Should I do the Tales of Tsushima in chronological order?

  1. I see multiple tales for Norio and Masako, but I can do something like Tale 5 of 9 before Tale 1 of 9. Would it matter if I chose Tale 5 before Tale 1 for the sake of following the side character's story?

    User Info: ChaoticFairness

    ChaoticFairness - 8 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There's only a few times that happens, but there's nothing really tied explicitly to a chronological order for them. They aren't reliant on one or the other being done first, and the following Tales mission will only pop up once all of the prior ones are done and you hit the right spot.

    So if you see a "Tales #4" and "Tales #5"? Feel free to do 5 then 4, or 4 then 5. Both have to be done to unlock #6 anyways.

    User Info: CursedSeishi

    CursedSeishi (Expert) - 8 months ago 1   0

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