Block of gold:Nowhere but everywhere?

  1. So I have to get the rock splitter for the buggy but I can't find any blocks of gold, I have been going to and from gas stations and eden for about half an hour and have not found one.Any ideas?

    User Info: mrmix105

    mrmix105 - 11 months ago
  2. I don't want to break my palm doing that mixing part of bar tending,mario party was too long ago.There has to be another way to get three blocks of gold, I'll do the "hard" way even,please? I have been stuck for a while now.

    User Info: mrmix105

    mrmix105 - 11 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You can buy them directly from the lady at the bazaar once you max out her familiarity via the cocktail minigame.

    User Info: Syggys

    Syggys - 11 months ago 2   0


  1. Go to the Highlands and talk to the mayor. There is a substory where you need to take out a caravan of bandits. Completing this substory gives you access to the south east side of the wasteland, where blocks of gold and scrap metal are common to get (via the green and red lights).

    User Info: shogun001

    shogun001 - 11 months ago 1   1

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