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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by MaiShinobimasu

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by MaiShinobimasu

Version: 3.5 | Updated: 10/18/2021
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2019 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough: Arc I
    1. Zaphias
    2. Deidon Hold
    3. Quoi Woods
    4. Halure
    5. Aspio
    6. Shaikos Ruins
    7. Halure Revisited
    8. Ehmead Hill
    9. Capua Nor
    10. Magistrate's Palace
    11. Capua Torim
    12. Caer Bocram
    13. Heliord
    14. Dahngrest
    15. Keiv Moc
    16. Underpass
    17. Ghasfarost
  3. Walkthrough: Arc II
    1. Dahngrest Revisited
    2. Heliord Revisited
    3. Capua Torim Revisited
    4. Atherum
    5. Nordopolica
    6. Weasand of Cados
    7. Mantaic
    8. Kogorh
    9. Yormgen
    10. Mantaic Revisited
    11. Weasand of Cados Revisted
    12. Nordopolica Revisited
    13. Dahngrest Revisited Again
    14. The Manor of the Wicked
    15. Mt. Temza
    16. Phaeroh's Crag
    17. Aspio Revisited
    18. Renansula Hollow
    19. Egothor Forest
    20. Myorzo
    21. Yormgen Revisited
    22. Baction
    23. Heracles
    24. Zopheir
    25. Zaphias Revisited
    26. Zaude
  4. Walkthrough: Arc III
    1. Zaphias Revisited Again
    2. Aspio Revisited Again
    3. Dahngrest Revisited Yet Again
    4. Zopheir Revisited
    5. Nordopolica Revisited Again
    6. Phaeroh's Crag Revisited
    7. Ereaulmen Crystallands
    8. Relewiese Hollow
    9. Capua Nor & Atherum Revisited
    10. Aurnion
    11. Endgame
    12. Tarqaron
  5. Walkthrough: Postgame
    1. Remaining Side Quests
    2. Labyrinth of Memories
    3. Nordopolica Coliseum
    4. Necropolis of Nostalgia
    5. Tarqaron Revisited
  6. Grade
    1. Grade Shop
    2. How To Farm Grade
  7. Miscellaneous Gameplay & Mechanics
    1. Fatal Strikes
    2. Over Limit
    3. Burst Artes
    4. Sorcerer's Ring
    5. Weapon Skills & Skill Symbols
    6. Search Points
    7. Difficulty Settings
    8. Cooking Recipes
  8. Altered Artes
    1. Yuri's Altered Artes
    2. Estelle's Altered Artes
    3. Repede's Altered Artes
    4. Karol's Altered Artes
    5. Rita's Altered Artes
    6. Raven's Altered Artes
    7. Judith's Altered Artes
    8. Patty's Altered Artes
    9. Flynn's Altered Artes
  9. Mystic Artes
    1. Yuri's Mystic Artes
    2. Estelle's Mystic Artes
    3. Repede's Mystic Artes
    4. Karol's Mystic Artes
    5. Rita's Mystic Artes
    6. Raven's Mystic Artes
    7. Judith's Mystic Artes
    8. Patty's Mystic Arte
    9. Flynn's Mystic Artes
    10. Yuri & Flynn's Dual Mystic Arte
  10. Titles
    1. Yuri's Titles
    2. Estelle's Titles
    3. Repede's Titles
    4. Karol's Titles
    5. Rita's Titles
    6. Raven's Titles
    7. Judith's Titles
    8. Patty's Titles
    9. Flynn's Titles
  11. Collector's Book
    1. Items
    2. Main Weapons
    3. Sub Weapons
    4. Head Armor
    5. Body Armor
    6. Accessories
    7. Food
    8. Synthesis Materials
    9. Valuables
  12. Monster Book
    1. Human Type
    2. Beast Type
    3. Bird Type
    4. Magic Type
    5. Plant Type
    6. Aquatic Type
    7. Insect Type
    8. Inorganic Type
    9. Scale Type
  13. Achievements
  14. Closing
    1. FAQs
    2. Version History
    3. Legal
    4. Credits

Walkthrough: Postgame

Once you have loaded your cleared save file, we can begin tackling the Postgame.

Remaining Side Quests

Aurnion Side Quests (5)
True Knight

If you have completed all of the Secret Missions, sleep at the Inn here for a scene. Yuri will receive the True Knight Title.

Rebuilding Aurnion: Final

Speak to the knight in front of HQ. The following are the items you need to give to him and their locations. You need to give him three of each of the following:

Might Orb - Warrior (Mt. Temza)
Treant Flower - Blooms (The Sulzanni Island Chains - Night)
Crystal - Crystal Spirit (Erealumen)
Mystic Orb - Fancy Parasol (Caer Bocram - Night)
Great Leo Fang - Schwert (Tarqaron)

After you have given him the above materials, sleep at the Inn and speak to him again. You need to give him 500,000 Gald as well as one of each of the following:

Greenlight Stone - Gaina Firefly (Zadrack Peninsula - Night)
Pitch-black Ink - Aquica (Beldeabou Bay - Snow)
Rare Metal - Poseidon (Zaude)

After you have given him the above materials, sleep at an Inn OUTSIDE OF AURNION a bunch of times and come back. You will see a scene on entry. You will receive the King's Cape.

Drake: Final

Exit and reenter Developed Aurion. Speak to Ioder at the west end of town. You will receive the BC Rod.

