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by Suprak the Stud

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Guide and Walkthrough by Suprak the Stud

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/14/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2018 | Highest Rated Guide


Welcome! Here you will find a full walkthrough for The Banner Saga 3, including every battle, every decision, any anything else you could possibly want to know about the game. The guide itself is broken up into chapters, and in each section you will find information about all the important lines of dialogue and tips to get through all of the fights. The battles will be highlighted in their own little box, so they should be very easy to find if you're just quickly trying to scroll through and find tips for the fights. Dialogue options will typically show up in a bullet point list if they are important, so if you're looking for a specific outcome for a choice you can't quite decide on, scroll through and look until you find a bullet point list that contains the exact wording for all the choices you're considering.

Something important to note is The Banner Saga 3 is a very decision heavy game. There are choices you made all the way back in The Banner Saga 1 that have a huge impact on how some events in the story play out. As such, it is possible I do not have the exact same scenario you do at certain events. I will try and cover every possible outcome, but that can be difficult considering how many branching pathways there are, so even in the final version I may be missing one. If you see this, please contact me and I will try to remedy it. This guide is written with the following assumptions made:

  • Rook survives at the end of The Banner Saga 1 instead of Alette. (Changes a lot of stuff throughout the game)
  • The dredge baby from the first game was not saved. (Changes major event in Chapter 20)
  • Save the wounded stonesinger at Zefr's behest in The Banner Saga 2 (Apostate starts the game in Iver's caravan if you did)
  • Allow Eirik to return to Strand in The Banner Saga 1 (Changes who you find in Strand in Chapter 17)

There are likely more than just these. These are the ones I am positive have a meaningful effect in this game, although there are plenty of others that change a little bit of dialogue here or there.

For the battles, you should be aware that they are randomized so it is not possible for me to give an exact list of all the enemies you'll face in a given fight. Each fight has a specific pool of enemies they can pool from, and a limit of how many of the same type can pop up in the fight. Certain enemies are guaranteed to be there in specific fights, and for example the final wave of a wave fight will have one specific enemy carrying the item. So while you won't know exactly who you're facing off against, you will have a good general idea of makeup of the enemy party. The general strategy will also stay the same, however how difficult a specific battle might be will vary a bit from playthrough to playthrough.

While this is generally the same game as the previous two in the series, there are a couple of new mechanics. The first is "Heroic Titles". When a hero reaches level 11, you can pick out a Heroic Title for them. These provide huge boosts to a wide variety of stats or give you special skills depending on how much you level them up. The first rank is free, but each subsequent rank costs renown. Use these well, because the right combination of Heroic Titles and items can make a character almost invincible.

Second are the wave battles. This is similar to something we've seen before, but it is an important part of the gameplay this time around. After certain fights, you can choose to either retreat or take part in another wave of enemies. There is no penalty for stopping after the first wave, but completing the final wave in these battles will often earn you a very powerful item. You should try to complete the final wave as often as possible, although you may want to retreat if you are out of viable heroes. So long as you complete the first wave in time, you can swap out for reinforcements. Failure to do so in the turn limit will result in enemies immediately joining the battle and a loss of the opportunity to swap in new troops. You also can't get the special item from the final wave unless you complete the previous waves within the turn limit. The turn limit will show up at the bottom by the turn order, and you will want to keep track of that.

So, good luck, and have fun saving the world.