Where to get Kashyyyk databank entry flora and fauna #3?

  1. All I am missing from Kashyyyk is the databank entry flora and fauna #3. I have all other databank entries, 100% exploration, all chests, and all secrets, but I missed this one entry.

    User Info: Nenoru

    Nenoru - 2 months ago


  1. Its the Wyyyschokk Eggs, I believe it's in the Shadowlands area of the map before you get to the Abandoned Village.

    On that note I wouldn't mind some help filling out my own Databanks.
    I'm currently missing Kashyyyk Flora and Fauna #1, Zeffo Villagers #7, The Creature #2(on Bogano), and Quest Chapter 2 #3.

    User Info: commshep12

    commshep12 - 2 months ago 1   1
  2. Kashyyyk Flora and Fauna #1 is the Tach, which is monkey like creature. I believe you can find one in the gnarled heights section of the origin tree. It is just sitting on a branch of the tree, you can walk up to it and scan it.

    Zeffo Villagers #7 is Hideout, but I don't remember where it is.

    The Creature #2 is one I had to look up. Go to the uppermost level of the great divide and you will see a chair on the edge of the cliff facing the Binog. You have to stand to the left of the chair and face towards the Binog and keep looking that way for 5 seconds or so before the prompt to scan the Binog becomes available.

    Quest Chapter 2 #3 is on Dathomir. It is part of the story on that planet. You will get while you are making your way through the planet. It is in chapter 2 because you can go there early, but you can't continue beyond the point you unlock this databank entry until you get more powers.

    Thank you for answering my question. I will go back there and take a look.

    User Info: Nenoru

    Nenoru - 2 months ago
  3. Thanks! Also I was actually mistaken about the egg location, its in the very first area of the Origin Tree right after the long slip-n-slide segment from the Abandoned Village.

    Is there any chance the Hideout was somewhere in the Weathered Monument?

    User Info: commshep12

    commshep12 - 2 months ago
  4. Some of the databank entries are glitchy.. they just won't let you scan but if you leave the planet and then come back it'll sometimes work.. but that can be a lot of travelling if it's in a difficult to reach spot.

    User Info: dngn_rdr

    dngn_rdr - 2 months ago 1   1

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