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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 04/27/12 Phillnanas 1.8 502K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) 10/25/18 RARusk 5.0 617K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PSP) 05/27/07 ElBombero 2.50 146K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PSP) 11/15/06 EWaechter 1.05 164K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PSP) 07/19/07 Forelli_Boy Two SE 266K
Walkthrough (PS2) 09/02/13 DG-le-Ste 2.00 285K

Patch Code Lists

Maps and Charts

99 Red Balloon Map (PSP) 11/8/06 stinkymcpeterso 1.5 109K
Health/Armor/Police Bribe Map (PSP) 11/29/16 ZOLTRIX Final 246K
Items Map (PSP) 11/17/06 stinkymcpeterso 1.0 117K
Rampage Map (PS2) 5/29/07 dark52 85K
Rampages Map (PSP) 11/13/06 stinkymcpeterso 1.0 98K
Unique Jumps Map (PSP) 11/15/06 falk aspargs 1.0 113K
Unique Stunt Jump Map (PS2) 5/9/07 GTA_Phreak 179K

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