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¿Qué tengo de hacer para subir el clan kuroda bonificaciones y cañon? Plot
¿Qué tengo de hacer para subir el clan kuroda las bonificaciones y cañon ? Build
anybody have advancing storm inheritable white or orange? Build
Anyone have devastion glove ? Build
Anyone have inheritable switchglaive skills to drop? Build
Anyone wanna co-op (Stage clearing, farming, leveling and etc)? Build
Can anyone help me with orange inheritables wind storm and water sword for dual sword? Build
Can I buy and then play DLC Darkness In The Capital first instead of The Tengu Disciple DLC? Plot
Can I get help getting devastation gloves and pulverize heaven and earth ? Build
Can someone help me with a boss. My password will be hockey8046? Enemy/Boss

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Does anyone have moonlit snow inheritable gloves? Build 1 1 month ago
Failed to load bloody and benevolent grave even if im online? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
Can a base copy of Nioh 2 on PS4 coop with a remastered copy of Nioh 2 on PS5? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
Do Soul core bonuses/status effects only occur during yokai shift? Build 1 1 month ago
dove qualcuno può lasciare guanti con danno shuriken e kunai ereditanie (arancione)? Build 1 2 months ago
What is the point in upgrading gear to 99? Build 2 2 months ago
Ungyo nioh mask text smithing no unlocked ? Build 3 2 months ago
What does anima bonus (amrita unscathed) mean? Side Quest 2 2 months ago
Is there someone who can drop orange shuriken and kunai damage inheritables? Build 2 3 months ago
Why are all the major DLC expansions available for 'free'? Tech Support 1 3 months ago

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