Tidy Up The Warehouse: Final

In Developed Aurnion, speak to the man wearing orange that is standing in front of a house to the north. Arrange the warehouse for 3x Special Gels, a Mysterious Piece, a Spring of Wisdom, and 2000 Gald. Karol will also receive the Warehouse Master Title.

Nordopolica Side Quest (7)
Great Pirate Successor

When you have seen all twelve of the animations for Patty's Mystic Arte, speak to Jim, who is standing at the stairs outside of the Coliseum. Patty will receive the Great Pirate Successor Title. The easiest of the animations to miss, in my opinion, is the man with the red bandana pulling the Udon cart. That was the one I was missing for the longest time. The easiest way to get it is by setting Patty to Normal form before doing her Mystic Arte, as that will give you the highest chances of getting the udon cart animation.

Zaphias Side Quest (8)
Hope of the Town

Talk to Ted, who is standing near the fountain in the Lower Quarter. You will get the Claiomh Solais, and Yuri and Flynn will both receive the Hope of the Town Titles.

Yumanju Side Quest (5)
Hot Springs: Final

Equip everyone with their hot springs Titles and speak to the receptionist for a scene.

World Map Side Quests (11)
King of Adventure: Final

Once you have been to every single location in the game, including the Labyrinth of Memories and the area after clearing the first layer within the Necropolis of Nostalgia, rest at the caravan. Estelle will receive the Curious Princess Title. While it is not possible to complete this Side Quest now, this is the earliest point it can be completed on a New Game + run.

Labyrinth of Memories: Final

Fly to Phaeroh's Crag and enter the warp there. Speak to the sage in his house to receive the Legend of the Dark Blue Warrior. Then enter Dahngrest for a scene. This is the final prerequisite to enter the Labyrinth of Memories, which we will begin next.

Labyrinth of Memories

As you fly towards the region of Yumanju, you should see a scene. Search on the continent to the south of Yumanju for a large, green warp hidden among the mountainous range. This is the first of two post game dungeons. The Labyrinth of Memories. Enter for a couple scenes.

The way this place works is actually rather simple. In order to leave a room, you must defeat all of the enemies or bosses present to make a warp appear. Some rooms can have more than one warp, which will take you to different places. Defeating all the enemies present in an area will also allow you to open any chests there. To fill out the Monster Book, you will want to go through every single path and scan every boss you find there.

I bring to you this fantastic and very well known map of the Labyrinth of Memories. Courtesy of its original creator, Nakar Gabab, and later edited by Arnatuile. It will show you how to find every boss in this place. I have made further edits to this map to correct it for localization purposes. I take no credit at all for this map. So thank its original creator, Nakar Gabab for it. Not me. I will not embed the map here out of respect to its creator. I will humbly provide a link to where you can view it.


I will not cover the enemies or bosses in depth because they are all nothing more than stronger versions of bosses you have already defeated. Any strategies you applied before will work again here.

Every time you defeat a boss or open a chest, you have a small chance to get a Fake Gald. You need 15 Fake Gald in order to pay the toll to pass through the final warp at the end of this dungeon. If you reach the end of the dungeon without acquiring 15 Fake Gald, you will have to warp out and start over. Any Fake Gald you acquire will carry over. So you don't have to get 15 in one run. Once you acquire 15 Fake Gald and pass through the warp at the end, you will face the final boss of this dungeon.

Boss: Traitor to Heaven

Secret Mission: N/A

Strategy: You're probably feeling pretty confident after everything you've overcome to get here. Well if you're not careful, this guy will put your ego in check. Come in fully prepared for a serious challenge.

Anytime he lands a hit on you, it is practically guaranteed to turn into a full combo, possibly ending with your death or a status ailment being inflicted. His attacks are so fast and relentless that your melee fighters may struggle to get a single hit in on him, let alone get a good combo. He will also never hesitate to use his Mystic Arte, which could wipe out multiple party members. So keep your party spread out when he Over Limits.

I suggest bringing Flynn, Yuri, Estelle, and Rita. Try to distract him as best you can to draw fire away from your casters, who have the best chance of getting any real damage on him Guard at all times and only attack when you feel it is absolutely safe. Flynn has a slew of highly effective skills that can raise his defense and make him a defensive tank. Build him to be completely defensive and buff his HP as much as possible. Also cook a meal that will raise your defenses. Don't forget to give Flynn the 'Special' skill on top of his defensive skills so he can at least use his Mystic Arte. I suggest using him and making him stand his ground against the Traitor to Heaven as the vanguard to distract him as much as possible and protect the party. A very fitting role for the noble knight.

If you get reckless and go in blindly attacking, I promise he will make you pay. You have to play this fight tactfully. Use Over Limits and Mystic Artes anytime you need to bail yourself out of tight situations. Manage your resources carefully and try to keep him from knocking out too many of your party members at once. If you lose control of the fight and end up with only one or two party members left alive with low health, getting momentum back could be extremely difficult. Good luck.

Secret Mission DropsN/A

When you have prevailed, you will receive the Letter of Challenge (Legend). That finishes this dungeon. Don't forget to open the three randomized chests before you leave. Then you can leave this place for good.

Nordopolica Coliseum

The following is a checklist of all the Letters of Challenge you should now have.

