• Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    A Grain of SandCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Pol.Bronze
    A Rocky PlanetCongratulations! You visited Ike.Silver
    Almost No GravityCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Gilly.Bronze
    Completing Missions and Unlocking AsteroidsCongratulations! You visited Dres.Silver
    Crowned JoolCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Jool!Bronze
    Duna 2000Congratulations! You visited Duna.Silver
    Duna's Only Natural MoonCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Ike.Bronze
    Eeloocidate the MatterCongratulations! You visited Eeloo.Silver
    Failure is Not an OptionYou've completed your first landing on Moho!Bronze
    First Dwarf PlanetCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Dres.Bronze
    Fly Me To The MunYou've completed a fly by of the Mun!Bronze
    Flying MinmusCongratulations! You visited Minmus.Silver
    Getting Eve-nYou've just completed your first flyby of Eve!Bronze
    Gilly Up!Congratulations! You visited Gilly.Silver
    Got My Moho BackCongratulations! You visited Moho.Silver
    Ground ControlYou've completed your first landing at the Kerbal Space Center!Bronze
    Here Comes the KerbalryYou've recovered your first crew member from the perils of space!Silver
    Home of the MoholesCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Moho.Bronze
    Jool of the Starry SeaCongratulations! You visited Jool.Silver
    KerBop Doo WopYeah! We just did a flyby of Bop!Bronze
    Kerboy BeBopCongratulations! You visited Bop.Silver
    Let Me Play Among the StarsYou've launched your first satellite into space!Silver
    Look Ma, No Tractor Beams!Completed your first ship to ship dock! Congrats, lots of people don't make it this far.Gold
    Master AstrophysicistUnlocked all Kerbal Space Program trophies.Platinum
    Mission to MinmusCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Minmus.Bronze
    Mun Rover, Mun RoverYou took your first rover out for a spin!Bronze
    MunwalkingYou've completed your first EVA on the Mun.Bronze
    No Left TurnsYou've completed your first runway launch!Bronze
    Off The VallCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Vall.Bronze
    One Does Not Simply Return From EveCongratulations! You visited Eve.Silver
    One Small StepYou've planted your first flag on the Mun!Bronze
    Open for business!Congratulations! You've completed your first contract. Now it's up to you to keep this facility growing!Bronze
    So EeloosiveYou've completed a flyby of Eeloo.Silver
    Space, Space, SPAAAAACE!You've completed your first Launch Pad launch.Bronze
    The Biggest Wonder to KerbalkindYou just completed a flyby of Duna!Bronze
    The Largest Moon in the Kerbol SystemCongratulations! You visited Tylo.Silver
    The Only Moon with a True AtmosphereCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Laythe!Bronze
    The Right Kind of PilotYou've been to space and landed safely back home!Bronze
    The Sapphire of JoolCongratulations! You visited Laythe.Silver
    The View From Up HereCongratulations! You completed your first flyby of Kerbin.Bronze
    To The Mun and BackCongratulations! You visited Mun.Silver
    Too Much RCSCongratulations! You visited Pol.Silver
    Tylo, Tylo, It's Off to Space We Go!Congratulations! You completed your first flyby of Tylo.Bronze
    Vall HaulerCongratulations! You visited Vall.Silver
    Zero GravityYou've completed your first EVA in space. Now you've joined the leagues of those who repaired Skylab in 1973.Bronze

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

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