How many tales of Tsushima are there?

  1. Need to complete all tales of tsushima, is there a list and where i can find them?

    User Info: Zarcus

    Zarcus - 6 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Taken from:

    Unlocked upon completing every single one of the 'Tales of Tsushima side quests, marked on the map as white diamonds. These include the character-specific quests for Norio, Masako, Ishikawa and Yuna (as well as the three quests for Kenji and two for Yuriko). Most side quests can be located by talking to NPCs, while others might organically crop up while you're running around and exploring. Either way, they're pretty much impossible to miss.

    Incident at Hyoshi Pass
    A Place To Call Home
    For Tsushima
    The Value of Sake
    Unfinished Business
    Honour Buried Deep
    The Other Side of Honour
    Whispers in the Woods
    Empty Baskets
    A Mother's Peace
    A Healer's Touch
    Lost At Sea
    The Cost of Iron
    The Laughing Bandits
    A Debt Repaid
    The River Children
    Servant of he People (Kenchi quest, 1 of 3)
    A Wealthy Man Has All He Needs
    The Burden of Theft
    The Proud Do Not Endure (Yuriko quest, 1 of 2)
    Nattou and the Sake Seller (Kenchi quest, 2 of 3)
    Peace For The Divine
    A Thief of Innocence
    The Delicate Art of Negotiation (Kenchi quest, 3 of 3)
    The Generosity of Lady Sanjo
    A Final Request
    The Art of Seeing (Yuriko quest, 2 of 2)
    Flesh and Stone
    The Cost of Fear
    Fit for the Khan
    Hidden in Snow
    A Father's Choice

    On top of the 32 above, there are the 9 quests for Norio, 4 quests for Yuna, 8 quests for Ishikawa and 8 quests for Masako (the first one for Ishikawa and Masako are counted as main quests) for a grand total of 61 Tales of Tshushima. Good luck!

    User Info: Mookiethebold

    Mookiethebold - 6 months ago 2   0
  2. Thank you so much for this. This is very helpful.

    User Info: Zarcus

    Zarcus - 6 months ago

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