Letter of Challenge (L. Claw)
Letter of Challenge (H. Blades)
Letter of Challenge (Clint)
Letter of Challenge (Flynn)
Letter of Challenge (Legend)

With all of these Letters of Challenge now in your possession, you can finally challenge every trial in the Coliseum for the maximum possible rewards. So head to the Coliseum and speak to the receptionist to begin.

Single Battles

The following is an in-depth look at each level of the Singles Battle Arena. What you can expect. And what the rewards are.

Thirty Man Melee (3,000 Gald to participate)

You will have a five minute time limit.

You will fight knights and a few of many different types of monsters. Several spellcasters will also appear, so be sure to take them out before the others. Always get rid of the spellcasters right away. Even if they can't do much damage, they can easily stun you which is annoying. And they can significantly heal bosses which is obviously bad news. At the end, you will face Adecor and Boccos. None of this should pose any challenge to you at this point in the game.

For winning, you will get 6000 Gald, 3x Apple Gels, 3x Orange Gels, and 3x Limit Bottles. Your victory will also unlock the Fifty Man Melee.

Fifty Man Melee (5,000 Gald to participate)

You will have a ten minute time limit. The first thirty opponents will be exactly the same as the Thirty Man Melee.

After that, a bunch of aquatic enemies, as well as bears and a few humans will spawn. When you've defeated 40 opponents, Nan will appear. She has a Mystic Arte now so watch out for that. Take her out right away since she's notably stronger than the other enemies. Once she has fallen, a few more enemies will spawn in. The Cockatrices can inflict you with Stone, ending the fight immediately. So that can be a problem. Equip a Stone Charm until they're dead if they become a problem for you.

Once you have claimed victory, you will get 10,000 Gald, as well as a Saffron, Basil, Chamomile, Verbena, Lavender, Sage, and Savory. You will also unlock the Eighty Man Melee.

Eighty Man Melee (8,000 Gald to participate)

You will be given a fifteen minute time limit. The first fifty opponents will be the same as the Fifty Man Melee.

After that, a bunch of elemental based enemies and a few humans will spawn. Once you've defeated 60 opponents, Tison will show up. Same as Nan, he has a Mystic Arte. Just like Nan, make sure to focus on him and get rid of him right away since he's a much bigger threat than the other enemies. Once 70 enemies have fallen, a bunch of aquatic enemies will spawn in. Followed by spellcasters. The second to last enemy to spawn in will be an Augusto, who doesn't pose much of a threat.

The 79th opponent will be Clint. Be careful of this guy. Sure, he was a joke before. But don't forget he can use an instant kill Fatal Strike. And since you're all alone, that means an instant game over. This guy is very dangerous in the Coliseum for this reason. So he is number one priority when he spawns in at any time. So focus all your attention on him and defeat him as quickly as you can.

For winning, you will get 16,000 Gald, as well as a Red Saffron, Red Basil, Red Chamomile, Red Verbena, Red Lavender, Red Savory, and a Red Sage. You will also unlock the Hundred Man Melee.

Hundred Man Melee (10,000 Gald to participate)

You will have a twenty minute time limit. The first eighty opponents will be the same as the Eighty Man Melee.

After that, a bunch of plant enemies and a few Leviathan's Claw members will spawn in. Once 89 enemies have fallen, Gauche and Droite will join the battle. They can heal each other, so don't spread your damage out. Focus on one and drop her before the other can get a chance to heal her and undo the damage you've done. And be especially careful of their dual Mystic Arte, which they still have access to. After they've both fallen, a bunch of bores, knights, and spellcasters will spawn. Your 100th opponent will vary based on who you are controlling:

Yuri will fight Flynn.

Flynn will fight Yuri.

Karol will fight Nan for a second time. Make sure to use a Magic Lens on her here too.

Estelle, Rita, Raven, Judith, Repede, and Patty will fight October.

Every time you clear Hundred Man Melee, you will receive 20,000 Gald. You should clear the Hundred Man Melee with each and every party member, as the rewards you receive will differ based on who you clear it with. The following is a list of what you will receive by clearing the Hundred Man Melee with each party member:

Yuri will receive a Star Mail, Colossus, and Hyper Armor.

Estelle will receive the 'Magical Maiden' Title as well as an Imperial Guard, Sanctuary, Comet Light, and a Star Light.

Karol will receive a Brave Helm and Rendering Drill Hammer.

Rita will receive Elemental Goggles and a Sacred Chain.

Raven will receive a Glorious Helm and a Celestial Star.

Judith will receive a Dragon Coat and Cadueus.

Repede will receive an Aer Fragment and Maximum Dog Symbol.

Flynn will receive a Radiant Star and General Armor.

Patty will receive a Pirate Gun (White Wave) and Eclipse Circlet.

Additionally. Clearing the Hundred Man Melee with three party members will unlock The Mysterious Two Hundred Man Melee.

The Mysterious Two Hundred Man Melee (20,000 Gald to participate)

You will have a thirty-five minute time limit. The first hundred opponents will be the same as the Hundred Man Melee.

After you have defeated a hundred enemies, a bunch of generic monsters will spawn in. If you can make it this far, they shouldn't be any trouble. Once 142 enemies have been defeated, the Time Traveler will appear. He is capable of very strong spells and can enter Over Limit and spam his Mystic Arte over and over much faster than you might expect.

After you defeat the Time Traveler, even more generic enemies will spawn in. Once 165 enemies have fallen, the Sorrowful Queen of Darkness will join the battle. She can use exceedingly strong spells. And her Mystic Arte can deal significant damage even if you are at a high level. So be very careful of her.

