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Yamazaki by Klenboy

Updated: 03/02/00

"Whipping up the action, Returning the Reaction, Weak are ripped and Torn away!
Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower, Battery is here to stay!"

Welcome to the Ryuji Yamazaki F.A.Q. for the arcade version of Fatal Fury Real
Bout 2: The Newcomers.  Contained herein are the awesome, sadistic ways of
kicking ass with the ass-kicking gangster himself.

Introduction:  Ryuji Yamazaki made his first appearance in the game Fatal Fury
3: The Road to Victory.  Since Yamazaki is an assassin for hire he was signed up
by the Jin brothers (Chonshu and Chonrei) to protect them and the scrolls of
immortality.  He is sadistic and he enjoys making people suffer.  In Fatal Fury
Real Bout he kicked Geese Howard's ass so that he can get the scrolls for
himself.  All in all he enjoys a really good fight and will kill anyone for his
own sadistic pleasure.  

Legend of Buttons and Controls
A - Weak Attack
B - Medium Attack
C - Strong Attack
D - Plane Shift

U - Joystick motion up
D - Joystick motion down
F - Joystick motion towards opponent
B - Joystick motion away from opponent

Qcf - D,DF,F motion of Joystick
Qcb - D,DB,B motion of joystick
Hcf - B,DB,D,DF,F motion of joystick
Hcb - F,DF,D,DB,B motion of joystick

Ass-Kicking by Command and popular demand!
Bussashi - F+A
Hits: 2
Yamazaki executes a downward punch.  It is an overhead attack so it is very
useful for ducking turtles!  Don't abuse this move too much because it has some

Shouten - DF+A
Hits: 1
This is Yamazaki's standing uppercut.  It comes out really quick so it is used
best as a reactionary anti-air.

Kachi-Age - In the air press BC
Hits: 1
Yamazaki executes an uppercut while in the air.  Opponents hit with this while
in the air will be knocked down.  You cannot hit most standing and crouching
opponents with this. You will only hit tall people such as Franco Bash and
Wolfgang Krauser while they are standing only!

Metsubushi - Tap C while knocked down
Hits: 1
Being the sadistic ass-kicker that Yamazaki is you will expect that he will
cheat in a fight.  When Yamazaki gets up he will throw sand at his opponent,
knocking him/her down.  This is used best when opponent tries to attack you
while you're getting up.  It comes out fast enough for a little surprise!

Todome - D,D+C when opponent is floored on the ground
Hits: 3
In previous Real Bouts Yamazaki's ground pursuit attacks were pretty forgiving.
Knowing this Yamazaki, being the sadistic ass-kicker that he is, modified it to
be the ultimate ground ass-kicking move.  Instead of just a single stomp to the
guts he gives his opponents 2 stomps and a kick across the other side of the
screen for being the gutter trash that they are.  This move is a perfect
condiment to Yamazaki's knock down attacks.  Know this move and know it well for
this move differentiates between a winner and a winning ass-kicker! 
Special Ass-Kicking (for his not so special opponents)
Hebi Tsukai (Joudan) (Breakshot) - Qcb+A
Hits: 1 (far or up close) or 2 (up close while opponent is in the air)
For those opponents who think they can kick Yamazaki's ass in the air there is
this move.  Yamazaki will loosen up his arm and suddenly give an extended jab
angled upwards.  This move can be delayed by holding the A button.  Yamazaki
will instead swing his arm back and forth until released.

Hebi Tsukai (Chuudan) (Breakshot) - Qcb+B
Hits: 1 (far) or 2 (up close)
For opponents who just love to stand there and worship the awesomeness of
Yamazaki there is this move.  Yamazaki will give a straight extended jab to get
his opponent's attention, so that they can focus on their own demise.  The range
will reach almost the whole screen and comes out fast as well.  This is a great
move for keeping distance with your opponent and keeping them in check.  This
move can be delayed by holding the B button.

Hebi Tsukai (Gedan) (Breakshot) - Qcb+C
Hits: 1 (far) or 2 (up close)
For opponents who have stilts for legs there is this move.  Yamazaki will throw
an extended jab towards the opponent's shins.  The first hit of this move can be
blocked while standing but the second hit cannot because it hits low.  This move
is also useful for keeping your opponent at bay.  Again this move can be delayed
by holding the C button.

