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Gir-Ann Master
Unlocked all Trophies
Sneaking in
Obtained the key to Lisa's house
Cute bag
Obtained the bag
Forest explorer
Cleared the Forest Dungeon
Beach Resort
Cleared the Ocean Dungeon
I Love Carts
Cleared the Fire Dungeon
Cleared dungeon 4
And then...
Cleared dungeon 5
Rhythm Beginner
Cleared all rhythm games on normal mode or higher
Feeling the Beat
Cleared all rhythm games on hard mode
Rank A
Cleared all rhythm games on all difficulties at A & up
Rhythm Expert
Cleared every hard rhythm game on S rank
Perfect Rhythm
Cleared every rhythm game with no misses
Bonus Drawing
Obtained 3 bonus drawings from rhythm games
Bonus Drawing Collector
Obtained all bonus drawings from rhythm games
Meowsterpiece Fan
Collected 6 meowsterpieces
Meowsterpiece Freak
Collected 12 meowsterpieces
Meowsterpiece Hunter
Collected 18 meowsterpieces
Meowsterpiece Maniac
Collected 24 meowsterpieces
Meowsterpiece Master
Collected all meowsterpieces
I Love Swimming!
Changed into the swimsuit
Chasing the butterfly
Saw the special idle animation
Went into the bathroom 5 times
Diva of Spica Island
Sang all of the songs
Hit it to your heart's content!
Hit every drum
Don't miss out!
Stuck your face into every photo stand-in
Stroke of Luck
Drew an 'Amazing Fortune' result
Wellside Saver
Saw every conversation with Mrs. Save
Photogenic Annika
Took 50 or more photos
Completely Full
Ate 50 foods
Connect them all!
Collected every mysterious paper scrap
Special Delivery
Delivered something Giraffe forgot
Beat the game within 4.5 hours

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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