Once you have defeated 170 enemies, more generic monsters spawn. Once you have defeated 180 enemies, the Killer of Heroes will appear. Now this guy is dangerous. Do NOT underestimate him. If you ever use an item, he will immediately counter with his Mystic Arte. So only use a Magic Lens when you are at full health to register him. His attacks will easily break your guard and you'll often stutter when hitting him. So everything about this guy is a huge threat even if you are at a very high level. I suggest you save an Over Limit Lv. 4 and use a Mystic Arte on him the moment he appears.

Once you have defeated 190 enemies, more generic monsters will spawn. Immediately equip a Stone Charm. The mantises can inflict the stone ailment and instantly kill you. We don't want that, do we? Also pop Over Limit bottles until you have four gauges in preparation for what is about to come. Once 197 enemies have been defeated, the Traitor to Heaven will be your final opponent. Immediately hit him with your first or second Mystic Arte. Then throw an All-Divide before he can get up to deaden the damage he can deal back to you. When he Over Limits, get as far away from him as you can to avoid his Mystic Arte. Don't hesitate to use your Hourglass too if you need it. Hold nothing back, as any items you have are provided and are thus disposable.

For winning, you will receive 20,000 Gald along with an Arredoval, Barbatos Ring, Dhaos' Cape, and Shizel's Necklace. Also, you will receive more rewards based on who you finish The Mysterious Two Hundred Man Melee with. Each character will get the Stand Alone skill. As well as the rewards as follows:

Yuri will receive the 'Dark Lion' and 'Returning Swordsman' Titles.

Estelle will receive the 'Battle Nightingale' and 'Vengeful Knight' Titles.

Karol will receive the 'Crouching Tiger' and 'Red Twin Blades' Titles.

Rita will receive the 'Magical Bee' and 'Amicable Amnesiac' Titles. You can also unlock Rita's second Mystic Arte, 'Indignation,' by fulfilling specific conditions. This is covered in its own section down below.

Raven will receive the 'Vagabond Wolf' and 'Adept Assassin' Titles.

Judith will receive the 'Dragon of Blue Lightning' and 'Wandering Miser' Titles.

Repede will receive the 'Silver Fangs' and 'Werebeast's Beast Wear' Titles.

Flynn will receive the 'White Wings of Virtue' and 'Benevolent Beneficiary' Titles.

Patty will receive the 'Orca Overlord of the Seas' and 'Affable Guardian' Titles.

Rita's Indignation

While using Rita during The Mysterious Two Hundred Man Melee, you can actually unlock her second Mystic Arte, 'Indignation.' In order to do this, Rita must have used 'Thunder Blade' more than 200 times. Then you must lower the Time Traveler's HP to less than half. Go into Over Limit Lv 4. And then use Thunder Blade. If all of these conditions are met, Rita will automatically cast Indignation. This will not only instantly defeat the Time Traveler, but also unlock Indignation for normal use from now on. All Rita has to do to use it, is to be in Over Limit Lv. 4 and cast an Advanced Spell while holding the 'Attack' AND 'Artes' buttons. Indignation will also carry over to New Game +.

Tag Team Battles

(More detailed coverage as well as localization revisions coming soon)

There are also team battles at the Coliseum. The characters you have in your current party will be the ones who compete. So prepare in advance. Speak to the left receptionist when you are ready to begin.

Tag Team Tournament - Challenger (3,000 Gald to participate)

You will have a ten minute time limit.

The first team you fight will be a team of six Superstar enemies. They will try to overwhelm your team with their sheer numbers and wail away at you with physical attacks. They don't do anything special beyond that. So just simply overpower them. Your casters will have a rough time getting any spells off during this fight, but even then it shouldn't be much of a problem.

The next team consists of four different types of Gentleman enemies. They're much slower, so your casters will have an easier time helping this time around. I'd say this fight is much easier than the previous one for this reason.

Last, you'll fight three generic humans. You've likely killed hundreds if not thousands of these kinds of enemies by now. So just beat them down as you always have. They only fight with melee so Rita can annihilate them quite easily as you combo them with your melee fighters.

For winning, you will receive 15,000 Gald and unlock Tag Team Tournament - Hero.

Tag Team Tournament - Hero (5,000 Gald to participate)

You have a twenty minute time limit. The first three teams you face will be the same as Tag Team Tournament - Challenger.

After that, you will face, Leblanc, Adecor, Boccos, and Schwann if Raven is not in your party. Needless to say, Schwann is by far the biggest threat you have to deal with. He will very often shrug off your combos and hit you right back, making him very difficult to do any long lasting combos against. He also has his Mystic Arte, making him a huge cause for concern. But Leblanc, however, is an absolute pest, as he will throw items to recover the HP of his teammates. So this can turn into a very long, drawn out fight if you aren't careful. I would recommend focusing on taking out Leblanc first since his ability to keep recovering the HP of his teammates is extremely troublesome. After, focus all of your energy on taking out Schwann. Adecor and Boccos are irrelevant and will fall easily once the other two are gone.

Next, you will face Clint, Tison, Nan, and Karol 'disguised' as King Kaboom if he is not in your party. This is an exceptionally dangerous fight. Clint can instantly kill your party members. Nan can heal and revive her teammates. Karol can also heal his teammates. And all four have Mystic Artes. No matter how dangerous Clint is, Nan simply must go down first, as her support spells are simply too troublesome. Once she is out of the picture, focus all of your attention on Clint and take him out. Don't be in the slightest bit surprised if Clint single handedly wipes your whole party out, as he is never more dangerous than in this fight. With Nan and Clint defeated, Tison and Karol shouldn't be much of threat on their own.

