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by CyricZ

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/26/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. FAQ
  3. The Basics
    1. Basic Controls
    2. Menus
    3. Hints and Tips
  4. Exploring Japan
    1. Common Attractions
    2. Kamurocho, Tokyo
    3. Sotenbori, Osaka
    4. Important Characters
    5. Glossary of Terms
  5. Combat and Abilities
    1. Basic Combat
    2. Stats and Abilities
  6. Main Story Walkthrough
    1. Chapter 1 - Letter of Blood
    2. Chapter 2 - The Dragon of Kansai
    3. Chapter 3 - The Yakuza Huntress
    4. Chapter 4 - The Four Kings of Omi
    5. Chapter 5 - Hidden Past
    6. Chapter 6 - Schemes
    7. Chapter 7 - The Foreign Threat
    8. Chapter 8 - Suspect
    9. Chapter 9 - The Omi Invasion
    10. Chapter 10 - Survivors
    11. Chapter 11 - The Iron Creed
    12. Chapter 12 - Osaka Castle
    13. Chapter 13 - Settling Accounts
    14. Chapter 14 - The Go-Ryu March
    15. Chapter 15 - Blood and Bonds
    16. Chapter 16 - Decision
  7. The Majima Saga Walkthrough
    1. Overview
    2. Combat with Majima
    3. Chapter 1 - Tojo Clan Reform
    4. Chapter 2 - Prodigal Son
    5. Chapter 3 - Mad Dog of Shimano
    6. Hidden Items for Majima
  8. Substories
    1. Chapter 1 Substories
    2. Chapter 2 Substories
    3. Chapter 3 Substories
    4. Chapter 4 Substories
    5. Chapter 5 Substories
    6. Chapter 6 Substories
    7. Chapter 7 Substories
    8. Chapter 8 Substories
    9. Chapter 10 Substories
    10. Chapter 11 Substories
    11. Chapter 13 Substories
  9. Cabaret Club Grand Prix
    1. Basics of a Cabaret Club
    2. The Hostess Brigade
    3. Grooming Your Platinums
    4. Business Partners
    5. Grand Prix Battles
    6. Intermission Chat
  10. Clan Creator
    1. Building a Business
    2. Basics of Clan Battles
    3. Construction Employees
    4. Clan Tips
    5. Clan Missions
    6. Intermission Chats
  11. City Exploration
    1. Locker Keys: Kamurocho
    2. Locker Keys: Sotenbori
    3. Hidden Items
    4. Food Bonuses
    5. Video Shops
    6. Haruka's Requests
  12. Battles in the City
    1. Technique Primers
    2. Acupuncturist
    3. Bouncer Missions
    4. Street Bosses
    5. Coliseum
  13. Minigames
    1. Arcade: Toylet Games
    2. Arcade: UFO Catcher
    3. Arcade: Virtua Fighter 2
    4. Arcade: Virtual-On
    5. Batting Center
    6. Casino: Blackjack
    7. Casino: Poker
    8. Darts
    9. Gambling Hall: Koi-koi
    10. Gambling Hall: Oicho-kabu
    11. Golf Center
    12. Gravure Photo Shoot
    13. Karaoke
    14. Mahjong
    15. Shogi
  14. Items
    1. Recovery
    2. Food/Drink
    3. Gambling Cheat Items
    4. Other
    5. Weapons
    6. Gear
    7. Gear Combinations
  15. Completion
    1. Completion List
    2. DLC
    3. New Game + and Premium Adventure
    4. Trophies
  16. Standard Guide Stuff


Golf Center

Location: Yokobori Golf Center on Sotenbori St.


  1. Get over 300 points in all Closest to the Pin challenges
  2. Sink the ball in Closest to the Pin
  3. Get at least 3 Bingos in Bingo Challenge

Coming hot back from Yakuza 2 and 5, but far more fair in what you have to do to get good, we have this little place where you can practice your short game.

Head inside and speak to the attendant. You can either pick a "Closest to the Pin" course or a "Bingo Challenge" course.

With either course, the controls are pretty simple. First, use the Left Stick to aim your shot. Press X to start the meter to Kiryu's left climbing, then press X a second time once that meter reaches your desired power level, marked the amount of yards the ball will travel. At that time, the meter will move back down to the starting point. Press X again to stop it and take your swing. If the meter is in the red, the shot will be straight on as you aimed it. If you land in the yellow to the left, you'll hook the ball to the left. If you land in the yellow part to the right, you'll slice the ball to the right.

Closest to the Pin

In this challenge, you're given ten shots. With each shot, you're tasked to drop your ball as close to the pin as possible. It's worth it to point out that the green is pretty "fast", meaning it takes a long time for a ball on it to stop, so try not to shoot exactly where the pin is, but a little in front of it. If you miss the green entirely, you get no score.

