If BD1 is on your back the whole game, why can't he just hit you in the back with a stim?

  1. This BS of the droid tossing a stim and have to stick yourself is a bunch o' crap, eh?

    User Info: OddHeritor65

    OddHeritor65 - 6 days ago


  1. Needles make him nervous.

    User Info: Llamachama

    Llamachama - 5 days ago 0   0
  2. I'm sure it's for "cool" looking reasons, the only thing about it that annoys me is the time it takes since a lot of times I need healing it's in a quick spot b/t hits by an enemy and the animation CAN be broken if the next hit comes before the animation is done...

    User Info: Viper5783

    Viper5783 - 4 days ago 0   0
  3. To be honest, I never questioned it until you pointed it out. I figure it's because the stims are located in a tray on his head, and his feet can't reach them, but that leads to how much space they take up in his head leaving little room for electronics. Questions within questions.

    User Info: unk

    unk - 4 days ago 0   0

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