For winning, you will receive 30,000 Gald, the Imperial Knights Captain Helmet (for optionally defeating Schwann), Overdrive Big Kid (for optionally defeating Karol), and the Small Knight Title (also for optionally defeating Karol). Also, if you have also cleared The Mysterious Two Hundred Man Melee with at least one party member, you will unlock Tag Team Tournament - Savage.

Tag Team Tournament - Savage (10,000 Gald to participate)

You will have a thirty minute time limit. The first five fights will be the same as Tag Team Tournament - Hero.

After that, you will fight the Time Traveler, Sorrowful Queen of Darkness, Killer of Heroes, and Traitor to Heaven. Which is about as scary as it sounds. Traitor to Heaven can heal his allies. Time Traveler and Sorrowful Queen of Darkness have powerful spells. The presence of the Killer of Heroes means your use of items is restricted. And all four can use their Mystic Artes. The easiest way to register them all in the Monster Book is to bring Repede and have him use a Magic Lens with the Full Check skill equipped. Due to being such a beast, and restricting your item use, Killer of heroes must go down first. There's no other option. If you're really struggling with this, bring an Over Limit Lv. 4 into the fight and have Yuri or Rita really lay on the damage with their second Mystic Artes.

Last, you will fight the party members that are not in your current party. If you are fighting Estelle, she absolutely must go down first. Her healing and revive spells are simply too powerful to ignore. If you are fighting Raven, he is the next highest priority. His healing, spells, and Stop Flow pose the next biggest threat. Rita is the next highest priority due to her deadly spells. Followed by Patty, as the Gamble Cast spells she has can be almost as deadly as Rita's, and she can even heal as well. Her Critical Moment can also debuff and even outright kill your entire party if you're extremely unlucky. After that, I would consider Flynn to be the next highest priority due to being both a fierce fighter, and a powerful caster and healer. The rest can be taken down in any order. They can all, of course, use their Mystic Artes. This is possibly the most hectic fight in the game. And the fight ending in your loss is a definite probability.

When you win, you will receive 50,000 Gald and the Limit Octet. Which will allow your Over Limit gauge to raise to 8 in total. The second time you complete it, you will get the Rosy Cheeks attachment. You will have to win multiple times if you want to register all of your party members in the Monster Book. With all of that done, you are finally done with the Coliseum, and we can move on to the Necropolis of Nostalgia.

Necropolis of Nostalgia

Return to Zaude and go all the way back to the room you fought Alexei in. Here you will find the entrance to the Necropolis of Nostalgia. This is the last and hardest dungeon in the game. So I suggest you save this place for after you have completed the Labyrinth of Memories as well as all of the trials in the Coliseum. If you're following this guide, then you already have.

If you are sure you're ready, let's tackle this place. Listen up, because this can get confusing. The Necropolis of Nostalgia is separated into six layers. Each layer consists of exactly ten floors. Each floor is filled with many rooms and treasures. At the end of the tenth floor of each layer is a boss that you must defeat to move on to the next layer.

The way you move from floor to floor is a bit different than anything you've encountered before. Each floor technically consists of one 'fight.' Each time you defeat all of the monsters on the screen, you do not return to the over world as usual. Instead, one or more paths will open on the battlefield which you must follow to another room which always contains more monsters. When you have navigated down the correct paths, the fight officially ends and you will end up on the next floor. Repeat this ten times per layer to reach the next layer.

To make matters even more complicated, many rooms hide special, unique items, including the final two Fell Arms for Patty and Flynn. You will want to make your way to the rooms that hold these unique treasures and claim them by destroying the chests in the middle and corners of the room. After you have claimed all of the treasures on a given floor, you can then make your way to that floor's exit. There can also be multiple exits on each floor that will take you to a floor you're not expecting. So follow the map closely to make sure you go where you want to go.

I will not be providing in depth coverage of each floor of each layer, as I feel there really is very little to say. All you're doing is fighting through each room full of enemies to reach the end of each floor. All you need is a map to show you the correct paths to take to reach the end, as well as help you find the unique treasures.

The following is a fantastic map created by Kurt. It clearly shows how to find all of the special items on each floor as well as the correct path to the end of each floor. I take no credit whatsoever for this map and am merely linking it here so you can view it. So thank Kurt for it. Not me. All I have done is was make some minor additions and corrections to this map. I will not embed the map here out of respect to its original creator. I will humbly provide a link to where you can view it.


Now with all of those explanations out of the way, let's begin with the first layer.

Layer of Firmament

The enemies in the Firmament layer shouldn't provide too much of a challenge. If they do, you're definitely not strong enough for this place yet.

You will find a save point on the third floor. If you are interested in gathering all of the special items in this layer, make sure you take the exit on the third floor that leads to the fourth floor. Not the ninth.

On the sixth floor you can find a save point. The special item on this floor is the Stylish Shades. So make sure to pick those up before heading to the exit.

The special item on the eighth floor is very, VERY special. It is the . . .

Necropolis of Nostalgia Side Quest
Fell Arms: Part 9

On the eighth floor you will find Flynn's Fell Arm. The Seven-Branched Blade.

