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Enemy/Boss Help Answers Last Answer
S Rank extra photo finish help (urizen) ? 1 2 weeks ago
King Cerberus strategy ? 1 1 month ago
What is the timing for V's "Touch and move" skill? 2 1 month ago

Item Location Help Answers Last Answer
Cracked V skin? 1 2 weeks ago

Level Help Answers Last Answer
Mission 5 "Helping Nero" cutscene? 2 1 month ago
How do/can I select individual bosses? 2 2 months ago

Plot/Storyline Help Answers Last Answer
Red Queen and Blue Rose really melted in DMC 4? 1 1 month ago
Missing the after credits cut scene? 3 1 month ago
How do you unlock Vergil? 3 1 month ago
How many missions are in the game? 1 1 month ago

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