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by Asbel__Lhant

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Asbel__Lhant

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 02/15/19

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough: Arc I
    1. Zaphias
    2. Deidon Hold
    3. Quoi Woods
    4. Halure
    5. Aspio
    6. Shaikos Ruins
    7. Halure Revisited
    8. Ehmead Hill
    9. Capua Nor
    10. Magistrate's Palace
    11. Capua Torim
    12. Caer Bocram
    13. Heliord
    14. Dahngrest
    15. Keiv Moc
    16. Underpass
    17. Ghasfarost
  3. Walkthrough: Arc II
    1. Dahngrest Revisited
    2. Heliord Revisited
    3. Capua Torim Revisited
    4. Atherum
    5. Nordopolica
    6. Weasand of Cados
    7. Mantaic
    8. Kogorh
    9. Yormgen
    10. Mantaic Revisited
    11. Weasand of Cados Revisted
    12. Nordopolica Revisited
    13. Dahngrest Revisited Again
    14. The Manor of the Wicked
    15. Mt. Temza
    16. Phaeroh's Crag
    17. Aspio Revisited
    18. Renansula Hollow
    19. Egothor Forest
    20. Myorzo
    21. Yormgen Revisited
    22. Baction
    23. Heracles
    24. Zopheir
    25. Zaphias Revisited
    26. Zaude
  4. Walkthrough: Arc III
    1. Zaphias Revisited Again
    2. Aspio Revisited Again
    3. Dahngrest Revisited Yet Again
    4. Zopheir Revisited
    5. Nordopolica Revisited Again
    6. Phaeroh's Crag Revisited
    7. Ereaulmen Crystallands
    8. Relewiese Hollow
    9. Capua Nor & Atherum Revisited
    10. Aurnion
    11. Endgame
    12. Tarqaron
  5. Walkthrough: Postgame
    1. Remaining Side Quests
    2. Labyrinth of Memories
    3. Nordopolica Coliseum
    4. Necropolis of Nostalgia
    5. Tarqaron Revisited
  6. Grade
    1. Grade Shop
    2. How To Farm Grade
  7. Miscellaneous Gameplay & Mechanics
    1. Fatal Strikes
    2. Over Limit
    3. Burst Artes
    4. Sorcerer's Ring
    5. Weapon Skills & Skill Symbols
    6. Search Points
    7. Difficulty Settings
    8. Cooking Recipes
  8. Mystic Artes
    1. Yuri's Mystic Artes
    2. Estelle's Mystic Artes
    3. Repede's Mystic Artes
    4. Karol's Mystic Artes
    5. Rita's Mystic Artes
    6. Raven's Mystic Artes
    7. Judith's Mystic Artes
    8. Patty's Mystic Arte
    9. Flynn's Mystic Artes
    10. Yuri & Flynn's Dual Mystic Arte
  9. Altered Artes
    1. Yuri's Altered Artes
    2. Estelle's Altered Artes
    3. Repede's Altered Artes
    4. Karol's Altered Artes
    5. Rita's Altered Artes
    6. Raven's Altered Artes
    7. Judith's Altered Artes
    8. Patty's Altered Artes
    9. Flynn's Altered Artes
  10. Titles
    1. Yuri's Titles
    2. Estelle's Titles
    3. Repede's Titles
    4. Karol's Titles
    5. Rita's Titles
    6. Raven's Titles
    7. Judith's Titles
    8. Patty's Titles
    9. Flynn's Titles
  11. Collector's Book
    1. Items
    2. Main Weapons
    3. Sub Weapons
    4. Head Armor
    5. Body Armor
    6. Accessories
    7. Food
    8. Synthesis Materials
    9. Valuables
  12. Monster Book
    1. Human Type
    2. Beast Type
    3. Bird Type
    4. Magic Type
    5. Plant Type
    6. Aquatic Type
    7. Insect Type
    8. Inorganic Type
    9. Scale Type
  13. Achievements
  14. Closing
    1. FAQs
    2. Version History
    3. Legal
    4. Credits


Hello! And welcome to my full, in depth FAQ/Walkthrough of Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition!

What should you expect from this FAQ/Walkthrough?

The purpose of this FAQ/Walkthrough is to help the player get the most out of their time playing Tales of Vespera Definitive Edition. By following this FAQ/Walkthrough, you will complete every Side Quest as you progress through the story. However, if you have no interest in completing Side Quests and only wish to complete the story in a timely manner, every Side Quest will be clearly marked, making it easy to skip if it is your wish to do so.

For the most part, I will not be covering random encounters in this FAQ/Walkthrough. I will occasionally warn you about particularly dangerous enemies you may find yourself dealing with in certain areas. Also, I will usually not tell you when or where to buy equipment. I will leave that up to you. I will sometimes recommend updating equipment if a difficult boss battle is coming.

This FAQ/Walkthrough will largely be spoiler free. Bosses that come unexpectedly and are a source of spoilers will have their names wrapped in spoiler tags. Any other spoilers will be marked. So if this is your first time through the game, you have nothing to worry about. If you have already played the game, or are going to be annoyed by the spoiler tags, then I recommend that you change your GameFAQs settings so that spoiler tags are ignored.

Now enough of all that. Let's begin.