With that very important weapon in hand, you can make your way to the ninth floor where you will find a save point.

When you clear the tenth floor, you will be at the Firmament Bottom Level. Here, you will find a healing save point. Proceed north for a scene and your first boss battle in this place.

Boss: Anubis
EASY266000560595503420560553Water, LightEarth, Dark
NORMAL380000800850720600800790Water, LightEarth, Dark
HARD9500008001020720720800790Water, LightEarth, Dark
UNKNOWN19000008002975180018002000790Water, LightEarth, Dark

Secret Mission: N/A

Strategy: This thing shouldn't give you much, if any trouble. It is very slow and doesn't pose much of a threat. Its primary attack is to fire lasers out from all sides which travel the span of the entire field. Have Estelle and Rita tucked away safely in the back while you have your two favorite fighters keep him pinned in the corner. It won't take long for it to crumble. If you really want to have fun with this sling, annihilate it with Yuri and Flynn's dual Mystic Arte, Twin Wave.

DropsRed Lavender
Secret Mission DropsN/A

With that victory, we have officially cleared the first layer. A warp will be created as a shortcut leading near the entrance. But don't leave quite yet, as we can activate a better shortcut momentarily. Take the north warp and you will end up in the City of the Waning Moon. After the scene, you can use the nearby save point. The warp you took to get here can also now be taken to the entrance of Zaude. So you can leave now and restock if needed (MAGIC LENSES!). If you've been following this guide, you can now realistically complete another Side Quest I mentioned before.

World Map Side Quest (12)
King of Adventure: Final Reminder

If this is your first time through the game, right now is the most realistic time you can actually finish this Side Quest. Once you have been to every single location in the game, including the Labyrinth of Memories and the City of the Waning Moon within the Necropolis of Nostalgia, rest at the caravan. Estelle will receive the Curious Princess Title.

With us back at the warp in the City of the Waning Moon, go north and enter the building for a scene. After, circle around to the other side of the room and take the warp to the next layer.

Layer of Existence

The enemies here are largely the same as before. If you've made it this far, they shouldn't be a problem

You will find a save point on the second floor. Be sure to take the exit leading to the third floor and not the fifth if you want all of the special items here.

The special item on the fourth floor is the Deluxe Pirate's Hat. So pick that up before you exit this floor.

On the fifth floor, you will find a save point. Also, be sure to take the exit leading to the sixth floor.

On the eighth floor, you will find another save point.

On the ninth floor is something else that is very, VERY special. There, you will find . . .

Necropolis of Nostalgia Side Quest (2)
Fell Arms: Part 10

On the ninth floor, you will find Patty's Fell Arm, Corbis.

Once you have that weapon in hand, you can make your way to the tenth floor.

When you reach the end of the tenth floor, you will end up in the Existence, Bottom Level. Here you will find another healing save point. Then head north for a scene and to face the second boss of this dungeon.

Boss: Ohma

Secret Mission: N/A

Strategy: This fight is going to be much easier than the story may have led you to believe. Ohma is much faster than Anubis. He likes to float around and swiftly attack your party members with physical attacks. The only form of offense he has that poses any sort of threat is the red lasers. He will fire them in a very wide area around himself in front of himself. Just be wary of that and this should be an easy fight.

Secret Mission DropsN/A

After the scene, we can consider this layer officially finished. Take the north warp to the next layer, which will become a shortcut after its activation. So you can leave and restock if needed. The enemies become much, MUCH stronger once you enter the Layer of Hegemony. Prepare yourself before going any further. If you go to the surface, you will see a scene. Also . . .

World Map Side Quest (13)
Fell Arms: Part 11

If you call Ba'ul on the World Map and begin to fly, you will see a scene. What we need to actually do with the Fell Arms will be covered in its own section after we finish the Necropolis of Nostalgia. If you are feeling impatient, you can skip to the 'Tarqaron Revisited' section now. But I'll have you know that the reward for doing so will do you no favors for beating the final boss of this place. So you're better off waiting.

When you're ready, take the north warp to the next layer.

Layer of Hegemony

On the second floor, be sure to take the exit leading to the third floor if you care about the special items here.

On the third floor, you will find a save point. You can also find the special item, Star Blade Tautus. So get that before you leave this floor.

The fourth floor has not one but two special items. The Overdrive Knight and Serpent Spear Dragunes.

The sixth floor has a save point.

The ninth floor has a save point. Also, you can find the special item, Lion's Soul.

Once you reach the end of the tenth floor, you will be in Hegemony, Bottom Level.

Go north for a healing save point and another boss battle.

Boss: Izanami
EASY38500056014709094201050553Water, LightEarth, Dark
NORMAL550000800210013006001500790Water, LightEarth, Dark
HARD1375000800252013007201500790Water, LightEarth, Dark
UNKNOWN27500008007350325018003750790Water, LightEarth, Dark

Secret Mission: N/A

Strategy: This fight is largely the same as the battle with Anubis. It can now charge around the field and even jump to stun your party members. It can fire laser beams in all directions, so Rita and Estelle won't be quite as safe as they were before. When it jumps, the shockwave it produces will very frequently stun your party members. If it becomes enough of a problem, equip accessories to cut down on the time you are stunned or to prevent it entirely. He's still pretty easy to pin down and combo though. So just dust him quickly so we can move on.

DropsRed Verbena
Secret Mission DropsN/A

After, another shortcut will appear that can take you back to the surface. Take the northern warp before leaving to open another shortcut. Then you can leave and restock if you must. Once you are ready, let's move on to the next layer.

