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by CyricZ

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/26/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. FAQ
  3. The Basics
    1. Basic Controls
    2. Menus
    3. Hints and Tips
  4. Exploring Japan
    1. Common Attractions
    2. Kamurocho, Tokyo
    3. Sotenbori, Osaka
    4. Important Characters
    5. Glossary of Terms
  5. Combat and Abilities
    1. Basic Combat
    2. Stats and Abilities
  6. Main Story Walkthrough
    1. Chapter 1 - Letter of Blood
    2. Chapter 2 - The Dragon of Kansai
    3. Chapter 3 - The Yakuza Huntress
    4. Chapter 4 - The Four Kings of Omi
    5. Chapter 5 - Hidden Past
    6. Chapter 6 - Schemes
    7. Chapter 7 - The Foreign Threat
    8. Chapter 8 - Suspect
    9. Chapter 9 - The Omi Invasion
    10. Chapter 10 - Survivors
    11. Chapter 11 - The Iron Creed
    12. Chapter 12 - Osaka Castle
    13. Chapter 13 - Settling Accounts
    14. Chapter 14 - The Go-Ryu March
    15. Chapter 15 - Blood and Bonds
    16. Chapter 16 - Decision
  7. The Majima Saga Walkthrough
    1. Overview
    2. Combat with Majima
    3. Chapter 1 - Tojo Clan Reform
    4. Chapter 2 - Prodigal Son
    5. Chapter 3 - Mad Dog of Shimano
    6. Hidden Items for Majima
  8. Substories
    1. Chapter 1 Substories
    2. Chapter 2 Substories
    3. Chapter 3 Substories
    4. Chapter 4 Substories
    5. Chapter 5 Substories
    6. Chapter 6 Substories
    7. Chapter 7 Substories
    8. Chapter 8 Substories
    9. Chapter 10 Substories
    10. Chapter 11 Substories
    11. Chapter 13 Substories
  9. Cabaret Club Grand Prix
    1. Basics of a Cabaret Club
    2. The Hostess Brigade
    3. Grooming Your Platinums
    4. Business Partners
    5. Grand Prix Battles
    6. Intermission Chat
  10. Clan Creator
    1. Building a Business
    2. Basics of Clan Battles
    3. Construction Employees
    4. Clan Tips
    5. Clan Missions
    6. Intermission Chats
  11. City Exploration
    1. Locker Keys: Kamurocho
    2. Locker Keys: Sotenbori
    3. Hidden Items
    4. Food Bonuses
    5. Video Shops
    6. Haruka's Requests
  12. Battles in the City
    1. Technique Primers
    2. Acupuncturist
    3. Bouncer Missions
    4. Street Bosses
    5. Coliseum
  13. Minigames
    1. Arcade: Toylet Games
    2. Arcade: UFO Catcher
    3. Arcade: Virtua Fighter 2
    4. Arcade: Virtual-On
    5. Batting Center
    6. Casino: Blackjack
    7. Casino: Poker
    8. Darts
    9. Gambling Hall: Koi-koi
    10. Gambling Hall: Oicho-kabu
    11. Golf Center
    12. Gravure Photo Shoot
    13. Karaoke
    14. Mahjong
    15. Shogi
  14. Items
    1. Recovery
    2. Food/Drink
    3. Gambling Cheat Items
    4. Other
    5. Weapons
    6. Gear
    7. Gear Combinations
  15. Completion
    1. Completion List
    2. DLC
    3. New Game + and Premium Adventure
    4. Trophies
  16. Standard Guide Stuff

City Exploration

Haruka's Requests

Once Chapter 13 begins, you'll have the option of walking around the cities with Haruka by your side. Haruka doesn't get out much, so she'd love to take the opportunity to hang out with her Uncle Kaz and see the sights. To that end, she'll constantly chime in when you're walking around asking to do something. You'll see a little word balloon above her head and she'll start dropping hints. You can also talk to her and she'll go into more detail about what she wants.

Some of the requests are simple, like going to a restaurant or a store and buying something particular. Other things involve minigames that require you to meet challenges she sets for you. If you have Gambling Cheat Items, I suggest saving at least one for each game, just to be safe.

