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Son of Zeus
Get all trophies
Complete the game in Normal mode
Epic Hero
Complete the game in Epic mode
Legendary Hero
Complete the game in Legendary mode
Reach the level 65
Unlock the first mastery
Double Apprentice
Unlock the second mastery
Hydra Killer
Defeat the Lernean Hydra (Legendary mode only!)
Manticore Killer
Defeat the Manticore (Legendary mode only!)
Dragon Liche Killer
Defeat the Dragon Liche (Legandary mode only!)
Talos Killer
Defeat Talos (Legendary mode only!)
Multi Kill
Kill 10 monsters
Ultra Kill
Kill 100 monsters
Monster Kill
Kill 1000 monsters
Unlock a mastery completely
Greece Savior
Defeat the first Telkine
Egypt Savior
Defeat the second Telkine
Orient Savior
Defeat the third Telkine
God Savior
Defeat the Titan
Rich like a merchant
Reach 10,000 gold
Rich like Midas
Reach 100,000 gold
Rich like Cresus
Reach 1,000,000 gold
Greek Adventurer
Finish all the side quests in Greece
Egypt Adventurer
Finish all the side quests in Egypt
Orient Adventurer
Finish all the side quests in Orient
Ragnarök Expansion Trophies
New lands
Journey north of the Alps
The one she forgot
Acquire the mistletoe
What lies below
Open the ancient gate
Mission Accomplished
Find new friends
Delayed until further notice
Finish the Ragnarok storyline
Precision Dvergan Engineering
Improve a legendary item
Have ten different class characters of at least level ten
Atlantis Expansion Trophies
Dear diary...
Defeat King Arganthonios
Defeat The Ancient One
Defeat Ladon
Defeat Tiamat
Defeat Lyktos
Beginner's Luck
Defeat Tartarus on Normal difficulty
Double or Nothing
Defeat Tartarus on Epic difficulty
High Roller
Defeat Tartarus on Legendary difficulty

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Additional Hints and Other Information Contributed By: Nerthing

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