Dai Hebi - Delay Hebi Tsukai for a bit then release button
Hits: 3
Is it "Dai Hebi" or "Die Heavy?"  Either way it sounds the same!  When delaying
any Hebi Tsukai Yamazaki has the courtesy of warning his opponent of the ass
kicking to come.  Yamazaki will say "Ikuzo" ("here I come") 3 times. When the
button is released after the "warning" he will release all 3 Hebi Tsukais one at
a time starting from low aim then ending at high aim.  If opponents don't pay
heed to the warning they will be juggled by all three hits.  The damage of Hebi
Tsukai does not increase if it is delayed nor does it add power to the power

Hebi Damashi - Press D while delaying Hebi Tsukai
Hits: 0
If you think Hebi Tsukai does not suffice for the ultimate ass-kicking you can
simply cancel it by pressing D while delaying the Hebi Tsukai.  Canceling the
Hebi Tsukai doesn't mean that Yamazaki has pity for his opponent.  He just has
more special ass-kicking to offer them!

Sabaki no Aikuchi (Breakshot) - F,D,DF+A
Hits: 3
Lady Justice has her blindfold and balanced scales. Lady liberty has her tablet
and torch. But Ryuji Yamazaki has his shanker of judgment!  All rise to the
honorable awesomeness of Yamazaki's shanker for judgment day is here!  Ryuji
will take his hand out of his pocket and reveal a dagger the size of a kodachi.
He will slide forward and execute a downward slash for 2 hits and the judgment
shank for the last hit.  When the move is blocked or missed he will simply just
slide forward and do the downward slash.  What more secrets are hidden in
Yamazaki's pocket???

Bai Gaeshi - Qcf+hold C
Hits: 1
Yamazaki noticed that people like Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Geese Howard and
among others have projectile attacks.  Instead of blocking them Ryuji decides to
just absorb them by swinging his hand up and return with one of his own
projectiles by swinging his hand down.  The projectile that Yamazaki throws is a
red, crescent shaped energy wave.  This move is best used on opponents who are
cheap with projectiles.  Remember, though, that this move cannot absorb and
reflect SPower and PPower projectiles such as Krauser's Kaiser Wave.

Bai Gaeshi (Juuden) - Qcf+C
Hits: 1
Yamazaki just absorbs the projectile in this move but it increases his power
gauge by 1/3!  

Sadomazo - Hcf+B
Hits: 1
"Pain? I feel no pain!!!" Yamazaki (being the sadistic moron that he is) will
bend over, stick his tongue out and says, "Kakatte Koi Yo" ("Come here and
fight").  If he is hit during this animation he will counter (very quickly) with
a punch.  His fist is radiating a red like energy wave to discharge on his
opponent.  This move cannot counter projectiles (there's Bai Gaeshi for that),
and sweeps.

Bakudan Pachiki - When close to opponent, F,B,D,U+C
Hits: 1
Who says a sadistic ass-kicker does not use his head? In this case Yamazaki uses
it pretty well! Yamazaki will grab his opponent then executes an exploding
headbutt.  After the impact Yamazaki grabs his head either in pain or with the
dissatisfaction that he did not kick his opponent's ass properly.

Yakiire - F,D,DF+B
Hits: 1
Is it a wall? No, is it a building falling? No!!! It's just Yamazaki's foot
heading for your noggin!! Yamazaki executes an axe kick to stomp on his opponent
flat.  For more ass stomping fun follow up this move with Todome for a total of
4 hits!  The only drawback is that this move has a pretty big lag so opponents
have time to escape or give a quick jab.  But have no fear for the awesomeness
of Yamazaki makes sure that this move cannot be crouch blocked. That's right,
it's an overhead!

Off with your Head! (Or meet Mr. Pavement!)                               SPower 
Guillotine (SPower) - F,B,DB,D,DF+BC
Hits: 2
Even the aristocracy and royalty fell prey to this ultimate killing machine!
That's why Yamazaki developed a real ass-kicking move and called it
"Guillotine!"  When the opponent is within range Yamazaki will execute a
powerful uppercut and then he will jump towards the airborne opponent and slam
down his energized hand on his/her face.  As they land Yamazaki will formally
get his opponent acquainted with "Mr. Pavement" by dragging him/her along the
ground almost across the whole fighting plane.  As if that isn't the end of the
acquaintance Yamazaki will throw his opponent high into the air yelling, "Kono
amachua ga!!!"  This move can go over projectiles and the second hit is an
overhead.  This is great as a surprise for ducking turtles. While crouch
blocking next thing they know they are being dragged across the whole fighting
plane and ending up in the air with a long drop ahead of them!

