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by MaiShinobimasu

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Guide and Walkthrough by MaiShinobimasu

Version: 3.5 | Updated: 10/26/2021
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2019 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough: Arc I
    1. Zaphias
    2. Deidon Hold
    3. Quoi Woods
    4. Halure
    5. Aspio
    6. Shaikos Ruins
    7. Halure Revisited
    8. Ehmead Hill
    9. Capua Nor
    10. Magistrate's Palace
    11. Capua Torim
    12. Caer Bocram
    13. Heliord
    14. Dahngrest
    15. Keiv Moc
    16. Underpass
    17. Ghasfarost
  3. Walkthrough: Arc II
    1. Dahngrest Revisited
    2. Heliord Revisited
    3. Capua Torim Revisited
    4. Atherum
    5. Nordopolica
    6. Weasand of Cados
    7. Mantaic
    8. Kogorh
    9. Yormgen
    10. Mantaic Revisited
    11. Weasand of Cados Revisted
    12. Nordopolica Revisited
    13. Dahngrest Revisited Again
    14. The Manor of the Wicked
    15. Mt. Temza
    16. Phaeroh's Crag
    17. Aspio Revisited
    18. Renansula Hollow
    19. Egothor Forest
    20. Myorzo
    21. Yormgen Revisited
    22. Baction
    23. Heracles
    24. Zopheir
    25. Zaphias Revisited
    26. Zaude
  4. Walkthrough: Arc III
    1. Zaphias Revisited Again
    2. Aspio Revisited Again
    3. Dahngrest Revisited Yet Again
    4. Zopheir Revisited
    5. Nordopolica Revisited Again
    6. Phaeroh's Crag Revisited
    7. Ereaulmen Crystallands
    8. Relewiese Hollow
    9. Capua Nor & Atherum Revisited
    10. Aurnion
    11. Endgame
    12. Tarqaron
  5. Walkthrough: Postgame
    1. Remaining Side Quests
    2. Labyrinth of Memories
    3. Nordopolica Coliseum
    4. Necropolis of Nostalgia
    5. Tarqaron Revisited
  6. Grade
    1. Grade Shop
    2. How To Farm Grade
  7. Miscellaneous Gameplay & Mechanics
    1. Fatal Strikes
    2. Over Limit
    3. Burst Artes
    4. Sorcerer's Ring
    5. Weapon Skills & Skill Symbols
    6. Search Points
    7. Difficulty Settings
    8. Cooking Recipes
  8. Altered Artes
    1. Yuri's Altered Artes
    2. Estelle's Altered Artes
    3. Repede's Altered Artes
    4. Karol's Altered Artes
    5. Rita's Altered Artes
    6. Raven's Altered Artes
    7. Judith's Altered Artes
    8. Patty's Altered Artes
    9. Flynn's Altered Artes
  9. Mystic Artes
    1. Yuri's Mystic Artes
    2. Estelle's Mystic Artes
    3. Repede's Mystic Artes
    4. Karol's Mystic Artes
    5. Rita's Mystic Artes
    6. Raven's Mystic Artes
    7. Judith's Mystic Artes
    8. Patty's Mystic Arte
    9. Flynn's Mystic Artes
    10. Yuri & Flynn's Dual Mystic Arte
  10. Titles
    1. Yuri's Titles
    2. Estelle's Titles
    3. Repede's Titles
    4. Karol's Titles
    5. Rita's Titles
    6. Raven's Titles
    7. Judith's Titles
    8. Patty's Titles
    9. Flynn's Titles
  11. Collector's Book
    1. Items
    2. Main Weapons
    3. Sub Weapons
    4. Head Armor
    5. Body Armor
    6. Accessories
    7. Food
    8. Synthesis Materials
    9. Valuables
  12. Monster Book
    1. Human Type
    2. Beast Type
    3. Bird Type
    4. Magic Type
    5. Plant Type
    6. Aquatic Type
    7. Insect Type
    8. Inorganic Type
    9. Scale Type
  13. Achievements
  14. Closing
    1. FAQs
    2. Version History
    3. Legal
    4. Credits



The following is a list of questions that I frequently or anticipate frequently receiving. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact me on GameFAQs.

