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by GoldenSun

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Guide and Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/2018
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Singleplayer / CO-OP

To see the comparisons between Singleplayer / Co-Op and Online Play, see that page of this guide (previous page).

Selecting Singleplayer or CO-OP, you can play in survival mode with saved games. If you die you keep your items, and will respawn where your bedroll was last placed.

In this game mode, you start by spawning in the desert. You have no real clothes, just a loincloth, and no items. By pressing M (if using a keyboard) you can pull up your map, and by pressing J you can pull up your objectives and other information. These buttons lead to different parts of the same menu, and can be quite useful.

You should know that there is no way to pause your game. Pulling up a menu and looking at a map leaves you open to attack from animals or people, so be careful. Try to save (lay your bedroll) before doing so.

In the desert, you will find yourself surrounded by Rocks, Branches, bushes, and more. Here are some more examples of common raw materials:

Plant Fiber
Fat Grub

These can be interacted with and added to your inventory. You can then use them to craft tools and weapons, such as:

Coarse Footwraps2 Plant Fiber
Coarse Handwraps2 Plant Fiber
Coarse Leggings6 Plant Fiber
Coarse Tunic8 Plant Fiber
Fiber Bedroll

3 Twine, 2 Branch, 6 Plant Fiber

Improvised Torch5 Branch, 5 Plant Fiber
Rawhide Bedroll3 Hide
Sealed Waterskin5 Hide, 5 Twine
Stone Hatchet5 Branch, 5 Stone
Stone Pick5 Branch, 5 Stone
Twine3 Plant Fiber

Creating these will pass off several of your Level 1 Objectives, and using them will pass off even more. See the 'Journey' page of this guide for further information.

Once you have collected some items and crafted some things, the next thing to learn is hunting/fighting. Smaller monsters are all over the place, and are easy to kill. Large monsters are usually nearby, and will likely kill you before you can learn to kill them, so start small and work up.

You may also run into several humans, most of whom will attack you with their own primitive weapons. Be careful, as they can be quite violent, and they can take a beating. You can only handle so much yourself, so if you get in trouble, run away and climb something tall. Eat a Handful of Insects or some other food (preferably not raw, as it will give you food poisoning).

You should then proceed to explore the surrounding areas.

If you need a map, I recommend this one:


I have no affiliation with the creator of the map, or the website, I simply find this very useful, as it is a fully labeled, interactive map.

Head to the Shaman's Rise to learn a new Emote and Religion (Yog) and to learn some new things from Nunu the Cannibal. He is a friendly human, so do not attack him, as he is there to help you.

You will quickly learn that your health bar will not replenish itself. To do this, you must gather food and eat it. Try to search bushes for bugs, as these are quick and easy to use/find.

But the bugs will only take you so far. You will need to hunt and cook your meat, which is easier said than done. Try to kill smaller things, or steal from other humans.

Along the way, try to use your Stone Pick to hack down trees and destroy rocks. These will give you the needed items for a Shrine, which will allow you to pray to your god for help and healing. Most of the gods will listen to your prayers and help you, but some help less than others, or not at all.

This will also be a good time to head to the Feats section of your menu, where you can spend your Knowledge Points to learn recipes for things such as weapons, boxes, and Campfire. These are vital to your survival.

Next, you should construct a home. You'll need a safe place to come back to, and to store your items. This is also one of your objectives, so you may as well get it crossed off.

Try to make your home large, but not huge. Have a Campfire inside or nearby, as well as your Shrine(s). Next, build a bedroll and a box to store your items, and then go out and keep collecting items. Once you have a nice roof over your head, move on to bigger and better things.

The point of this game is to survive. There is an end goal, but it will take some time to learn everything and get to this point, so enjoy the journey.

Check out the subpages of this section, for each Chapter of the game. These will explain in more detail what you must do to complete each Objective and Chapter, and will have more in-depth advice on how to do so. Good luck!