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  • Dead of the Night DLC Trophies

    Below is the list of Trophies that accompany the Dead of the Night DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    *There are 2 secret trophies. show

    Alchemical OpusIn Dead of the Night, create Prima Materia 3 timesBronze
    Board GamerIn Dead of the Night, kill a Werewolf in the Library with a revolverBronze
    Master Your CraftIn Dead of the Night, use every crafting tableBronze
    Mega BiteIn Dead of the Night, get bitten by a Crimson NosferatuBronze
    On the ClockIn Dead of the Night, stay within the clock circle until the time runs outBronze
    Quick ThinkingIn Dead of the Night, unlock the Forest by round 7Bronze
    Shockingly Good TimeIn Dead of the Night, electrocute a WerewolfBronze
    Shrinking FeelingIn Dead of the Night, shrink 15 zombies with a single shot from Alistair's AnnihilatorBronze
    Trial by Ordeal (secret)In Dead of the Night, defeat the evil withinSilver
    Well Done (secret)In Dead of the Night, stake a Nosferatu in the Dining RoomBronze

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  • Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    A Little Pack Here, a Little Punch ThereIn Voyage of Despair, use the Pack-a-Punch at every possible location in a single gameBronze
    Abandon ShipIn Voyage of Despair, complete the TrialSilver
    Acidic AlchemyIn IX, Get a kill with the Acid Trap in each of its craftable locationsBronze
    Battle TestedReach Commander (Level 55) in Multiplayer while playing onlineSilver
    Blackout HistorianIn Blackout, unlock Reznov, Mason, Woods and MenendezBronze
    CentennialAcquire 100% of the StarsBronze
    Constellation PrizeIn IX, kill 9 zombies with a single uncharged shot from the Death of OrionBronze
    Gat TrickIn Blood of the Dead, kill the Warden with the Blundergat, Acidgat, and Magmagat in a single gameBronze
    Gift of SerketIn IX, acquire Serket's KissBronze
    Gong like the WindIn IX, defeat all 8 challengers summoned by a gong within 5 minutesBronze
    Here Kitty, KittyIn IX, Kill a Zombie Tiger with a Brain Rotted TigerBronze
    High ScoreIn Zombie Rush, obtain a Personal Score of 250,000Bronze
    Historical ReenactmentIn Blood of the Dead, equip Hell's Retriever, Spoon, Blundergat, and Tommy Gun at the same timeBronze
    Hot Stuff Coming ThroughIn Blood of the Dead, forge a MagmagatBronze
    I Know a ShortcutIn Voyage of Despair, take every fast travel path in a single gameBronze
    Jack of All Blades, Master of GunsLevel up all 8 Special Weapons to Stage 3Bronze
    Kraken UnfetteredIn Voyage of Despair, kill 9 enemies with a single shot of the KrakenBronze
    Match Made in HellIn Blood of the Dead, complete a Gondola ride with the WardenBronze
    Most Escape AliveIn Blood of the Dead, escapeSilver
    MP 101Complete all 10 Specialists TutorialsBronze
    MultiplicitousIn Zombie Rush, get your score multiplier up to 100Bronze
    My First WinWin BlackoutSilver
    My Home is the ArenaIn IX, survive to Round 20 without opening a gateBronze
    Not a FlukeWin 10 Blackout gamesSilver
    Off the Deep EndIn Voyage of Despair, survive to round 20 without draining the waterBronze
    Paranormal Patch UpIn Blood of the Dead, revive another Player with a shieldBronze
    Perkaholic RelapseAcquire every perk in a single gameBronze
    PlatinumAwarded when all other trophies have been unlockedPlatinum
    Prestigious AwardAttain max level or Prestige with 25 different weapons in ZombiesGold
    Rock, Paper, PlasmaIn Voyage of Despair, kill 9 zombies via Catalytic Detonations in a single gameBronze
    Senseless Axe of ViolenceIn Blood of the Dead, kill 5 zombies with the Hell's Redeemer before it starts its returnBronze
    Skilled AdversaryIn IX have a Challenge banner with all 9 medallionsBronze
    SkirmisherWin 1 Skirmish with each Specialist (10 total)Bronze
    SleuthUnlock all intel (videos and audio files)Bronze
    Special Issue EquipmentEarn 10 medals that are based on Special Issue EquipmentBronze
    Special Issue WeaponryEarn 10 medals that are based on Special Issue WeaponryBronze
    Specialist Super FanIn Blackout, unlock Battery, Ruin, Firebreak, Seraph, Nomad, Prophet, Ajax, Crash, Torque and ReconBronze
    StargazerEarn a Star with each SpecialistBronze
    Stoking the FlamesIn Voyage of Despair, kill 3 Stokers via weak-point in a single roundBronze
    StowawayIn Voyage of Despair, spend 5 consecutive rounds in the Cargo HoldBronze
    Straw PurchaseGift a Mystery Box Wonder Weapon to a teammate and have them accept itBronze
    Swimming with the FishesIn Voyage of Despair, kill 50 zombies that are underwater in a single gameBronze
    Team PlayerIn Zombie Rush, obtain a Team Score of 500,000Bronze
    The Doctor is InUse PhD Slider to fall 10 feet and kill 10 zombies at onceBronze
    The SlaughterhouseIn IX, dismember 13 limbs in a single game while in The PitBronze
    Throw a Dog a BoneIn Blood of the Dead, feed a wolf head from the Gondola, Citadel, and Model Industries in a single gameBronze
    Trialling ExperienceIn Voyage of Despair, acquire the Sentinel ArtifactBronze
    VanquisherWin 50 games in MultiplayerSilver
    Venerated WarriorIn IX, defeat the most venerated opponentSilver
    Welcome to the ClubReach Sergeant (Level 10) in Multiplayer while playing onlineBronze
    West Side for LifeIn Blood of the Dead, reach Round 20 without leaving the West Side of the islandBronze
    Zombie FanaticIn Blackout, unlock Bruno, Scarlett, Diego, Shaw, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and RichtofenBronze
    Zombies 101Complete the Zombies TutorialBronze

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