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Platinum Trophy
Acquire all trophies.
Twenty Questions
Twenty questions - well done!
Ten responses revealed!
Movie Length
Two hours played.
Mind Games
Fifty insanity points reached.
One hundred questions asked!
House Officer
One hundred responses revealed!
Slightly Mad
Two hundred insanity points reached.
Two hundred and fifty questions asked!
Two hundred and fifty responses revealed!
Part Timer
Four hours played.
Seeing Things
Three hundred insanity points reached.
Five hundred questions asked!
Hinty Aftertaste
Solved the case using less than a hundred hints.
One thousand questions asked!
Five hundred responses revealed!
Late Shift
Eight hours played.
Four hundred insanity points reached.
The Power of Deduction
Solved Doctor Dekker's murder.
Lucky Guess
Solved Doctor Dekker's murder without accusing any innocent people.
Cher This
You made Nathan sing a song.
Hintless Wonder
Zero hints, and you absolutely didn't cheat at all.

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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