Q. Why can't I get <INSERT CHARACTER'S NAME HERE>'s Mystic Arte to work?!

A. I invite you to check. Then double check. Then triple check that character's activation conditions for their Mystic Arte. Most importantly. Make sure the 'Special' skill is equipped and that you are HOLDING THE CORRECT BUTTONS TO ACTIVATE THE MYSTIC ARTE. Several require holding multiple buttons to be held to activate them.

Q. Why didn't the cutscene to obtain the Brionac activate in Caer Bocram?!

A. I have already stressed this in the walkthrough, but I can't stress it enough. The Brionac quest is very, very, VERY picky. There have been times where I was playing through the game, following all of the steps exactly as required, and the cutscene at the end didn't activate. But then I reloaded my back up save before beginning the string of side quests in Aurnion, repeated the steps, and it worked. THIS IS WHY I HIGHLY SUGGEST THATYOU CREATE A BACK UP SAVE BEFORE BEGINNING THE STRING OF SIDE QUESTS IN AURNION.

Q. Why am I only doing 1 damage to all the enemies?!

A. Check your Weapon Skills and turn off 'Half Damage,' 'Quarter Damage,' and 'Minimum Damage.'

Q. Why does my TP drop every time I do a normal attack?!

A. Check your Weapon Skills and turn off 'Rise Attack.'

Q. I can't beat <INSERT BOSS NAME HERE>! Your strategy isn't working!

A. My strategy is just that. A strategy. And your mileage may vary. This is a very complex game and there are many different ways to approach fights. The strategy I listed is merely my own that I am offering as a suggestion.

If my strategy isn't working for you, experiment. What is going wrong in the fight? Casters not getting the chance to cast? Your melee fighters getting stomped? Are your AI partners helping or just being dead weight? Find the problem. Then go to the Strategy Settings and try to adjust your partners' AI accordingly. Also shut off all of an AI partners' Artes except the ones you specifically want them to use and will help you with the specific boss you're stuck on. For example, if you are stuck on a boss weak to water, shut off all of Rita's Artes except Artes that are water element. Also don't forget to use cooking to your advantage. Cooking can provide huge stat boosts to your offense, defense, and agility.

Q. I can't complete the <INSERT SECRET MISSION HERE> against that boss!

A. I understand that many of the Secret Missions can be incredibly difficult. And some flat out require luck, as well as trial and error. If you want to make it easier for yourself, try lowering the difficulty. If that is not something you want to do, then you are going to have to tough it out and keep trying. Sorry. I've already given the best tips I have for each Secret Mission during the walkthrough. Believe me. I know your pain. I already stated during one particular fight that it took me dozens of tries. And that was when I already knew exactly what to do.

Q. I can't get this Side Quest to activate/continue! Can I still do it?!

A. Unfortunately, Tales of Vesperia is notorious for not only having a huge amount of Side Quests, but very strict windows in order to clear them. If you are in the right place, or talking to the right person and nothing is happening, then you have likely missed the Side Quest forever and will not have another chance until your next playthrough. However, by following my guide, this shouldn't be a problem to begin with. As all available Side Quests are always listed as soon as they are available. The responsibility for taking care of those Side Quests falls on you alone. I strongly recommend always doing Side Quests immediately unless they are either related to cooking, or if I specifically say there is no time limit for the Side Quest in question.

Q. I need the Endless Heart weapon to fill the missing entries in my Collector's Book, but Heliord isn't selling it!

A. I make it very clear during my walkthrough that Endless Heart is only available for a short time frame in Heliord. If you care about the Collector's Book, you should ALWAYS make buying this weapon on your first visit to Heliord your number one priority. If it's no longer there, I'm sorry. There's no other way to obtain it on your current play through. You'll have to wait until New Game +.

Q. Why can't I watch Skits during New Game +?!

A. Skits that have been viewed cannot be viewed a second time. The Skits you have viewed is tied to your 'Records.' If you wish to watch Skits on New Game +, do not carry over your 'Records' when given the option in the Grade Shop.

