Does the dragon horn skill count as a grapplin ?

  1. Sorry for bad english, i've just loot it on a boss, i've a grapplin boost damage, but the skill name is dragon's horn, not grapplin, so if i use the new skill, does it count for the ''grapplin damage +%'' ?

    User Info: WrongPerformer7

    WrongPerformer7 - 2 weeks ago
  2. You can easily test it by swapping your weapons. Equip two weapons of the same type, level, familiarity, and damage but one with the grapple modifier and one without then check the overall damage each one deals with the anima grapple.

    However, all three unique anima grapples (sword, dual sword, and odachi) might look cool but they are actually bad in general. They can only be used on human enemies and you have i-frames (invulnerability) while absorbing anima, yes, but this is a double edged sword as a human boss will regenerate full stamina by the time you're done. It is really slow and only ever useful for that quick anima refill when you're fighting human trash mobs.

    Unless you have no other means of filling your anima, you love the animation, or the moves get buffed, then I would suggest giving them a pass.

    Hope this helps.

    User Info: Kamote_Carlos

    Kamote_Carlos - 1 week ago


  1. Based on my experiment, dragon horn skills has the same damage as the basic grapple but no extra damage from grapple related skills and special effects.

    But dragon horn is still a good skill because you don't rely on grapple finish to deal damage. Taking dual swords as an example, when your enemy gets zero Ki, your most ideal combo is: sign of cross+sign of cross by quick recovery+final blow.

    This combo can deal much much more damage than a simple grapple so you can save your skill point and special effect slot from equipment and then choose dragon horn skill for extra yokai anima.

    User Info: sarsaparilla

    sarsaparilla - 4 days ago 0   0

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