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Alfred by AnotherGamer

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/20/00

Alfred Movelist/FAQ
For Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, Neo Geo version
By AnotherGamer(gamer777@hotmail.com)
Version 1.1

Note: This FAQ assumes that you know the standard fighting game command notation and 
abbrivations. If you don't, check them from another RBFF2 FAQ.

Q:Who is Alfred?
A:Beats me. As far as I know, he's some plane pilot with experience from martial arts. 

Q:I don't see him in the character select screen, how do I play as him?
A:There's 2 ways, neither of which are unfortunately possible on an unmodified Neo Geo console:
1.If you have the debug rom, you can select him by putting the cursor on any char and 
pressing ABC. Don't ask me where to get one, though.
2.If not, use a trainer. You can get one from www.angelfire.com/la2/exp/eexp.html.

Q:Holy crap, he's cheap as hell! His moves do a ton of damage!
A:Naturally, since he's the hidden boss in RBFF2.

Q:Enough with this, I want to know his moves!
A:Certantly, here they are:

Command moves & throws:

Sonic Wing
f or b+C when close
A standard throw. Al grabs the opponent and knocks them down with his AB.

High jump, D+b 
Al dives down with his knee. He dives straight down even when jumping 
backwards/forwards, so it can be used to change the jump trajectory a bit.

Step Kick
Al slides forward while performing a side kick.

Retreat Kick
Al slides backward while performing his standing B. Knocks down.

Special moves:

Augmentor Wing (Break Shot)
Al jumps in the air while slashing with his arm. A bog standard DP, except for the command. 
Can be used to juggle.

Diver Jens
Al spins around and crouches, creating a white energy spike in front of him. Hits twice. Much 
like Terry's Round Wave, except that it doesn't have plane-hitting properties.

Critical Wing 
Qcb+A or C
Al charges forward while crouching and slashes with his arms. C version knocks down.

Mayday Mayday
Jump, Qcb+B,B,B,B,B
Al dives down diagonally while spinning. First tap of B makes him take a weird stance with his 
arms spread and knees bent back, which somehow hits, next press makes him do a kick, third press 
makes him do another kick that knocks down and fourth and last press makes him fly back up and 
hit his opponent with an energy slash. The last hit is hard to do. I can only pull it off when 
I hit the opponent really early with the dive. IMO, it's much easier to do the first 3 hits and 
the juggle manually with Augmentor Wing. Does more damage, too. If you stop the move at first 2 
hits, you can continue with a ground combo.

Al slides forward, like in Qcb+A or C, except that he grabs the opponent, jumps up, and slams them 
down. Can be used as a nasty tick, since it's unblockable, like all throws, cancelable from 
normal moves, and moves forward.

Shock Stall
Jump, hcf+BC (S.Power)
Al dives down like in Mayday Mayday, except with his pilot glasses on and trailing shadows.
If he connects it on a grounded opponent, he lands behind the opponent, jumps back up in front of them, 
hitting them with a flying kick, and performs a double-fisted punch in midair that creates a huge energy 
slash. On an airborne opponent, he finishes off with a powerful Augmentor Wing that also has that huge 
energy slash accomppanying it. All hits may or may not connect, depending on the situation. Does almost 
a full bar of damage and can be chained from a jump attack. Loads of easy damage, but hey, Alfred is the 
hidden boss, so anything goes..

Wave Rider
f,hcf+C (P.Power) 
Al puts on his pilot glasses during the background flash and charges towards his opponent. He then 
continues by doing a 4-hit flip kick. Lotsa damage, as with all the H.powers, (one meter+up to 
halfway of the letter C in "challenger")and not only that, you can juggle the opponent with the Augmentor 
Wing for an extra hit.


A, C, Augmentor Wing
A, C, Critical Wing
Jump C, Shock Stall (jump attack must connect somewhat deeply to make the Shock Stall hit)
Hop C, A, C, Wave Rider, Augmentor Wing (the most powerful combo he has, does over 1 1/2 meters of damage, 
if it seems too hard, leave out the A)
First 2 hits of Mayday Mayday, C, Wave Rider, Augmentor Wing 

Version history:
1.0 First version. Not released, only used for personal reference.
1.1 Found out how to perform S.TOL and Shock Stall, added move names.

Thanks to:
Me, for writing this thing.

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