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by Asbel__Lhant

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Asbel__Lhant

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 02/15/19

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough: Arc I
    1. Zaphias
    2. Deidon Hold
    3. Quoi Woods
    4. Halure
    5. Aspio
    6. Shaikos Ruins
    7. Halure Revisited
    8. Ehmead Hill
    9. Capua Nor
    10. Magistrate's Palace
    11. Capua Torim
    12. Caer Bocram
    13. Heliord
    14. Dahngrest
    15. Keiv Moc
    16. Underpass
    17. Ghasfarost
  3. Walkthrough: Arc II
    1. Dahngrest Revisited
    2. Heliord Revisited
    3. Capua Torim Revisited
    4. Atherum
    5. Nordopolica
    6. Weasand of Cados
    7. Mantaic
    8. Kogorh
    9. Yormgen
    10. Mantaic Revisited
    11. Weasand of Cados Revisted
    12. Nordopolica Revisited
    13. Dahngrest Revisited Again
    14. The Manor of the Wicked
    15. Mt. Temza
    16. Phaeroh's Crag
    17. Aspio Revisited
    18. Renansula Hollow
    19. Egothor Forest
    20. Myorzo
    21. Yormgen Revisited
    22. Baction
    23. Heracles
    24. Zopheir
    25. Zaphias Revisited
    26. Zaude
  4. Walkthrough: Arc III
    1. Zaphias Revisited Again
    2. Aspio Revisited Again
    3. Dahngrest Revisited Yet Again
    4. Zopheir Revisited
    5. Nordopolica Revisited Again
    6. Phaeroh's Crag Revisited
    7. Ereaulmen Crystallands
    8. Relewiese Hollow
    9. Capua Nor & Atherum Revisited
    10. Aurnion
    11. Endgame
    12. Tarqaron
  5. Walkthrough: Postgame
    1. Remaining Side Quests
    2. Labyrinth of Memories
    3. Nordopolica Coliseum
    4. Necropolis of Nostalgia
    5. Tarqaron Revisited
  6. Grade
    1. Grade Shop
    2. How To Farm Grade
  7. Miscellaneous Gameplay & Mechanics
    1. Fatal Strikes
    2. Over Limit
    3. Burst Artes
    4. Sorcerer's Ring
    5. Weapon Skills & Skill Symbols
    6. Search Points
    7. Difficulty Settings
    8. Cooking Recipes
  8. Mystic Artes
    1. Yuri's Mystic Artes
    2. Estelle's Mystic Artes
    3. Repede's Mystic Artes
    4. Karol's Mystic Artes
    5. Rita's Mystic Artes
    6. Raven's Mystic Artes
    7. Judith's Mystic Artes
    8. Patty's Mystic Arte
    9. Flynn's Mystic Artes
    10. Yuri & Flynn's Dual Mystic Arte
  9. Altered Artes
    1. Yuri's Altered Artes
    2. Estelle's Altered Artes
    3. Repede's Altered Artes
    4. Karol's Altered Artes
    5. Rita's Altered Artes
    6. Raven's Altered Artes
    7. Judith's Altered Artes
    8. Patty's Altered Artes
    9. Flynn's Altered Artes
  10. Titles
    1. Yuri's Titles
    2. Estelle's Titles
    3. Repede's Titles
    4. Karol's Titles
    5. Rita's Titles
    6. Raven's Titles
    7. Judith's Titles
    8. Patty's Titles
    9. Flynn's Titles
  11. Collector's Book
    1. Items
    2. Main Weapons
    3. Sub Weapons
    4. Head Armor
    5. Body Armor
    6. Accessories
    7. Food
    8. Synthesis Materials
    9. Valuables
  12. Monster Book
    1. Human Type
    2. Beast Type
    3. Bird Type
    4. Magic Type
    5. Plant Type
    6. Aquatic Type
    7. Insect Type
    8. Inorganic Type
    9. Scale Type
  13. Achievements
  14. Closing
    1. FAQs
    2. Version History
    3. Legal
    4. Credits


Due to the sheer amount of spoilers in this section, spoilers will not be marked. I strongly suggest completing the main story before looking at this section to avoid heavy spoilers.

