Conqueror of the Moon
Acquired all other Trophies.
Meet Charlemagne
Viewed the event in which Charlemagne first appears.
A New Battle Begins
Cleared Day 1.
Commence Counterattack
Cleared Day 2.
An Alliance Gathers
Cleared Day 3.
Cleared Stage 9 or 10.
Facts about Facsimiles
Cleared Stage 13 or 14.
St. Metropolita Decanonized
Cleared Stage 15 or 16.
The Journey
Cleared Stage 18 and viewed the ending.
The King of Knights Attacks
Cleared Stage 11.
Fading Illusions
Cleared Stage 19 and viewed the ending.
You Sound Trustworthy
Chose to listen to Archimedes.
Until the Day We Are Rebooted
Cleared Stage 27 and viewed the ending.
The Extra Beginner
Cleared one Extra Stage.
The Extra Warrior
Cleared eight Extra Stages.
The Extra Expert
Cleared 16 Extra Stages.
The Extra King
Cleared 24 Extra Stages.
The Extra Hero
Cleared 32 Extra Stages.
The Extra Conqueror
Cleared all Extra Stages.
I Praise Your Bravery!
Defeated two bosses in the "EX: Facsimile Fortress Nightmare" stage.
Battle Preparations Complete
Crafted a Mystic Code.
Item Workshop
Combined two Install Skills.
Item Workshop Expert
Combined two Double Install Skills.
Violent Moonstorm
Activated Moon Drive four times in one stage.
Multiple Noble Phantasms?!
Used a Noble Phantasm twice in one stage.
Awesomest Day Ever!
Cleared Stages 1 through 27 on Very Hard.
Threshold Upgrade
Maxed out an Install Skill.
Rush Hour
Executed eight Rush Attacks in one stage.
Who Is the One that Can Kill Me?
Gained 1000 KO's in one stage.
Just For You
Earned a costume for strengthening a bond or clearing a stage.
Costume Hunter
Earned three costumes for strengthening bonds or clearing stages.
Raised a Servant's Bond level to MAX.
The Best Master
Raised three Servants' Bond levels to MAX.
We're Lancers on the Moon, We Carry a Harpoon
Defeated Scathach as Cu Chulainn.
Destined Duel
Defeated Karna as Arjuna.
A True Hero Kills With His Eyes
Defeated a Servant with Karna's "Oh Brahma, Cover the Earth" or "Oh Brahma, Split the Earth" skills.
Defeated Iskandar as Darius III.
Defeated Artoria as Lancelot.
Chronicles of Charlemagne: Vol. 1
Unlocked 25% of the Gallery.
Chronicles of Charlemagne: Vol. 2
Unlocked 50% of the Gallery.
Chronicles of Charlemagne: Vol. 3
Unlocked 75% of the Gallery.
Chronicles of Charlemagne: Compendium
Unlocked 100% of the Gallery.
Mystic Code Maniac
Unlocked 100% of the Mystic Codes.
Skill Collector
Unlocked 100% of the Install Skills.

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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