Mallet Of Everlasting Flame engraving won't show up?

  1. So I just recruited for the second time the smoldering merc chick, I got her hammer both times, but the engraving doesn't exist outside of the weapon. Not even in the engraving list as greyed out. It literally does not exist, I can't put it on any weapons. And I'm PISSED. What the hell can I possibly do to fix this? My whole plan relies on this stupid nonexistent engraving. I can't update my game due to lack of internet. So yeah.....please help.

    User Info: Nightshaede

    Nightshaede - 9 months ago
  2. I guess two questions.

    1. Are you looking at the Weapon engraving list?
    2. Is this a second playthrough or NG+?

    User Info: Bio1590

    Bio1590 - 8 months ago
  3. I have the base game. No internet to update. And obviously I am looking at engravings. It can't be added to any equipment whatsoever and it doesn't even exist in the engraving list. I heard this is an uncommon bug. It's the only engraving that I don't have because it isn't even registered.

    User Info: Nightshaede

    Nightshaede - 8 months ago

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