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Anyone know what the max shifting level is I'm currently at lvl 56? Build
Anyone wanna add and help me speedrun this game, trying to get NG+? Main Quest
Are there any more spider missions apart from bird in a cage? Main Quest *new*
Can someone help with Lady Osakabe? Enemy/Boss *new*
Do you get yokai shift bonuses when you burst counter grapple? Build
Does amplification stack? Build
How do I increase the Elixir carrying capacity? Tech Support *new*
How do you obtain the Saisetsu shin sake smithing text? Build *new*
Is there any way to tell what soul cores you have already collected after you have done resting rites? Side Quest
Jutsu disappearing from the Favorites Tab? Tech Support

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Where is the skill to get 3+ Elixir in ninjutsu tree? Build 3 9 hours ago
Can you change yokai shift form? Build *new* 1 1 day ago
How do I unlock The One Who Lives In The Shadows mission? Side Quest 1 3 days ago
Does the dragon horn skill count as a grapplin ? Build 1 3 days ago
Why are the level recommendations so much higher in my game? Main Quest 2 3 days ago
How to create a good late ng+ hybrid katana bow build? Build *new* 1 3 days ago
Shuten Dojis Gourd Drops where? Enemy/Boss 3 4 days ago
Anyone free to help me out on Nioh 2, PS4? Main Quest 2 4 days ago
Anyway to check stats vs humans? Enemy/Boss 1 4 days ago
How to unlock Shuriken shooter? Build 1 5 days ago

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