop
4Present From Hanna 4Friendship 40+Visit the Workshop
5Present From Hanna 5Friendship 45+Visit the Workshop
6Present From Hanna 6Friendship 50+Visit the Workshop
7Infinite Alchemy 1After Year 4: 4/1, Friendship 50+Talk to Hanna
8Present From Hanna 7After developing Yuvel IVisit Namiki Road

In order to keep track of Hanna's presents and where you are, they are as follows:

  • Blue Fruit, Red Fruit, and Purple Fruit x2
  • Wheat, Magic Grass, and Serenity Flower, x2
  • Flower Nectar, Mandra Root, Goat Horn x2
  • Dead Beast, Nuse, and Quake Stone x2
  • Gravistone, Uni, and Lizard Tail x2
  • Pendelook, Devil Horn, and Green Leaf x2
  • Jewel Bean, Wheat Grain, and Hard Potato x2


Filly's Events

#DescriptionQuest #Location
1Like Sisters10Talk to Filly
2His Eyes20Visit the Tavern
3Just Friends30Talk to Filly
4Sterk or Lias50 and Sterk is recruitableTalk to Filly
5Cordelia?After Year 2: 1/1Visit the Tavern
6ThanksAfter Year 4: 4/1Talk to Filly


Rufus' Events

Trophy: Secret Tea Party

1From There to HereFriendship 35+Visit the Study
2Impossibly FastFriendship 40+, Sterk not in partyVisit any location
3Homs and RufusAfter Year 3: 4/1, Friendship 45+Visit the Workshop
4Secret Tea PartyAfter Extension, Friendship 50+Make any [Dessert]


Hagel's Events

1Hagel the BlacksmithKingdom Rank IIVisit the Workshop
2Plenty of Work15 Days LaterVisit Beefy Weapon Shop
3Furnace MaterialsKingdom Rank IIIVisit Beefy Weapon Shop
4Upgraded FurnaceKingdom Rank VVisit Beefy Weapon Shop
  • Hagel also has a bunch of small events when you synthesize some of the weapons.