How do I get the Atlantis quest?

  1. how do I get the Atlantis quest on assassinscreedodyesau

    User Info: SteelOptician55

    SteelOptician55 - 8 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If you've purchased the DLC you need to manually download it from the store. From there, you have two options. Option 1 lets you play the DLC from the Main Menu, however none of the progress transfers over to your main game save. Option 2 is getting to the point in the game where it lets you play it. To do that, you have to have beaten all the mythical beasts and sealed Atlantis (ie. Complete that quest line). Then you will get a Lost Tales of Greece quest called "The Heir of Memories". Once you complete that you can start the Atlantis DLC proper.

    Otherwise you need to purchase it from the store then go from there.

    User Info: Bio1590

    Bio1590 - 8 months ago 1   0

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