Q. Why don't you have a Side Quest section?

A. This walkthrough assumes you are following it from the very beginning, and thus the Side Quests are interwoven into the actual walkthrough rather than segregated into a separate section. Also, most Side Quests in this game are missable. So if you play through all the way to the end of the game and expect to check a Side Quest section for where all the Side Quests are, I have bad news for you. It is for these reasons that I have no plans to make a section dedicated solely to the Side Quests.

Q. Is this walkthrough compatible with the Xbox 360 version of Tales of Vesperia?

A. No. This guide is specifically meant to cover the content in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The Xbox 360 version of Tales of Vesperia is considered the 'vanilla' version. This version has many new boss fights, areas, playable characters, and Side Quests. The differences between the Xbox 360 version and this one are too vast to be compatible.

Q. How can I translate the Playstation 3 version into English?

A. I will not discuss, encourage, or endorse unofficial patches or mods. Please support the official release so we can continue to see more of these kinds of games released in the West.

Q. Can I host your FAQ/Walkthrough on my website?

A. No. This FAQ/Walkthrough is only allowed to be hosted on GameFAQs. There will be no exceptions.

Q. Your walkthrough sucks. <INSERT WALKTHROUGH HERE> is better. Go kill yourself. I hate you.

A. Get in line. (I'm just having a little fun now. Work with me. I think making this FAQ/Walkthrough broke me a little.) But seriously. If you don't like my walkthrough, no one is forcing you to use it.

Version History

Version 3.5 - No version change. Added a personal message to the opening section of the guide.

Version 3.5 - General maintenance.

Version 3.4 - General maintenance.

Version 3.3 - Updated 'Capua Torim Revisited' with specific party member locations.

Version 3.2 - Minor adjustment to the 'Necropolis of Nostalgia' for a typo and clarity.

Version 3.1 - Image links for the maps in 'Labyrinth of Memories' and 'Necropolis of Nostalgia' updated so that they do not possess water marks anymore.

Version 3.0 - Revisions made to the 'Collector's Book.' Specifically, all of the items found in the 'Necropolis of Nostalgia.' Various maintenance.

Version 2.9 - Revised the 'Collector's Book' and 'Monster Book' Side Quests with more details. Added reminders for finishing these two Side Quests to 'Tarquaron Revisited.' Revised the 'King of Adventure: Final' Side Quest with more details. Added a reminder for this Side Quest to the 'Necropolis of Nostalgia.' Various maintenance.

Version 2.8 - Minor adjustments to 'Rita's Mystic Artes.' Various maintenance.

Version 2.7 - Minor adjustments made to the 'Achievements,' 'Over Limit,' and 'Grade' sections. Updated the 'Burst Artes' section with special condition Burst Artes. Various maintenance.

Version 2.6 - Adjusted the 'Grade Shop' and 'Necropolis of Nostalgia.' Various maintenance.

Version 2.5 - The Collector's Book and TItles sections are no longer considered to be in construction. Guide is now considered 'Complete.'

Version 2.4 - Revised 'Tarqaron Revisted' for localization accuracy. Edited 'Border Repede' with more details. Revised 'Titles' for localization accuracy. The 'Monster Book' is no longer considered under construction. Various maintenance.

Version 2.3 - Further revised the 'Nordopolica Coliseum' section. Greatly expanded on the 'Necropolis of Nostalgia.' Revised the map for the 'Necropolis of Nostalgia' for accuracy. Revised everyone's Titles for localization accuracy. Revised the 'King of Adventure: Final' Side Quest with more details. Revised 'Border Repede' with more details. Revised 'Titles' for localization accuracy. Various maintenance.

Version 2.2 - Revised the 'Nordopolica Coliseum' section with more in-depth coverage of Team Battles. Added missing Altered Artes to 'Raven's Altered Artes.' Various maintenance.

Version 2.1 - Revised the 'Nordopolica Coliseum' section with more in-depth coverage of the Singles Battles. Revised the 'Sicily: Final' Side Quest with more details. Revised everyone's 'Altered Artes' for localization accuracy. Revised everyone's 'Titles' for localization accuracy. The 'Altered Artes' section is no longer considered under construction. Various maintenance.

