How do you unlock assassination by decapitation?

  1. I saw on a video on youtube that the player has an option to cleanly decapitate an enemy. But I am on act 2 but haven't got that option yet.

    User Info: QuickPhysician3

    QuickPhysician3 - 8 months ago
  2. I had my swords juiced to near max, got into assassination 3, and did the Fujiwara missions. Since then any general could be decapitated instead of "critical hitted".

    User Info: NaclynE

    NaclynE - 7 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Finish the Yarikawa story mission in Act 2. Once unlocked, decapitation only works on Mongol leaders in camps. Furthermore, you actually have to do a stealth kill to actually decapitate.

    User Info: sleeping0dragon

    sleeping0dragon (Expert) - 8 months ago 6   0

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