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Tam Tam by Nockermensch

                          Easy SSIV Tam Tam Guide:
   Tam Tam is the easiest character to finish the game in SSIV. We will
   use the slash Tam Tam in this guide.
   You will use mainly one button: C (strong slash). This is really
   simple. You will jump and hit the adversary with strong slash. Period.
   You will need some practice to find the correct timing and optimal
   distance, but once mastered, this technique will defeat ALL the foes
   in the game (bosses included) This seems to happen because a bug in
   the AI system miscalculates the range of this slash, so the
   adversaries are usually caught with open guard.
   If you find this boring (boring but effective - thats it) you can
   spice the fight with some rudimentary advanced techniques:
     * Tam Tam has a very strange jump, seeming a lunar jump or somewhat,
       because its high and slow-motion. If you hit your foe while
       descending, is reasonably safe comboing with a low A slash for a
       two-hit very damaging combo.
     * Only a special move of Tam Tam is really effective, his fireball -
       But hey! This IS effective! :) Spit As fireballs when fighting
       "jumpy" adversaries (read: Basara, Rimururu and Galford) There is
       a good chance they try to jump OVER your fireball and be caught by
       the ascending projectile. B and C fireballs are good against more
       "static" foes (the name of Kaffuin Gaira comes to my mind :) ) to
       tic off hit points. This even works against Zankuro (but use for
       you own risk)
     * You can use the skull throw to force reluctant foes to jump. Them
       jump after and hitem with strong slash (again, the timing and
       distance are critical here)
     * If you throw your foe, the more reliable and damaging attack to
       use is: the crouch strong slash.
   Specific foes:
     * Sogetsu: The hardest foe to Tam Tam. His geyser (I dunno the name
       of this move) easily hit Tam Tam while he is slow jumping around.
       You will need run to him and slash low with C. Other technique is
       strong slash him just after jump.
     * Rimururu: ok. Dont jump straight to her, because if you miss this
       little girl she will hit you for a LOT of damage with her strong
       slash. a most reliable technique is run to her, jump UP and then
       hit with strong slash. Use a A fireballs when you lands.
     * Gaira: This guy can be a pain in the ass when he comes later in
       the game. Dont jump straight to him, because he WILL grab you. Use
       the same technique for Rimururu (see above)
     * Amakusa: To hit him before he hits you with his annoying sphere
       you will need run to him. Dont stay in the ground when he starts
       to teleport around.
     * Zankuro: This is REALLY easy. Remember how to defeat zangief in
       the old Street Fighter II? You just jumped up and hit the Russian
       fighter with strong kick. Use the same technique for defeat
       Zankuro (got the similarity between the names? ZANgief, ZANkuro -
       its it! :P) but you will use Strong slash instead kicks. You will

       win the match by time, but you will win. 

Nockermensch, http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dungeon/4655

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