As you progress through any given course, the location of the green will change, as well as the wind speed and direction. Furthermore, in harder courses, you'll have barriers either placed on the ground or hanging in the air which can stop your ball's progress, just to be extra mean.

As one final tip, if you can get the ball to hit the pin (the flag sticking out of the hole), nine times out of ten, it will drop directly into the cup, giving you the maximum score. Here's how the score is dealth out.

In the Cup200

In the following table, I do my best to give the best tips I can for the best shots you can get. I'm not perfect at this and even when I tell you how it works, you might still have difficulty getting the timing right, but here's what worked for me, for the most part. If you have techniques of your own that worked, feel free to let me know so I can try them out.

Beginner Course
1Aim right at the pin, 50y strength
2Aim at the right edge of the red circle, 1/4 between 50y and 75y
3Aim between the left edge of the yellow and red circle, just over 75y
4Aim straight at pin, 2/3 between 50y and 75y
5Aim straight at pin, just under 50y
6Aim a few degrees to the right of the pin, just under 75y
7Aim just to the right of the pin, 3/4 between 25y and 50y
8Aim at the right-hand vertical green bar on the back wall, 1/2 between 50y and 75y
9Aim straight at the pin, 1/3 between 75y and 100y
10Aim at the left-hand vertical green bar on the back wall, 50y
Intermediate Course
1Aim for the right edge of the green circle, midway between 75y and 100y
2Left edge of yellow circle, halfway between 25y and 50y
3Center of middle chicken barrier, just above 50y
4Aim at the left side of Saturn, just above 75y
5Straight at pin, just past 25y
6Straight at pin, just past 50y
7Aim at the left-middle of Saturn, just under 75y
8Aim at the rump of the sheep, 3/4ths of the way between 75y and 100y
9The sheep's head, halfway between 25y and 50y
10The center of the UFO, halfway between 50y and 75y
Advanced Course
1Straight at the pin, 3/4 between 75y and 100y
2Over the right-center of Saturn, 1/4 between 50y and 75y
3Don't adjust aim, 1/2 between 25y and 50y, slice midway
4Don't adjust aim, 1/3 between 75y and 100y (might need something better)
5Over the right-center of the right-hand UFO, 100y
6Center-right of Saturn, just under 50y
7Don't adjust aim, between 50y and 75y
8This one you have to hook or slice, because the UFO is blocking it. I've yet to get a reliable tip for this one, so let me know if you have it.
9Center of the UFOs, 1/3 between 50y and 75y
10Right edge of top-left Saturn, 1/3 between 50y and 75y (might need something better)

Once you finish all ten shots, you'll then get a prize based on your score. Note below that there are a couple of things that are unique, and every time you hit that score thereafter, you'll only get the "2nd" prize.

100-199Toughness ZGolf ClubToughness ZZ
200-299Bronze PlateTauriner +Silver Plate
300-399AppStim RXCharm TomeStrength Tome
400+1st: The Guide to Golf Swings
2nd: Technique Tome
Black Shaft Club

1st: Golden Shaft Club
2nd: Staminan Royale

Bingo Challenge

In this challenge, instead of a normal golf hole, you're instead given a three-by-three numbered grid. Within ten shots, you need to hit the ball onto as many panels as possible. Nine panels in ten shots means one mistake can be made. As you hit panels, the challenge gets more difficult. After a few, the grid will move further back in the course. After that, the grid will start tilting on a diagonal. The wind will also change throughout. It will stay the same if you miss, but change every time you hit.

Your goal is to get as many bingos (straight line across, down, or diagonal) as possible. The max possible is 8. Here are a set of tips assuming you hit this order of panels. You can do it however you want, but I do suggest taking care of the furthest panels early:

3Aim straight at it, 75y
2Aim just to the right of center, just under 75y
6Aim to the left of center, between 50y and 75y
1Aim to the right edge of the panel, 100y
5Aim between 4 and 5, halfway between 75y and 100y
9Aim for the right edge of the grid, just over 75y
4Aim straight at it, just over 75y
8Aim for back left corner of enclosure, 1/3 between 75y and 100y
7Aim where 4 used to be, just under 75y

Just like Closest to the Pin, you'll get prizes for how many you get, and also, the top prize can only be won once, then you get Staminan Royales for getting it again:

# of BingosPrize
1AppStim Half
2Golf Club
3Staminan XX
4Silver Plate
5Toughness Infinity
6Spirit Tome

1st: Essence of Golf Primer
2nd: Staminan Royale