Processed Gold: Where to get?

  1. Where can I get processed Gold? I need a LOT of it for buggy upgrades. I know there's a spot south of the bridge that randomly spawns it. However it's extremely rare that it does so, and have only managed to get like 1 so far. Is there any way to buy it, barter for it, or get a lot of it or acquire it consistently?

    User Info: eatken3

    eatken3 - 11 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can buy it from Bat, I'm almost certain, with BP. Not that it's exactly cost effective but I don't recall it being too expensive.

    User Info: Syrant

    Syrant - 11 months ago 3   0

Other Answers

  1. Also, if you're looking for refined gold there is a barter shop far SW (in the middle of the ring of spiked earth) at the south side of the building there who will sell refined gold/silver/metal, resin, crude oil, quartz, sapphires, etc etc. 45000-60000 seems to be the range for refined materials, higher for the gemstones.

    User Info: Syrant

    Syrant - 11 months ago 0   1

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