Ultimate Angry Magistrate
All Trophies Aquired! You are the Ultimate Raging Justice!
Complete the game without using a credit, on any difficulty
At death's door
Complete a stage with low health, no lives, and no continues remaining
By whatever means necessary
Complete the game with a Bad Cop Rating on all stages
Bad for business
Complete "Back Alley"
Bad Manors
Complete all challenges on "Mansion Lower" on Insane difficulty
Bimmy and Jimmy was 'ere
Complete the game in co-op play on Brutal or Above difficulty
Blast from the past
KO the TNT thug by knocking his own dynamite back at him
Book 'em Danno
Complete the game on Insane with a Good Cop rating on ALL stages
By fayre means or foul
Complete all challenges on "Big Top" on Insane difficulty
By the book
Arrest 100 thugs
Complete all challenges on all stages at all difficulty levels
Directive 3
Arrested all arrestable thugs on a stage
Done and dusted
Complete all challenges on "Mansion Upper" on Insane difficulty
Elements of Power
KO at least one thug with each type of weapon
Final Flight
Complete "Upper Mansion"
Float like a butterfly
Complete a stage without taking any damage
Friendly Fire
KO partner in co-op while trying to defeat a boss
Fun at the fair
Complete "Abandoned Pier"
Complete "Mansion Gardens"
Grass isn't always greener
Complete all challenges on "Mansion Gardens" on Insane difficulty
Hit the nail on the head
KO 50 thugs with a sledgehammer
"Get off my laaaand"
Run over 75 thugs with the tractor
Home Run!
KO 50 thugs with a baseball bat
It was a bad line
Destroy 10 phone boxes
It's business time
Complete all challenges on "Back Alley" on Insane difficulty
Junk in the trunk
Complete all challenges on "Junkyard" on Insane difficulty
Justice has begun
Complete "The Streets"
Lawnmower man
Run over 75 thugs with the lawnmower
Let's go for a burger!
Eat 20 Burgers at the "Abandoned Pier" and finished the stage
Sleeping with the fishes
Smash the aquarium and knock over 10 thugs
Mean Streets
Complete all challenges on "The Streets" on Insane difficulty
Moderate Justice
Complete all stages on Brutal difficulty
Oh, My Car!
Destroy the two lawnmowers without riding them and finish the stage
Pier pressure
Complete all challenges on "Abandoned Pier" on Insane difficulty
Raging Justice
Complete all stages on Insane
Raise the bar
Complete all challenges on "Makin's Bar" on Insane difficulty
Salvage hunter
Complete "Junkyard"
Say hello to my little friend
Complete "Big Top"
Smoking gun
KO 25 thugs using the shotgun
Streets of WAGE
Collect at least $10,000 on the "Streets" in a single play and complete the stage
Tails of the unexpected
KO a thug using a rat
Taking out the trash
KO a boss with the trashcan
That's not a knife, THAT's a knife
KO 50 thugs with a knife
The carrot, not the stick
Complete the game with a Good Cop rating on All stages
The end justifies the means
Complete the game on Insane with a Bad Cop rating on ALL stages
The pen isn't mightier
KO 50 thugs with a sword
This is not a drill
KO 50 thugs with a wrench
Time Gentlemen please!
Complete "Makin's Bar"
To the Manor born
Complete "Lower Mansion"

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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