Ass-Kicking de La Drill!!! (5 varieties to choose from!)                  PPower
Introduction to Drill:  It was used to build underwater tunnels and underground
railways.  But Yamazaki uses it to simply kick his opponents' ass in the most
sadistic way possible.  Fighting gaming has taken a new era when Yamazaki's
Drill was introduced.  It represents the practicality and efficiency in sadistic
ass-kicking in its true form.  This makes us ask some questions: Why Bison's
Psycho crusher? Because he thinks he's cool radiating all that power on his
whole body instead of just one arm.  Why Ryu's Shin Shoryuken? Because people
are tired of comboing hard punch into shoryuken so therefore they can do it in
just one motion. Why Ryuuko Ranbu? Because it looks cool and kicks ass!!! Also
it's the super that kicked Yamazaki's ass.  Finally the last question: Why
Drill? Because, plain and simple, it just kicks ass!

Drill (PPower) - 360+C (close to opponent)
Hits: varies (tap C button according to corresponding Drill levels below)  
When the screen glows you know that your opponent is screwed.  This PPower move
has 4 modes of ass-kicking: face grab and uppercut, psyching up in choosing
level of ass-kicking (tap C button here), execution of sadistic ass-kicking, and
a strong punch radiating energy shaped into a drill (yells, "Ippen Shinde
Koi!!").  This move is unblockable (hence being a grab move).  After the
uppercut you have approx. 1.5 seconds to choose your Drill Level so have your
machinegun fingers ready!
Warning: SNK is not responsible for broken hands and disjointed fingers while
executing any Drill Levels.

Drill Level 1: Ass-Punching! - 0-4 taps of C Button
Hits: 11
Yamazaki will juggle the opponent with a series of punches then ends it with a
two-hit high kick to set up for the drill.

Drill Level 2: Ass-Kicking! - 5-8 taps of C button
Hits: 12
Yamazaki will juggle the opponent with a series of kicks.

Drill Level 3: Hard Headed Ass Smashing! - 9-12 taps of C button
Hits: 14
Yamazaki will grab his floored opponent and delivers a series of headbutts.  He
ends it with an exploding headbutt to set up for the Drill.  While delivering
the headbutts Yamazaki yells, "Itte ga! Itte ga! Itte ro Ga!"  Notice during the
exploding headbutt instead of Yamazaki grabbing his head in pain (or disgust) he
smiles with satisfaction that he gave the appropriate beating to his opponent!

Drill Level 4: El Rapido Ass-Poking - 13 taps of C Button
Hits: 27
During the fight with Takuma, before beating him with the Ryuuko Ranbu, Takuma
executed the almighty Zan Retsu Ken, which was a flurry of high-speed jabs. 
This made Yamazaki think that he should add some flavor to his Hebi Tsukais.
Hence here is Level 4!  Yamazaki delivers an array of Hebi Tsukais in
unbelievable speed, and then there's "Ippen Shinde Koi!!!!"  If you are sick and
tired of your opponent countering your every move then this is the Drill to
retaliate with.  It is so satisfying to see your opponent suspended in all that
Warning:  Your opponent will be mashed potatoes by the time this move is over.

Drill Level 5: "Kaiser... oops! That's not it!" - Press ABC after performing 
                Drill Level 4
Hits: 14
Ryuji realized that most of his opponents have projectile supers.  After almost
getting hit by Krauser's Kaiser Wave he says to himself that he should add some
flavor to his Drill Super.  Hence there is Level 5!  Ryuji will throw not 1,
not 2, but 8 Bai Gaeshis at his opponent!  Afterwards there's "Ippen Shinde
Koi!!!!" This move is very hard to pull off.  In order to pull this off you must
have your machine gun fingers ready.  The damage is a little more than the Level
4 Drill. Caution: When you press ABC before reaching Level 4 Drill Ryuji will
drop back down to Level 1 Drill.  I suggest that you observe Ryuji himself while
tapping the C button.  When Ryuji turns red that indicates that he's reached
Level 4.  During this instant you can press ABC then enjoy the sight of Ryuji
Yamazaki going all out of kicking his opponent's ass!  Don't break any fingers
now! You know SNK is not responsible for injuries while performing Drill

Ass-Kicking through Chain Combos
DF+A,C,C (knocks down)
F+A,C (makes opponent shift planes)
A,C (cancellable to any special ass-kicking except grabs)
A,DF+C (knocks opponent into the air, cancellable to any special ass-kicking)
A,F+C (knocks opponent down, sliding on ground)
A,D+C (sweeps opponent)
B,C (cancellable to any special ass-kicking except grabs)
B,DF+C (knocks opponent into the air, cancellable to any special ass-kicking)
B,D+C (sweeps opponent)

