Why is my Attack Power Stuck at 3?

  1. So I have 5 Battle Memories, I used them, but my Attack Power still says 3. Is that normal?

    User Info: Taiyoh

    Taiyoh - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Once you've used the memories, did you get their respective remnants in your inventory?

    User Info: FavaBeans

    FavaBeans - 1 month ago 4   2


  1. Did you use cheats? They're known for causing that.

    User Info: Maiagare

    Maiagare - 1 month ago 3   9
  2. Cheats? There are cheat codes for this game?

    User Info: Taiyoh

    Taiyoh - 1 month ago
  3. Have you been using the Prayer Beads? They give you a more noticeable boost in power.

    User Info: NanuNanu14

    NanuNanu14 - 1 month ago 0   23
  4. No, they don't.

    User Info: HighOnSolar

    HighOnSolar - 1 month ago
  5. Seriously ... maybe you have to kill the right bosses to upgrade your attack ? Like the last 2 times ? You have already done it before

    User Info: JerryJealously

    JerryJealously - 1 month ago
  6. No they don't. Prayer beads only help your vitality and posture.

    User Info: Redeyed4291

    Redeyed4291 - 1 month ago

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