Accepted Answer

  1. Time to take out The Dagger for Agapios.

    Support Quest: Blood and Water
    There is a sunken ship off the coast of Euboea that is believed to be from The Dagger, so you want to go investigate. You will find your contract upon a tall perch northeast of Eretria. She’s very paranoid that The Dagger is watching her and you talk. She will give you information on why this particular ship is important. The shipwreck is directly south of where you are standing, right next to the harbor.

    You will find the ship surrounded by sharks, and there are two treasure chests among the wreckage that you need to loot before returning to your contact. When you return, she’s being harassed by some soldiers, so you need to eliminate them.

    When you talk to her, she will say the dagger you picked up is a sacrificial dagger for Achilles, so The Dagger is probably located at an Achilles temple. You have the choice to give her 50 drachmae, or just let her go.

    Support Quest: Dagger to the Heart
    In Chalkis City, there is a theater of some importance, so you want to talk to the owner. Someone from The Dagger is exploiting the owners and their family, making them spread their agenda with the theater. The man wants you to kill him, while the woman wants you to talk to him, worrying about the moral implications of killing him. This means you’re gonna have to make a choice, so on your way to their house in the middle of the city, make a save, or just read ahead.

    So there is no way to not kill the man who is harassing them, trust me I tried. But two things. One, make sure to get the heck out of there when you kill him, as his family returns immediately and it is sad and your bounty will go up about three levels. Two, make sure to save before returning, as there are some different ways to attack the next part.

    When you return, if you approach the group of thugs harassing the couple, you will have to choose which one to save. If you try to save both through dialogue, you will kill both. The only way to save both of them is to attack the thugs before getting close, and killing all of them before they can kill the couple.

    Anyway, this ends you will get the information you need out of them, and the quest ends.

    Support Quest: Wasn’t Born the Kingfisher
    I’m not sure if you did not do The Taxman Cometh quest prior to this if you get something different, but if you did, then you will be ambushed by Dagger forces when you try to talk to the farmer. After that, you talk to him and he gives you the information.

    Support Quest: Sharp Tongue
    Return to Agapios. Don’t worry about the dialogue choice here, either way, Agapios runs away.

    Source: BradyWalters's Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide