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Reviewed: 03/18/19 | Updated: 03/22/19

CAPCOM is back

The year started off with Resident Evil 2 Remake from Capcom. I love that game so much and now 2 months later, Capcom has released another anticipated title in Devil May Cry V. The only games in the series I have played before DMC V is the first game and the reboot/prequel game DMC Devil May Cry. Fans of the series didn’t really like DMC and last year at E3 when Devil May Cry V was announced fans were pleased so see this game in action. For me Bayonetta was when I realized I love this action, hack and slash gameplay style that Devil May Cry made famous. I was already interested because of the gameplay, but my intrigue only grew after seeing interactions between characters like Nico and Nero via trailers. All the trailers have only raised my anticipation as did the theme song Devil Trigger. I would like to reiterate Capcom already released a fantastic game in Resident Evil 2 Remake and now they’ve done it again with another fantastic action game. Not only is DMC V a phenomenal action game but, it might actually be one of the greatest action games I have ever played.

The story of DMC V starts off with Nero confronting a demon named Urizen. This demon became powerful after stealing Nero’s Devil Bringer arm and with that power Urizen has become unstoppable. This revelation results in a mysterious character named V to hire Dante, Lady, Trish and Nero to stop Urizen. Unfortunately the demon’s power is beyond what was expected which results in V and Nero escaping with Dante ready to fight more only to be defeated once more. Now that Nero knows what to expect from the demon the game now starts with Nero making his way back to Urizon and along the way he is becoming stronger especially now that he has multiple type of Devil Breaker Arms made by Nico.

In this game you play as 3 characters Nero, Dante and V. These characters have unique gameplay styles with Nero being able to utilize his sword the Red Queen and on top of that he can wield multiple Devil Arm Breakers that range from blasting demons with an electric blast, a homing rocket punch, a time stopping arm and even a Mega Buster. V’s gameplay style is unique in the sense that V doesn’t attack, instead the way he does damage is with the help of demons he has by his side. An eagle named Griffon that attacks at a distance and deals electric attacks, a panther named Shadow, who serves better at close range with it’s spike attacks, and Nightmare, a giant golem like demon who will destroy anything in its path. The interesting aspect about V’s gameplay style is that in order to eliminate demons is after V’s demon cause enough damage V has to deliver the final blow with his cane. And last but certainly not least we have Dante who is layered with options when fighting demons. Dante uses his sword the Rebellion and along the way he acquires more weapons like a buzzsaw like weapon that transforms into a motorcycle. I can’t believe I just typed that, regardless that is stupidly awesome. He can also change his fighting style while in combat, Dante can change his style to Trickster which is used to enhance his movement and evasion. He can change to Swordmaster which is best used for close combat, Royal Guard is best used to defend and pull of counter attacks, and last but not least the Gunslinger style which is best used for enemies that are at a distance. Out of the 3 characters Dante is the character that feels like you are playing a fighting game and you are learning how to start and build up combos, the options that Dante has at his disposal is insane.

Having 3 different gameplay styles at first was a little daunting but, as I played through the game I got use to each of the characters gameplay style. While Dante had to most toys to play with I personally felt more at home using Nero. While at first using Dante felt overwhelming because he really has a lot of tricks he can pull up, it wasn’t until my second run of the game when I started to land combos with him and like in a fighting game, when you learn how to pull of combos the game felt much more satisfying to play. I believe that's the biggest praise I can give this game, playing it just felt so satisfying and something as simple as the battle music building up as your rank increases is just great. In battles your rank goes from D all the way to S and sometimes SSS which when that happens it so gratifying. The praise doesn’t stop with Devil May Cry V gameplay, it continues in the graphic and music department. This game is using the RE engine and with that engine it shows off how gorgeous this game looks and I played it on the base PS4, I can only imagine how PC players, PS4 Pro users and Xbox One X users felt playing this game. The music is fantastic as well, whether it be the theme song Devil Trigger or the other songs used throughout the game, all the music used felt like they fit well with the environment as well as the scenarios each character was in.

I honestly don’t have many issues with the game other than towards the middle of the game the areas you visit get a little tiring but, I ignored that complaint because the game is just such a blast it wasn’t that big of a deal. Another small complaint I have is while I really enjoyed playing as all the characters in the game. I would be lying if I didn’t say I mainly preferred playing as Nero or Dante and any chance I got to choose between Nero/V or Dante/V I would always choose the others over V because it felt like button mash to win. And I know how V gameplay works it just isn't as satisfying to kill demons with V compared to Dante and Nero. Again like with my complaint about areas feeling repetitive, in the long run it wasn’t that big of an issue. At this point I’m just stretching to find something to complain about however, the only complaint I can’t really give a pass to comes from the end of the game. As great has things got towards the end of the game, the conclusion felt like it ended abruptly. I felt like the game could’ve used one or two more missions to end off on a great note.

On a side note it's great to see this resurgence for Capcom. Last year we got Monster Hunter World and we saw the return of the blue bomber with Mega Man 11. In 2017 we got Resident Evil 7 which returned back to it’s horror roots and in the beginning of the year we got Resident Evil 2 Remake which is not only a fantastic game but, that game set the bar on how a Remake for a game should be, especially if the remake of said game is one that many love. And now Devil May Cry V is yet another game Capcom has knocked it out of the park with. These game show just how great Capcom is when they deliver quality content. All they are missing is a universally loved fighting game.

There really isn’t much more to say other than buy this game, and if the trailers look interesting to newcomers believe me it's going to be worth it. I have only played the original Devil May Cry and DMC but, after playing this game I really want to go back and play the other games and yes even Devil May Cry 2. And that’s the best praise I can give this game not only will I go back and play more DMC V and try to beat it with the difficulty higher, I will also play the older games and learn more about these characters that I grew fond of. Devil May Cry V really is one of the best action games I have ever played and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Devil May Cry 5 (US, 03/08/19)

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