What can i do to "unlock" the normal/easy modes of the last boss in Urpina playthrought?

  1. I've playd the entire game without a guide (1st playthrought) until the last boss, when i got stomped and decided to take a look at how could i beat it. And then i got stuck with "do the sigfrei in chapter two ...." and, yeah, i've not done it, in fact i've done phoenix in chapter 2 and crystal shards in 3. I've already got hibernia's shard (i believe it's the last, from what i read) and can't reach that part when they break the ring. I'm i in a big trouble here?

    User Info: QuaintLanista91

    QuaintLanista91 - 1 month ago
  2. For the Hibernia shard, did you cooperate with the Grove of Silence or did you cooperate with one of the other three houses to get the shard?

    User Info: killerb255

    killerb255 - 1 month ago
  3. sadly, i did cooperate with other faction ...
    but no problem, i just got acquainted o the fight and made some
    changes in the lineup and it was actually not that hard to beat him
    but thanks anyways for the reply =)

    User Info: QuaintLanista91

    QuaintLanista91 - 1 month ago

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