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  • During the Minotaur quest, the accuracy trial's NPC can be asked about bribery, causing him to quip, "where's your sense of pride and accomplishment?" This is a poke at 2017's Battlefront II debacle, where, in a Reddit post, EA infamously used "pride and accomplishment" as a justification for the game's poor rewards system. That comment received over 660,000 downvotes, making it the most-downvoted remark in the site's history.

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Famous Quote

  • "We will be replaced by a new kind of order - control under the reign of a philosopher king. There would be a movement away from the old gods towards rational society, built in a kingdom by the people, for the people. And I must find someone to lead them. But I couldn't achieve any of this with the Cult and their chaotic regime. So I let them carry out their plans, and let the time of the Cult of Kosmos come to an end on its own."
    - Aspasia

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Connection to Other Media

  • The trophy name Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is from the name of the song from the electronic band Daft Punk, who are from France, where Assassins Creed Odyssey's publisher Ubisoft are also headquartered.

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