I can't play level 2?

  1. I purchased this game extremely stoked, (Pre-Ordered it, played the demo; loved it) However the game won't load past the god damn second level. I get hit with this error message saying "Game Data preparation is not yet complete". I tried deleting it completely, playing a new difficulty, however no matter what I always get stopped with that error message. Thought maybe I'd be too eager and let it download fully (with good internet) seven hours ago. Any help on what to do?

    User Info: Dmc5wontstart

    Dmc5wontstart - 2 months ago

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  1. I've got the same issue going on! I'm not sure what to do. I tried reinstalling but that did not work either

    User Info: jwynn87

    jwynn87 - 2 months ago 3   1


  1. Having done a reinstall recently and run into this myself, the solution for me was to wait in-game, it seems whatever data preparation is going on happens when the game is running. I played the prologue and checked, still data preparing. Played chapter one, and by then I could access everything again. You might just have to leave it in-game for a while, but it's weird there is no loading bar or timer or anything to indicate when "game data" is ready. It shouldn't matter if you're on the title menu or playing the missions that are loaded.

    User Info: egpNoodlez

    egpNoodlez - 2 months ago 1   0
  2. Same problem. The game is fully downloaded. Tried reinstalling, but that did nothing.

    Saw a suggestion to upload game data to the cloud (press options on the game from the main menu, select "upload/download Saved Data), delete it off system, then download it from the cloud again. This seems to have fixed it for some people, but I had no success. Maybe it will help you.

    User Info: gstaff0369

    gstaff0369 - 2 months ago 1   1
  3. If the game hasn't fully downloaded, you should already know why you can't play further. I mean, seriously? Duh.

    User Info: penaferus

    penaferus - 2 months ago 1   5

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