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by Warhawk

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Warhawk

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/21/18


Winner of GameFAQs FAQ of the Month May 2018
Ben 10 FAQ/Walkthrough
Written by:Stephen "Warhawk" Harris
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Created:May 18, 2018
Finished:May 20, 2018
PayPal Donation:gamefaqswarhawk@gmail.com
Welcome to Warhawk's FAQ/Walkthrough for Ben 10 for the PlayStation4 - Xbox One - Nintendo Switch. With this guide, I attempt to do my best to make this the best for anyone that has played this game and need help to get through the game. Also, it is for those who may plan of getting this game soon and may need something to help them out to the best of my knowledge. As usual, I always welcome any feedback on any of my guides to help improve not only current ones but also for ones that I do in the future. I hope that everyone will appreciate my attempt at writing a guide for the game as I always try doing my best at writing this walkthrough for those who may need help in getting through the game at any point.