Layer of Fauna

On the first floor, be sure to take the exit that leads to the second floor and not the ninth.

On the second floor, you can find the Sidekick Mask special item.

You can find a save point on the third floor. Also you can get the Wonder Mask special item.

On the fourth floor, you can find the Elite Mask special item.

On the fifth floor, you can obtain the Dagsian Claw special item. There is no difference between the two exits leading to the sixth floor.

On the sixth floor, there is a save point.

On the eighth floor, you can get the Imperial Sword of Light Fielacius special item.

On the ninth floor you will find a save point.

On the tenth floor, you can get the Infinity Sash special item.

When you clear the tenth floor, you will be at the Fauna, Bottom Level. Proceed north for a healing save point and a boss fight.

Boss: Odin
EASY525000700164510144891225553Water, LightEarth, Dark
NORMAL7500001000235014507001750790Water, LightEarth, Dark
HARD18750001000282014508401750790Water, LightEarth, Dark
UNKNOWN375000010008225362521004375790Water, LightEarth, Dark

Secret Mission: N/A

Strategy: This is where the boss fights in this dungeon are going to get much more difficult, especially if your party isn't strong enough. At first, this fight will seem identical to the fights with Anubis and Izanami. That is, until it starts spamming its lasers. It will now fire its lasers in all directions much more frequently than before. It also has a new attack where it will rain lasers from the sky, similar to Estelle's Holy Rain. When it goes into Over Limit, it will be able to spam these laser attacks and there will be nothing you can do to stop it.

If you can survive its laser spam, you should be able to defeat it with the same strategy you used to take out Anubis and Izanami. Sorry if it sounds redundant, but Anubis, Izanami, and Odin really are nothing more than palette swaps of each other.

DropsRed Chamomile
Secret Mission DropsN/A

You know the routine by now. Go through the north warp, which will now become a shortcut. Leave. Restock. And then proceed.

Layer of Fatality

On the first floor, you can get the Shoulder Shield special item.

There is a save point on the third floor. You can also find the Overdrive Super Kid special item on this floor.

On the fourth floor, you can obtain the Heart of Hearts special item. Be sure to use the exit leading to the fifth floor.

There is a save point on the sixth floor.

On the seventh floor, you can find the Rising Flame special item. There is no difference between the two exits to the eighth floor.

There is a save point on the ninth floor.

On the tenth floor, you can get the Demonic Sword Ogre Fang special item.

Once you have cleared the tenth floor, you will be at the Fatality, Bottom Level. As usual. Go north for a healing save point and a boss fight.

Boss: Hades
EASY6650001050202214078401893553Water, LightEarth, Dark
NORMAL95000015002890201012002705790Water, LightEarth, Dark
HARD237500015003468201014402705790Water, LightEarth, Dark
UNKNOWN4750000150010115502536006762790Water, LightEarth, Dark

Secret Mission: N/A

Strategy: Hades comes with two smaller, weaker versions of itself to back him up called Orpheus. Not only are they annoying, but they can heal Hades as well as each other. So they absolutely MUST be dealt with before you try to focus on Hades itself. Hades is another palette swap of Anubis, Izanami, and Odin, so you know what to expect by now.

Come into the fight with eight Over Limit gauges and immediately start the fight by hitting the two Orpheus enemies with Yuri's second Mystic Arte twice in a row. This should hopefully put them near death. Then quickly finish them off before Hades gets a chance to heal them. Hades itself will take a fair bit longer to defeat, but with the grunts down, this becomes another repeat of the previous three boss battles. He is very troublesome to use melee on as he constantly uses attacks that hit in a circle around him. So use caution when approaching him.

DropsRed Basil
Secret Mission DropsN/A

For the final time. Take the northern warp in order to make a shortcut back. Leave and restock. And let's finish this place once and for all. The final layer is next.

Layer of Abysm

The enemies in the sixth and final layer become much stronger. This layer won't be as straight forward as the others. The ten floors have instead become a maze. For example. The first floor no longer leads to the second floor. Instead. It leads to fourth and seventh floors, depending on the exit you choose.

So as you might guess. You can easily get lost and end up going in a loop around the same floors over and over. Fortunately, there are no special treasures here. So all we need to do is focus on getting to the end of this maze as quickly as possible.

In order to reach the end of this layer, you need to navigate to the southern end of the sixth floor. That's right. Not the tenth floor. The SIXTH. There are save points on the third and ninth floor that you will not see if you follow the route I'm about to give. So if you actually care about achievements for some reason, you can navigate to the third and ninth floors on your own to activate those. When you want to navigate to the end of this place, follow this route:

Go from the first floor to the fourth.
Go from the fourth floor to the second.
Go from the second floor to the eighth.
Go from the eighth floor to the tenth.
Go from the tenth floor to the sixth.
There is a save point on the sixth floor. Now go to the southern end of this floor.

Once you have made it to the Abysm, Bottom level, you will face the final boss of the Necropolis of Nostalgia. Are you scared? You should be. This fight will be on a scale beyond anything you've fought in this game before.

Boss: Spiral Draco

Secret Mission: N/A

Note: You will need to use a Magic Lens on all six parts of Spiral Draco to complete the Monster Book. Also, as a secondary note, the Fell Arms are useless against this boss. So if you skipped ahead and powered them up early in the hopes of making this fight easier, you wasted your time.

