Which game should I get? Ghosts of Tsushima, Days Gone, or Dying Light with expansion?

  1. I've never played any of these games yet, never been a big fan of open world, but they all seem to have good fanbases supporting them and would like to try one out.
    Any suggestions as to which is the most enjoyable? Which did you like best?

    User Info: riseagainst976

    riseagainst976 - 9 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Hey man i would personally suggest buying Ghost of Tsushima because of the samurai/ancient japanese setting, the story is also very well written. But if you like a zombie survival game better than this setting i would suggest not buying it, but I would say just buy Ghost of Tsushima and try the magic it's a really awesome game worth your time. I hope this helps make your decision. :)

    User Info: Ghostmanboy

    Ghostmanboy - 9 months ago 4   0

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