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Game disconnects and freezes me? Tech Support

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What is the monthly MS? Main Quest *new* 2 11 hours ago
Is 00 gundam or 00 sky gundam in the game? Build *new* 1 2 days ago
"Room no longer exists"? Tech Support 1 1 week ago
How to win a sword clash? Enemy/Boss 1 1 week ago
What to do with dupes? Build 1 1 week ago
What are the available mobile suits and can I get sinanju? Build 2 1 week ago
Any way to get this on a US ps4? Tech Support 2 1 week ago
Is there a way to reset my character? Tech Support 2 1 week ago
How long can I be away till penalty? Tech Support 1 7 months ago
How come my enemy can strike me twice when I'm knocked down, but I can't when I knock them down? Enemy/Boss 1 7 months ago

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