I picked up the seed on Zeffo but the game wont allow me to plant it in the terrarium. Am I now locked out of the plat?

  1. Any help? What should I do?

    User Info: nq1911

    nq1911 - 2 weeks ago


  1. well there arent many options but i can give a few suggestions... but first I have to ask.... are you sure its not planted? Putting the seed in there doesnt mean you see the plant right away. It takes time to grow. What you should see is a little dirt mound. If youre sure its not there then continue reading...

    1. Start over. I know it sucks but you already know what to do up to the point youre at so things should go much faster. Put it on story mode up to the point you restarted since the difficulty doesnt matter to the Plat and youll cut through baddies like a hot lightsabre through Ewoks.

    2. Keep going and focus on getting the seeds first. Once youve got all the seeds the trophy will pop for collecting them all and you can continue knowing that youre one step closer to the Plat... If the seed trophy doesnt pop then go back to my first suggestion.

    3. Dont worry about the Plat. If youre enjoying the game the ending will make you forget about trophies and if youre not enjoying the game then... Why are you playing? There are plenty of good games you can be having fun with and working towards a Plat on those games instead.

    User Info: DnXiled

    DnXiled - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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