Version 2.0 - Edited 'Tarqaron,' 'Remaining Side Quests,' and 'Labyrinth of Memories' for readability and localization accuracy. Corrected mistakes regarding the map of the 'Labyrinth of Memories.' Added a missing chest to 'Tarqaron.' Expanded on 'Fell Arms: Part 8' with specific directions. Corrected details regarding the Fatal Strike requirements of the 'Dragon's Race' Side Quest. Edited Judith's, Flynn's and Yuri's 'Mystic Artes' for localization accuracy. Edited everyone's 'Altered Artes' for localization accuracy. Edited everyone's 'Titles' for localization accuracy. Various edits with expanded details on Side Quests across the entire guide. The 'Mystic Artes' section is no longer considered under construction. Guide no longer considered to be in early access. Various maintenance.

Version 1.9 - Edited the rest of 'Endgame' for readability and localization accuracy. Renamed two Side Quests to 'Karol and Nan: Part 1' and 'Karol and Nan: Final.' Changed the 'Letter of Challenge (H. Blades 2)' Side Quest to 'Letter of Challenge (Clint).' Changed two entries in the 'Monster Book' for localization accuracy. Fixed an error in 'Necropolis of Nostalgia.' Corrected an error in the 'Cooking Recipes' section. Deleted a 'Miscellaneous' Side Quest that I once thought existed but . . . apparently doesn't. Various maintenance.

Version 1.8 - Edited 'Renansula Hollow,' 'Capua Nor & Atherum Revisited,' 'Aurnion,' and part of 'Endgame' for readability and localization accuracy. Edited everyone's Titles for localization accuracy. Edited 'Patty's Altered Artes' for localization accuracy. Changed the 'Ristelle' Side Quest to 'Friends Forever: Part 1.' Changed 'Friends Forever' to 'Friends Forever: Final.' Edited Karol's 'Mystic Artes' for localization accuracy. Edited Flynn's 'Altered Artes' and 'Mystic Artes' for localization accuracy. Edited the 'Shining Star,' Hermes,' and 'Drake' Side Quests in 'Aurnion' for accuracy. Corrected and expanded on the 'Head-turner' Side Quest. Corrected a mistake regarding the title of the 'Rebuilding The Union' Side Quest. Changed the 'Abyssal Hollow' Side Quest to 'Sunken Grotto.' Various maintenance.

Version 1.7 - Edited 'Mt. Temza,' 'Phaeroh's Crag,' 'Aspio Revisited,' 'Egothor Forest,' 'Myorzo,' Yormgen Revisited,' 'Baction,' 'Zopheir,' 'Zaphias Revisited,' 'Zaude', 'Zaphias Revisited Again,' Aspio Revisited Again,' Dahngrest Revisited Yet Again,' 'Zopheir Revisited,' 'Phaeroh's Crag Revisited,' Eraulmen Crystallands,' and 'Relewiese Hollow' for readability and localization accuracy. Renamed 'Lenanthra Hollow' to Renansula Hollow.' Updated 'Baction' and 'Underpass' with new chest locations. Renamed the 'Waiter/Waitress' Side Quest to 'Waiter, There's A Blastia Core In My Soup.' Updated Patty's Titles for localization accuracy. Corrected and expanded on the 'Ladies' Man' Side Quest. Edited Repede and Flynn's 'Titles' for localization accuracy. Changed the 'Dazzling Sword' Side Quest to 'Dazzling Spin.' Updated various 'Altered Artes' for localization accuracy. Changed the 'Bush Baby' Side Quest to 'Bush Baby Doll.' Edited and expanded on the 'Bush Baby Doll' Side Quest details. Renamed 'Miscellaneous (8)' to 'Ristelle.' Added a missing 'Altered Arte' to 'Raven's Altered Artes.' Corrected an error in the 'Dark Enforcer' Side Quest. Corrected an error in the 'Spirit Magic' Side Quest. Renamed the 'Irresistably Cute' Side Quest to 'Head-turner.' Changed the 'Relewiese Hollows' section to 'Relewiese Hollow.' Adjusted the numbers of the other 'Miscellaneous' Side Quests accordingly. Corrected a typo in 'Caer Bocram.' Various maintenance.

