What does the japenese symbol on Hiddy's dagger mean?

  1. When someone in the game asks him who he is he pulls out the dagger and shows the bottom of the blade and the symbol is there and it supposedly is telling them who he is? Does anyone know what the symbol means? The monkey guy calls him Hiddy because of it?

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    Frosttymofo92 - 6 days ago

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  1. I'm fluent, but I needed some help from Jisho.org to make sure I got this right.

    "Hide" is a symbol that basically means elegance or refined. Tokichiro takes the middle symbol of his name (the one that sounds like kichi) and combines them to make Yoshihide, which is shot down by Oda Nobunaga (in the game) in favor of Hideyoshi. TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI is one of the great unifiers of Japan, along with Oda Nobunaga, whom he succeeded, and Tokugawa Ieyasu (depicted in the last game, which ends with the siege of Osaka, where Toyotomi Hideyori and his mother Yodogimi are residing, resisting Tokugawa).
    Nioh 2 follows Tokichiro's legendary rise from a poor peasant foot-soldier to a samurai, to a lord in his own right... With some liberties for the historic fiction, of course!

    By the way, Tokichiro's nickname for your character is localized as "Hiddy" (for some reason), but he's saying "Hide-no-Ji" in Japanese... His nickname for you is actually "The Letter Hide" and I love it.

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  2. ah, that's actually really neat, i'm no good with kanji unless there's furigana so i totally missed that detail. i figured Yoshihide was probably the character's birth name since in the game they say Dosan used to be called Hidetatsu and so gave the main character and their sibling each a part of that name when he was chosing theirs, with the other sibling being Yoshi-tatsu- i figured he'd have probably followed the same naming convention, hence Yoshi-hide-.

    User Info: Tamamo-no-mae

    Tamamo-no-mae - 3 days ago


  1. it's part of his/her name, it's actually explained a little later in the game but the MC's canon name is implied to be Yoshihide. hence the "Hide" on the dagger, since the main character doesn't talk, Tokichiro calls them Hidechiyo as a nickname.

    User Info: Tamamo-no-mae

    Tamamo-no-mae - 6 days ago 0   0
  2. The symbol is literally his name, Hide. Tokichiro calls him Hiddy because he's a funny monkey guy with a funny British accent.

    User Info: joeleopard

    joeleopard - 6 days ago 0   3

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