Is there any practical use for neros arm?

  1. I haven't played dmc since 3 i've played a little bit of 4 but i didn't like nero's playstyle, but i really want to play this one all the way through but i'm still not liking nero's style. The devil breaker mechanics are just too weird for me and i cant keep them attached for very long. Is there like some way to cheese with nero so i can get to dante or is this just one of those "git gud" situations? If so that sucks cause I'm just really not digging his playstyle enough to play him.

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    Hitsumaru100 - 2 months ago
  2. Ugh this so frustrating, tried your advice but im not finding any good combos. I tried looking around for tutorials but they just tell you what each breaker does instead of what moves they can combo well with. Even gave up and changed it to assited mode, (that didn't work out well.) and don't even get me started on the first boss wasted all my gold orbs on him. Just have to except the fact that REALLY suck at the game now and try human mode or something

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    Hitsumaru100 - 2 months ago
  3. I can't help too much without actually seeing your gameplay to know what you are missing, but the optimal way to cheese without spending too many orbs would involve using Air Taunt (you can rev during it - the only revvable move where you never spend anything if you make a mistake) to stay in the air and shooting charge shots to get more opportunities to get in close.

    Enemy Step is highly recommended if you want to get stylish but also if you want to have more ways to escape bosses if you can use it to cancel attacks (even a break age or things like an air taunt) but reset your air actions if you want to use Air Hike (double jump) again.

    That said, you can stay in the air easily by just shooting and air taunting over and over.

    Take things slowly and don't be too reckless. If you have the time, I do recommend diving into the Void (you can change the enemy by pausing) and try everything for free!) from time to time to feel things out since Dante and Nero are quite different and will keep changing as the game goes on.

    We can tell you "combos" but even starting them depends on the enemy, surrounding threats and such. Mobility comes first so you can recognise an enemy, avoid damage and break down how to beat it. Eventually with style ideally.

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    thelastgogeta - 2 months ago
  4. I took a break from dmc for a bit. Going to start over again later this week when i get the time. Human mode wasn't any help either so i'll go back to devil hunter again, lucked out and defeated goliath after a couple of tries but then i started having trouble with those normal enemies with the cleavers. I don't really care about being flashy, stylish or anything like that cause i just suck at that. As long as i can get through the game and get all the endings, then I'm satisfied

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    Hitsumaru100 - 2 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Honestly. Avoiding damage like with every character is the best way to use Nero on controller i exchange his shoot button with his right trigger button. that way i can charge up rounds while laying into people with the Queen. knowing how each breaker works because pretty much all of them have a use.

    I like using Table Hopper to avoid damage setting up Color Up whenever possible

    Queen i personally like to use Combo C, Roulette Spin, Calibur, Split, Streak and the Grapple wire or Hard Way whenever the enemy is out of range. Sometimes using Payline to catch up to an enemy after the basic air combo is real useful for closing distance.

    I would avoid the Exceed upgrades early on. it makes some attacks real nice but more diverse move set is essential with Nero.

    He can be "fidgety" but when you learn how his combo strings link up with chaining a Overture shock or Color up shot in where needed. I feel like he has seen some massive improvements overall

    The Brekers are as follows

    Overture: is is a great fall back because it is useful in a large verity of situations. It's breaker embeds it into an opponent and shooting it makes an explosion. Combining it's breaker with a charge shot is really good damage.

    Gerbera: gives a weaker version of overtures attack, air dodges as well as 1 of the best small room breaks with it's aerial, the ground can do some nice damage to a row of enemies and can be angled if needed.

    Punch Line: gives a multitasking bonus, throw it at 1 guy and attack another. you can also ride the rocket fist for some unique attacks. The break probably does the most single hit damage but has the real impact build-up time.

    Helter skelter: is does great damage to shielded enemies and it's break covers some ground. small range with normal though.

    Tomboy: is a overpower for your weapons turns rose into a railgun but have to be stationary and queen without lock-on had mean attacks and while locked on does variants of his specials but way more powerful (looking at the aerial as the example for that)

    Buster Arm: is basically the buster from DMC4. heavy damage grapple custom to the opponent, Break is a stronger version but it is really fragile. good to use when a boss is in an immobilised status (usually on a knee or being completely grounded not moving). Insane damage I can take almost a third off enemies in demon hunter it can do up to half with the break on a Human.

    Rawhide: is great AOE makes the grapple damage and breaker is basically a better version of it's normal

    Ragtime: ... it's limited range quicksilver (or witch-time for those bayo players out there) breaker does a full range time slow great for fast enemies or to gain some "time" alone with 1 enemy without interruption

    Gerbera GP01: is basically the same as gerbera but it launches you up into the air from the ground and down to the ground from the air instead of the palm.

    Pasta Breaker: basically is a Helter Skelter combined with Punch Line normally it drills enemies while pushing them away. the breaker is basically adding the Overture implanting to it making the single enemy get launched and drilled constantly before exploding on it's own.

    Sweet surrender: Gradual health regen. moderate health gain for break... if you are avoiding damage as you should be this is useless. if you have a hard time with this kind of game... ok i guess. it doesn't do enough for me to care and while regen is going 1 hit breaks it.

    Mega Buster: basically a second gun. delaying the shot charges it up and breaker is a super charge shot. overall i find it real usefull but only after you get all of the upgrades for rose so you can chain that together.

    Personally i like Overture, Gerbera, Ragtime, Pasta Breaker and sometimes Punch Line. and if i feel daring I use breaker in boss fights Just for that sweet damage. I find all of them useful just not in every situation.

    In summary I recommend you learn how each breaker works and what chains to what. Hopefully this helped in some way. If not well the "Git Gud" you said it all I got

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  1. Imma keep it real with u chief
    Git gud.

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