I can't spar with roxana?

  1. So I haven't started the Call to arms quest and I can't spar with Roxana yet, even though I've followed the official strategy guide? I've tried to reload past saves a few times, sometimes talking to her before discovering the rest of the Obsidian Islands, sometimes with the Call to arms quest active. In my current save I have only done a conquest mission to make Sparta the leader of the islands, in which I killed Sokos of the Gods of the Agean sea section of a certain cult. Did I screw up??

    User Info: Dabeastmodel100

    Dabeastmodel100 - 10 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I could do the quest the other day just fine and didn't start "Call to Arms" at all.
    I also didn't change the leading faction.

    How far are you in your story? I didn't visit the islands before doing the main quests in Attika.
    Maybe the quest with Roxana is not active, yet?

    User Info: Externica

    Externica (Expert) - 10 months ago 0   0

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