"Bulls-eye"Club SEGA Theater SquarePlay Darts and get 300 points in Count-Up
"Batting cages"Yoshida Batting CenterWin a single set of the Home Run Competition
"Karaoke"KaraokekanEarn at least 90 points in either song
"Plushie"Club SEGA Nakamichi St.From the UFO Catcher, pull an Aiai from the machine (the monkey with the orange shirt)
"A card game"Purgatory CasinoPlay Blackjack and end your session with 800 more chips than you started.
"The palace in Purgatory"Purgatory CasinoPlay Poker and end your session with 1000 more chips than you started
"Abandoned building"Dragon Palace Gambling HallPlay koi-koi and get over 500 points in one game.
"Great at cards"Dragon Palace Gambling HallGet over 300 points in oicho-kabu.
"Cookies"Poppo (W Shichifuku St.)Buy some Handmade Cookies
"Takoyaki"Don Quijote KamurochoBuy a Takoyaki 20 Pcs.
"A pawn shop"Ebisu Pawn KamurochoBuy a Chinese Cleaver
"Shopping"Poppo (Showa St.)Buy a Melon Bread
"Tummy hurts"Kotobuki DrugsBuy an AppStim RX
"Soba"Poppo (E. Shichifuku St.)Buy a Tanuki Soba
"Sausage on a stick"Poppo (Tenkaichi St.)Buy a Frankfurter
"Avocado"Wild JacksonOrder a Wild Avocado Burger
"Beef bowl"AkaushimaruOrder a Beef Bowl (Standard)
"Soup"Wette KitchenOrder some Tomato Onion Soup
"Something spicy"Gindaco Highball TavernOrder the Cheese and Spicy Fish Roe
"Vegetables"Ringer HutOrder Vegetable Champon
"Steak"Ikinari SteakOrder the Tenderloin Steak 200g
"Tempura soba"Fuji SobaOrder the Egg & Tempura Soba
"Pasta"Cafe AlpsOrder the Napolitan
"Pile of tuna"Smile BurgerOrder a Tuna Smile Burger
"Seafood diet"Sushi ZanmaiOrder the Special Sushi Zanmai
"KBBQ"KanraiOrder Grade-A Harami
"Kyushu-style ramen"Kyushu No. 1 StarOrder Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen
"Tuna bowl"Sushi GinOrder the Tuna Rice Bowl
"Fatty mackerel"YoronotakiOrder the Hand-Selected Vinegar Mackerel
"Play golf?"Yokobori Golf CenterGet all 8 in Bingo Challenge
"Robot battle action"Club SEGAPlay Virtual-On and defeat Dorkas (continues allowed)
"Energy drink"Tsuruha DrugsBuy a Staminan Royale
"Dessert"Poppo (Sotenbori St.)Buy a Pudding
"A bulletproof vest"Ebisu Pawn SotenboriBuy a Military-grade Bulletproof Vest
"A wrap"Don Quijote SotenboriBuy a Rough Waistband
"Healthy bento box"Poppo (Shofukucho)Buy a Healthy Balanced Bento
"Ramen"Kinryu RamenOrder Ramen
"Fugu"ZuborayaOrder Daikoku's Tecchiri Set
"Osaka-style sushi"Ganko SushiOrder the Kaiseki Nishiki Course
"Barbecue"Gyu-KakuOrder Gyu-Kaku Beef Ribs
"Gyoza"Osaka KingOrder Original Fried Gyoza
"Big crab"Kani DourakuOrder the Fuuga Crab Course
"Takoyaki"KukuruOrder the Renowned Akashiyaki
"Kaiseki"KomianOrder the Hannari Kaiseki
"Kushikatsu"Kushikatsu DarumaOrder the Sotenbori Set
EHaruka's CandyFood/Drink
DHaruka's ChocolateFood/Drink
CHaruka's AmuletGear
BLucky Hanafuda CardGambling Cheat Item
AHaruka's First Aid KitRecovery
SBlackjack AmuletGambling Cheat Item
SSSecret Book of BowlingTechnique Primer
SSSRoyal Joker CardGambling Cheat Item
EXHaruka's NecklaceGear