Underwater Chest in rash Site (Zeffo)?

  1. Zeffo - Venator Crash Site
    The area that looks like a circle within a broken circle on the map. Small island with a Jotaz guarding it.
    There is a chest underwater right as you enter this enclosed area. I've tried push/pull from every angle but it will not budge. Am I missing something?

    User Info: xSeekerofTruthx

    xSeekerofTruthx - 2 weeks ago


  1. Come back later. You cannot get it until after Chapter 4.

    In fact I recommend not trying to get chests at all until after Chapter 4 as finishing that part of the game ensures you have all tools and powers necessary to do everything in the game from there on.

    Too much stuff in this game is progress blocked early on to spend time stressing about it.

    User Info: JMordredDev

    JMordredDev - 2 weeks ago 4   5

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