Combos Galore
1)  Jump C,DF+A,C,C,Todome (7-hits)~
2)  Jump C,A,F+C,Todome (6-hits)
3)  Jump C,B,D+C,Todome (6-hits)
4)  (Corner) Jump C,Stand C,Guillotine,Todome (8-hits)#
5)  Jump C,Stand C, Hebi Tsukai with B or C (5-hits)
6)  Jump C,Stand C,Sabaki no Aikuchi,Todome (9-hits)%
7)  (Corner) Sadomazo,Todome (4-hits)^
8)  (Corner and non plane shifting stage) F+A,C,Todome (6-hits)&
9)  (On plane shifted opponent) D,Stand C,Guillotine,Todome (8-hits)*
10) (On plane shifted opponent) D,Crouch C,Todome (5-hits)
11) Jump C,Crouch C, Todome (5-hits)

Combo Notes:-
~Note: The chain combo of DF+A,C,C ends with your opponents body sliding on the
ground.  After the sliding animation you can follow it up with Todome.

#Note: After Jump C make sure you walk towards your opponent a little nearer in
order for the Guillotine to hit off of Stand C. To connect Todome wait until
your opponent bounces twice before executing it.

%Note: The last hit of Sabaki no Aikuchi ends with the opponents body sliding on
the ground for a bit.  If you executed this combo on the corner wait until the
sliding animation stops and then execute Todome. If executed in the middle of
the fighting field make sure you dash (press F twice) after the sliding opponent
and then execute Todome.  Stand C can also be replaced by either A,C or B,C 
(also applies to combo #5).

^Note: Counter hit with Sadomazo while opponent is in the corner, when opponent
lands execute Todome.

&Note: F+A,C chain combo makes opponents shift planes.  When you are on a stage
where plain shifting can't be done, and this chain combo is executed, opponents
will be hit by the debris on the other plane and land flat in front of Yamazaki.
There are 3 stages that don't allow plane shifting: Alfred's stage, market
street where there is a collision between a truck carrying pigs and a truck
carrying produce, and on top of a building where a billboard can electrocute
opponents knocked there.

*Note: When pressing D on a plane shifted opponent you can hit them and make
them return on the normal plane.  During the return you have a little time there
to sneak in any attack, whether it's normal or cancelled special or super. This
also applies to combo #10.

Other cool Stuff from Yamazaki
VS. Victory Quotes:
"I fought tougher Steaks. Take a hike you dog!"
"I'm in a good mood. You can keep your spleen!"
"You won't see tomorrow Gyah hah hah haaaah!"

Taunt - Press CD
Yamazaki will hold his opposite shoulder, crane his neck and says, "Mono tarine 
na!" This translates to "That was not enough!" I believe he's referring to 
either the ass-kicking he gave his opponent or the inferior techniques that his 
opponent executes. Now the opponent is really gonna get his/her ass kicked!

Victory Pose:
Yamazaki cuts his shirt with his fingers and says, "Hyakunen Haendae!"  This
translates to "I have been kicking your ass for a hundred years!" (actually it
really means, "you are a hundred years too young to fight me!")

Top 10 Reasons to use Yamazaki!
10. The only person who's cool enough to fight with one hand in his pocket!
9.  Has custom-made slacks to house his dagger inside his pocket!
8.  Saying "Kakatte Koi Yo" clearly while sticking out his tongue is really
7.  He doesn't care whether you're Geese Howard or Goose Coward, he will still kick
your ass!
6.  He has the 4 elements of Ass-kicking: ass-kicking, ass smashing, ass
shanking, and ass-grappling!
5.  If you want to fly like an eagle and land like a pig he's your man!
4.  Crouch C and Todome is all you need to know when kicking major ass with him!
3.  Drill 'em all!!!!
2.  He can play soccer using his opponents as his ball.
1.  Ass-kicking from Yamazaki will result in an anatomically incorrect self!

Authors Thanks and Copyright comments
Kao Megura - for editing my faq and confirmation of many things such as move
names, translations, and execution commands.

SNK - for making kickass fighting games.

This work is written and compiled for entertainment and informational purposes.
If you want to use information on this work please show credit for it. If you
have any questions, comments, and corrections to share by all means please e-
mail me at this address: klenboy@yahoo.com.  Thank you for reading my FAQ and
enjoy the game responsibly.

Copyright 2000 by Klenboy

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