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  1. I know it's usually not that big of a deal, and it's up to preference in terms of PC vs Consoles, and each has it's own advantages, but it is basically a dealbreaker in terms of skill based game like sekiro ?

    Does PC give just too much advantage in terms of FPS and loading times to ignore it ? I would love to play it now, but I bought version for PS4 and I've heard some bad things about the performance on PS4 Pro

    User Info: TheMiziko

    TheMiziko - 3 weeks ago


  1. The load times only exist because you have to press a buttton to proceed, otherwise they're non-existent. FPS is capped at 60 but it never dips from that.

    This is of course if you have at least a semi modern PC. I would say that Medium settings are comparable to PS4 Pro or XBoneX.

    So being able to max those settings, no load times and 60 fps is possible.

    However, the game is excellent by its own merit and should be enjoyable on any system.

    User Info: Nemesis347

    Nemesis347 - 3 weeks ago 10   2
  2. A mod that is relatively bug free was just released that removed the cap.

    User Info: squall567

    squall567 - 3 weeks ago

  3. Check digital foundry's performance video about Sekiro. You'll see that there are frame issues with base PS4 and Xbox models. And the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X performance is smooth they still dont reach 60 fps. If these things bother you, might as well get it on pc.

    Btw the stutter issue has existed will all souls game, so I highly doubt they would be able to patch it out on the console versions.

    User Info: Ennuii

    Ennuii - 3 weeks ago 10   2

  4. If you have a modern PC it'll always have faster load times than console. With that being said if there's a problem with the fps then they'll fix it soon, especially since it just launched so don't feel bad about it.

    User Info: whiteheartx

    whiteheartx - 3 weeks ago 5   2

  5. I haven't had any issues on my Pro playing the game. There are some load times, but it isn't anything like the Bloodborne release week ones. I have a pretty nice PC, but just decided to get the PS4 version so I could get the statue. From my experience with From games, they have all ran great both on console and PC (after the Dark Souls debacle).

    User Info: trickyfish

    trickyfish - 3 weeks ago 2   1

  6. I have it on PC. It is locked at 60 fps. Look at a Digital Foundry version to see if there is differences graphically. Considering how the console only video looked it seems PC is better in visuals again. It runs like butter for me but I have an I7 7700k w/ RTX 2060.

    User Info: Soapy_Papoose

    Soapy_Papoose - 3 weeks ago 4   3

  7. Pc players get mods, faster loading times, improved graphics and higher fps, this game lacks mp so don't have to worry about any player base.

    User Info: Zaeem

    Zaeem - 4 hours ago 0   0

  8. PC is better thanks to Sekiro's mods on Nexus

    User Info: OldPeopleSex

    OldPeopleSex - 5 days ago 0   1

  9. The PC version runs much smoother. They won't fix the console versions. Don't buy into that. They never have with any other game. They might be able to improve it....MAYBE, but fix

    User Info: evilashxero

    evilashxero - 3 days ago 0   1

  10. Well I originally bought it on PC because I have a good rig. But the lack of ps4 controller icons made me refund and just buy it on ps4 pro.

    If you're used to 60+fps then you'll notice right away on ps4 pro that it's not that smooth. It's smooth enough to play for sure, much better than what bloodbourne was like, but it really is a noticeable difference if you're coming from smooth 60+ fps gaming. It's pretty much only when moving the camera around a lot when you're running around. I don't notice any issues in fights, so that's a plus.

    But whenever I have these issues on ps4, if they're bad enough I'll just switch to PC and it almost always makes a world of difference. Like with Fallout 4. That game was unplayable for me on ps4 pro, but buttery smooth on my PC. MGSV was playable, but still a huge difference going over to PC that made me not want to go back to console. But Sekiro isn't bad enough for me to care. Maybe if ps4 icons come in a patch I'll get it again on PC (and during a sale later on).

    Keep in mind this is on a 4k tv with HDR enabled. Not sure if the game is ps4 pro enhanced, but it does have an option for HDR, so that alone will slightly impact performance. I haven't played with HDR turned off, but I know for example on RDR2 it makes a slight improvement to performance (and actually looks better).

    User Info: ahiltenhulta

    ahiltenhulta - 3 weeks ago 3   6

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