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  • During the Minotaur quest, the accuracy trial's NPC can be asked about bribery, causing him to quip, "where's your sense of pride and accomplishment?" This is a poke at 2017's Battlefront II debacle, where, in a Reddit post, EA infamously used "pride and accomplishment" as a justification for the game's poor rewards system. That comment received over 660,000 downvotes, making it the most-downvoted remark in the site's history.

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Famous Quote

  • "We will be replaced by a new kind of order - control under the reign of a philosopher king. There would be a movement away from the old gods towards rational society, built in a kingdom by the people, for the people. And I must find someone to lead them. But I couldn't achieve any of this with the Cult and their chaotic regime. So I let them carry out their plans, and let the time of the Cult of Kosmos come to an end on its own."
    - Aspasia

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