AchievementHow To Obtain
Ahhh, MemoriesComplete the Labyrinth of Memories.
Back Up PlanTouch every save point in the game.
Big Game GreenhornDefeat a Giganto monster.
Big Game HunterDefeat every Giganto monster.
Bunny Guild MemberEquip the Bunny Ears Attachment on Yuri, Estelle, Rita, and Judith for 5 consecutive hours. Any situation which breaks the party up, or causes one of them to leave will reset the timer.
Character StudyView every skit in the game. Much easier to obtain by using the Grade Shop to unlock all skits, and then viewing them at Nam Cobanda Isle.
Defeated The AdephagosComplete Arc III of the story.
Ended Alexei's AmbitionsCompleted Arc II of the story.
Eureka!Synthesize for the first time.
First StrikePerform a Fatal Strike.
Grand BattlesDefeat 1000 enemies.
Item NerdComplete the Collector's Book.
JackpotPossess over 100,000 casino chips at once (not accumulative).
Little Mad ScientistSynthesize 20 items.
Low Level ChallengerComplete Arc I of the story below level 15.
Map NerdUncover the entire World Map.
Monster NerdUse a Magic Lens on every enemy in the game.
No More GrindingRaise one character's level to 200.
Nostalgia is OverratedClear the Necropolis of Nostalgia.
PiggybankPossess over 10,000,000 Gald at once (not accumulative).
Pro BoarderComplete Course 1 of Boarder Repede in less than 40 seconds.
Recovered The Aque BlastiaComplete Arc I of the story.
Secret Mission 1Defeat Zagi while keeping damage to Estelle to a minimum.
Secret Mission 2Knock down Goliath by hitting his weak point while he charges his X-Buster.
Secret Mission 3Knock down Gattuso while it is stunned with a billybally flower.
Secret Mission 4Knock Zagi overboard.
Secret Mission 5Knock down the Dreaded Giant while he has his front legs raised.
Secret Mission 6Strike Gigalarva with Raven's Serpent Arte when it tries to heal.
Secret Mission 7Destroy the bridge supports and cut off the reinforcements while fighting Barbatos.
Secret Mission 8Knock down the Cursed Wanderer while he is reloading his revolver.
Secret Mission 9Hit Zagi with magic Artes.
Secret Mission 10Destroy the Leader Bat after Pteropus splits up.
Secret Mission 11Destroy the Outbreaker's sphere.
Secret Mission 12When Belius splits up, light the torches with fire attacks.
Secret Mission 13Knock Tison and Nan down after they get their weapons stuck in the ground.
Secret Mission 14Knock Schwann down after he uses his Mystic Arte.
Secret Mission 15Use Karol's Nice Recovery Smash to heal Zagi after he poisons himself.
Secret Mission 16Strike Baitojoh's fin three times when it is swimming underground.
Secret Mission 17Use Mother's Momento while fighting Estelle alone with Yuri.
Secret Mission 18During the second phase of the battle with Yeager, break his guard, and strike him with Raven's Rain Arte.
Secret Mission 19Knock Alexei down after he uses his Mystic Arte.
Secret Mission 20Use the Maris Stella while battling the Cursed Wanderer.
Secret Mission 21Knock Gusios down after he rears back on his back legs.
Secret Mission 22Knock Khroma Dragon down after she uses her Earthquake attack.
Secret Mission 23Allow Flynn to use all of his Artes.
Secret Mission 24Knock Zagi down after he uses Blastia Bane.
Secret Mission 25Defeat Duke with a Mystic Arte during his second phase.
Smarty-pantsGet a perfect score on the Tales Quiz.
SpeedsterComplete Arc III of the story in less than 15 hours.
The Hit That Keeps On HittingPerform a combo of over 150 hits.
They Call Me . . .Obtain all Titles.
To Points UnknownWalk, fly, or sail over 50,000 km.
Too Much Free TimePlay for over 100 hours.
Vesperia MasterObtain all other trophies (PS4 only).