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Here we go!
Finish the kitten tutorial.
Clean cat
Visit the bathroom.
Couch potato
Chill out in the living room.
Good night fox, good night squirrel
Go to the dark forest.
Little Meowmaid
Visit the beach with your kitty.
It's so fluffy!
Cuddle the kitten in plushy mode.
Well dressed
Wear 4 different accessories at the same time.
It wasn't me!
Clear the table in the Tea party minigame.
High flier
Give the kitten a balloon ride.
10 out of 10
Get a total score of 10 points.
Rich kitty
Have 100 coins in your purse.
Mini-game master
Get 1000 points in a mini-game.
Pretty kitty
Unlock all accessories.

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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