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forgotten treasure map? 2
what do the scales on some dialogue options mean? 3
how to deal with enemy using fire weapon ? 2
How do I complete the "Free Speech" side quest? 1
Why after big push helping spartans can i not enter their loacations since i won their battle for them? 1
I can't spar with roxana? 1
I am confused do we want the entire map red for Sparta or blue for Athens? 2
How do I get the best ending? 1
How many free helix credits does the game give you as you play? 1
Where is Evie (Ubi Club)? 3
Recent Questions Answers
Shaking loading screen? 3
for all people having trouble getting the orichalcum from daily/ weekly quests oh boy do i have a solution for u? 0
which is better the ability flaming attacks or the weapon damage is fire damage engreavement? 2
Hippokrates questline is not appearing at all (HELP! Want to platinum the game) Where is it? 1
Hippokrates won't join crew? 0
Sparta Kick? 3
if i were to use the faux of olympus which engrevmnt would i want. crit while low health or crit while full health? 2
Legacy of the first blade not showing up???? 1
Level Caps Recommended and Area Levels? 1
herakle's bow and herakle's mace mixed up? 2
Unresolved Questions Answers
How to toggle headgear in cutscenes? 2
is there a way to look at previous help tabs? 2
i get the daily quest for orichalcum hint more than once a day after completing one such. is this a bug? 1
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