Strategy: Welcome to arguably the single hardest boss in Tales of Vesperia. Its only competition for hardest boss in the game is the one we will soon challenge now that we have acquired all of the Fell Arms. But don't worry about that for now, because you have a hell of a fight on your hands with this one. This thing is in a league of its own.

Spiral Draco consists of six parts. The main center head. The left and right heads. A left and right tail. And the body. The Central Head is the only part that needs to be destroyed to win the battle, and if you destroy the other parts first, the Central Head will eventually revive them. I'm sincere when I say the following . . .

Without the proper strategy, you will literally never win.

If you wildly attack all of the different body parts, you will only destroy expendable parts that Spiral Draco will soon revive. Causing you to waste time and valuable resources while you desperately try to stay alive.

Its attacks constantly rain down on the entire field, causing tons of different status effects. Physical fighters can struggle to get anywhere near it, let alone hit its body that towers over the heads of your party members.

I highly suggest you bring Rita, Estelle, Raven, and the fighter of your choice to this fight. Estelle should always be healing. Raven should cast Stop Flow anytime he can. And Rita should cast Splash and Meteor Storm at all times. Last, your physical fighter can attempt to distract the beast and attack when they can. Anytime you have an Over Limit gauge, have Rita go into Over Limit and spam Meteor Storm to hit all of Spiral Draco's body parts at once. You can also have Rita go into Over Limit Lv. 4 and repeatedly cast Meteor Storm. Then cap it off with an Indignation when the meter nearly empties to inflict a huge amount of damage to all six parts of the beast. Another strategy is to use Yuri's second Mystic Arte immediately when the fight begins to lay on huge damage to all the pieces right away.

No matter what you do, this is likely going to be a LONG fight. Manage your resources as best you can or you will quickly run out of Gels and Life Bottles. If Estelle can find the time to cast Resurrection instead of using a Life Bottle, have her do so. Also, whenever you enter Over Limit, there is a chance Spiral Draco will cancel it and drain your Over Limit gauge. So pray that doesn't happen.

If you can destroy the body, Spiral Draco will crumble to the ground for a time, leaving the main head wide open. This will be the best chance for your physical fighter to get in and do some damage. So be sure to make use of it before the main head revives the body.

Secret Mission DropsN/A

With this victory, Patty will get the Paradise Pioneer Title. Take the northern warp and we can leave this place for good.

But wait. We have one more thing to do. Just one. The super boss. Wait. You thought Spiral Draco was the super boss? No. That battle is what awaits you next.

Tarqaron Revisited

Tarqaron Side Quest (2)
Fell Arms: Final

The following is a checklist of the Fell Arms that you should have:

Glasya Lobolas
Seven-Branched Blade

Now that we have collected all of the Fell Arms, it's time to challenge Duke again. Yes. The final boss you already defeated so long ago. Go on and wipe him out the same way you did before. It should be much easier this time. Try to manage your resources through the first two phases. That's right. I said FIRST two phases. Because now, due to the power of all of the collected Fell Arms, we are about to face the true final boss of Tales of Vesperia.

Boss: Radiant Winged One

Secret Mission: N/A

Strategy: He is strong. Insanely strong. Infuriatingly strong. He will teleport more now than ever. So be ready for that. He will very frequently try to cast spells. This makes him especially dangerous in Over Limit where he can cast them instantly, so keep your distance while he is in Over Limit. He also has an attack where he instantly fires multiple red laser beams that hit a wide area, which can kill your party members instantly if they are caught at point blank, He even has two Mystic Artes. One of which still being Big Bang, which reduces your entire party's HP to 1. So use a Treat when this happens to save yourself.

Needless to say, it's going to take everything you've got to win this. Rita and Estelle are always fantastic choices to bring into this fight. The remaining two I will leave up to you, as you've no doubt developed your own strategies and found your own favorite characters if you've made it all the way to this point. This fight will be difficult, but you shouldn't forget to enjoy yourself, because this is the end. If you're feeling bold, you could attempt to use Yuri and Flynn's dual Mystic Arte, Twin Wave, to win this one with style.

Secret Mission DropsN/A

With this victory, the true strength of the Fell Weapons will be unlocked. You will receive:

Blazor Edge Abyssion
Sand Spear: Zarich
Wrath Bringer: Glasya Lobolas
Soul Blade Mercurius
Infernal Angel: Nebilim
Calamity Chain: Uroborus
Blade of Sins: Susanoh
Entelexia Sword: Seven-Branched Blade
Fox Spirit Blade Corbis

The strength of the weapon increases with every enemy that specific character has killed. With or without the Fell Arm. This amount can also be carried over every time you start a New Game + using the Grade Shop.

With that done, we have a bit of last minute clean up.

Capua Nor Side Quest (7)
Monster Book: Final Reminder

If this is your first time through the game, now is the most realistic time you can actually finish this Side Quest. When you have completed 100% of the Monster Book, you will see a scene another scene with Nan in the middle of town. Karol will then receive the Manly Man Title.

Halure Side Quest (7)
Collector's Book: Final Reminder

If this is your first time through the game, now is the realistic time you can actually finish this Side Quest as well. When you have completed 100% of the Collector's Book, go toward the fountain to the west for a scene. You will receive 3x Limit Bottles and Estelle will receive the Itemania Title.

That's it. You're finally done. Now grind some grade and tackle Unknown difficulty on New Game +!