Version 1.6 - Edited 'Kogorh,' 'Mantaic Revisited,' 'Weasand of Cados Revisited,' 'Nordopolica Revisited, 'Dahngrest Revisited Again,' and 'The Manor of the Wicked' sections for readability and localization accuracy. Changed the 'Antlion' Side Quest to 'Ant Lion Man.' Edited 'Patty's Titles' for localization accuracy. Edited the 'Karol's Dream: Final' Side Quest with important information. Edited the 'Heliord Revisited' section accordingly. Relocated the 'Shining Aegis' Side Quest to 'Zaphias Revisited' and renamed it 'Dazzling Sword.' Renamed 'Gift of Bread' Side Quest to 'Growing Up Friends.' Edited various Altered Artes in the 'Altered Artes' section for localization accuracy. Corrected an error in the 'Fatal Strikes' section. Various maintenance.

Version 1.5 - Edited 'Atherum,' 'Nordopolica,' 'Weasand of Cados,' 'Mantaic,' and 'Kogorh' for readability and localization accuracy. Edited the 'Collector's Book' and 'Patty's Titles' for localization accuracy. Renamed a 'Miscellaneous' Side Quest to 'Hatchet' Side Quest. Various maintenance.

Version 1.4 - Minor revisions to 'Keiv Moc.' Removed 'Learn Dog Food Recipe' Side Quest from 'Quoi Woods.' Edited the 'Underpass,' 'Ghasfarost,' 'Dahngrest Revisited,' and 'Heliord Revisited' sections for accuracy and readability. Heavily edited the Side Quests and Side Quest order in 'Capua Torim Revisited.' Updated various 'Titles' sections. Edited some of Flynn's Titles for localization accuracy. Various maintenance.

Version 1.3 - Edited the 'Shaikos Ruins' section in 'Arc I' for accuracy and readability. Edited 'Halure Revisited' with slightly more information. Edited 'Ehmead Hill' for readability. Edited the 'Capua Nor' and 'Ragou's Mansion' sections for accuracy. Corrected a major typo in 'Ragou's Mansion.' Changed 'Ragou's Mansion' to 'Magistrate's Palace.' Very heavily edited 'Capua Torim' for accuracy. Edited 'Heliord' and 'Dahngrest' for accuracy. Made corrections to various Side Quests. Various maintenance.

Version 1.2 - Edited the 'Halure' and 'Aspio' sections in 'Arc I' for accuracy and formatting. Various maintenance.

Version 1.1 - Edited the 'Zaphias,' 'Deidon Hold,' and 'Quoi Woods' sections in 'Arc I' for accuracy. Corrected an error in the 'Credits' section. Corrected an error in the 'Achievements' section. Corrected an error in the 'Legal' section. Various maintenance.

Version 1.0 - Initial publication of HTML FAQ/Walkthrough of Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition.


Copyright © 2019-2021 MaiShinobimasu

This FAQ/Walkthrough may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Do not contact me for permission to host my FAQ/Walkthrough on your website. You will not receive it. Permission to host this FAQ/Walkthrough is given only to GameFAQs/Gamespot. I reserve the right to revoke this permission and remove this FAQ/Walkthrough from GameFAQs/Gamespot at any time with no reason.given.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


First, I would like to thank 'Aselia, the Tales Wiki,' for always being a constant and reliable source for information related not only to Tales of Vesperia, but any Tales game imaginable. And also special thanks for the inspiration for the formatting style of the Titles section.


I would also like to thank Nakar Gabab and Arnatuile for their fantastic map of the Labyrinth of Memories.


Thank you to Kurt, who created this map for the Necropolis of Nostalgia.


And last, but not least. I'd like to extend my gratitude to you. The reader. For taking the time to look at my walkthrough. I hope it was satisfactory for you.