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The Final Frontier
Reach the green fields
Reach the white fountain
Unlock New Game plus mode
Stairway To Heaven
Reach the top of the stairway
Reach half of the stairway
The Wanderer
Light your first Fire Cairn
Upside Down
Use the largest elevator in Infernium
The Garden
Find the infinite harvesting light garden
The Descent
Discover the stairway in the dark
The Pro
Complete the final challenge without any opportunities remaining
The Sadistic
Complete New Game Plus
Get the skill to cast light into the environment
The Alarm
Get the circular tattoo
Get the Triangle tattoo
Get the guiding light
Slippery Challenge
Get the harvesting finger in the underground lake
Get the harvesting finger in the waterfall
M. Doom
Get the harvesting finger in the Crimson River
Get the harvesting finger in the Rain Bridge
Exit the first castle without liberating the dog
Enough Of This S
Emerge from the darkness
Peace And Love
Do not jump. Do not set the advenure in motion.
Wrong Waterfall
Reach the black waterfall
White Waterfall
Reach the white waterfall

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